Weekly Fallen London Questions, 20/05/2024

Here’s this week’s thread for any Fallen London questions you’d like answered!

Does anyone know how to get fully treated whitsun eggs that cost a ha’penny? I tried to get a monstrous orb from an aged egg, but I over-treated is. Will the end of the season at least mean the penny is returned?

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well, stupid question, but why is it called “the final season of hearts’s game” if it isn’t the final season of hearts’s game? what’s going with that?

It was the final set of new seasonal content to be added. All subsequent seasons are reruns!


okay-thank you for the answer, diptych.

So the way remains: offload all I can at the Rat Market, let the Shillings expire into Rostygold, sell that for Echoes, make brass lolipops?

Well, since FB clearly hates us and wants us to be unhappy, yes. They could have let us buy some diamonds, but instead preferred that we wasted a ton of time and effort.
Real dick move on their part.

And building off that, my question would be - is there a better place than here to let FB know that they can f- themselves for it? I am a bit annoyed.

I guess my actual questions was: is there any other item one should buy while there rather than just get Rostygold, that would bring in a higher profit?

I genuinely don’t mind if it entails another grind to make the most of it later, à la birds of brass and bones.

I don’t think they do, actually. This nerf wasn’t a very good idea at all, sure, but I doubt they did it because they hate us-if you want a game companie to hate, well, nearly the entire modern aaa game industry is right bloody there and many indie companies of the sort that sprang up after FNAF besides, no need to blame one of the few who mostly do good.


I am about to give up the game due primarily to this nerf. I had been saving for over two years on two characters and had over 700 nightwhispers between them. Now, I am not only out most of the value of these but also am forced to spend two weekends in a row doing nothing but sitting in the rat market selling NW, and the other stuff that was primarily only useful in the rat market to sell to buy diamonds. Of course, as a free to play, the gaming company doesn’t really care if I stay or go. I think they really screwed the pooch on this one. The fair way to invoke this nerf would have been to have diamonds available on the last two rat market weekends.


Is it possible to give away a character? I think they are only tied to an email address and this email is changeable. Would it work for someone to message me their email address and then I could change the email address associated with my character to the email they provided. I could then tell them the character name and password and, voila, character ownership is changed. Would this work?

I would like to give you another perspective on the issue. I don’t argue, that the loss of diamonds sold at rat market is a serious hit to the conversion rate of shillings to scrip. Claiming the Night Whispers lost “most of their value” is a gross overstatement though. Standard echo conversion methods still exist, fueling scrip grinds with resources from the rat market (like digging at the hurlers) still works, or even the horrific conversion through Solace Fruit is an option.
Additionally, Night Whispers to Scrip through Diamonds was always gated and the amount you stockpiled implies, that you probably created more than you could cash in anyways. Elderfleur prought up an interesting point here, which I broke down for myself to, cashing in a particular resource to Diamonds probably should happen about once a year. Losing diamonds as an option altogether is a very theoretical loss in value. If value per time was actually the most important thing, one should probably divest anyways, after hitting a certain threshold of stockpile.


With those numbers, you had already signed yourself up for spending two weekends sitting in the rat market selling NWs.

FWIW, the potential multi-year wait for an alignment of Night Whispers and Fabulous Diamonds was probably already the slowest way to convert the value of NW to scrip. :woman_shrugging:


Speaking of, what’s that about digging at the Hurlers being fueled by the Rat Market?

Billycosmos mentioned it here. I was faintly aware of the hurlers grind but for me it never clicked, that the weasel of woe made the grind much more lucrative.
It comes down to buying Maniacs Prayers, converting to Correspondence Plaques, buying Frigid Intuition with those, digging up Crystallised Curios and selling those for scrip at the Hurlers Trading Post.


I am serious about my above question and not just whining. Would this be possible?

Who would want that character?

I have no idea who would want it but my characters but it seems better to give them away than to just junk them. Of course, that depends on whether someone would be interested in them. They are both I think what would be classified as “end-game” since they have completed ambitions and the railroads. One has 91 and the other has 90 custom engraved skulls. Both have a lot of companions. Neither has ever spent any fate so they would have nothing that is attainable only with fate. Both can achieve over 300 in each of their main stats. Both have a fair number of secondary stat bonuses. Best of all… they would be free to a good home.

Are they worthless or might another player want them? If nothing else, they would be good Alt characters to help manage wounds, etc.

But before I explore whether anyone would want my characters, I need to find out if it is possible to transfer ownership of them. Does anyone know if this is possible?