May/June Roadmap

psgarak, Thanks. So you can buy the blue feathers or solacefruit in the rat market and sell it at the bazaar tab in the Hinterlands directly for scrip?

So I just went through and made a list of the medium to expensive items that my main and Alt have that can be sold at the Rat Market. My main/alt have:

~400/250 night whispers (dropping as I sell these with every action that I have)
212/211 storm threnodies
37/53 ratty reliquaries
245/170 unlawful devices
8/5 parabola linen scraps
2/5 crackling devices
12/1 captivating ballads
0/6 corresponding sounders
0/5 parabolan parables
4/26 4th city echoes

It is very clear from all the helpful advice that the night whispers and crackling devices need to be sold in the rat market ASAP and I will be doing this.

What other of the above items should be sold before the rat market undergoes its change?

I also have 36/31 fabulous diamonds. Am I correct that there is no urgent need to do anything with these? The ability to sell these for scrip at one of the railway statiuons is not being changed, correct?

Thanks for your help.

Unlawful device could be sold directly for scrip in Upper River. Ratty reliquaries are pretty useless, sell them. Storm threnodies and Night-whispers are used for Noman related vanity achievements (and if you want them, better to start preparations now). All other items are in low quantities, keep them.

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I hate the changes. I feel punished for playing the game as it was designed in the last twelve months planning for diamond season. Seriously consider quitting.

Randomizing the purchasable items on the last two weekends is STUPID!
If all the sellable items can be sold, just make all the purchasable items available as well.

Don’t leave it to a flip of a coin whether or not you screw over everyone grinding a specific item. That is not a good idea.

My preference is to buy maniac’s prayers, convert to plaques, and then use them to excavate in the hurlers.
Not super fast or convenient, but worth it at 12+ SPA.

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Give them a chance to make whatever it was you were grinding for available next week.
Then raise hell.

You are right, thanks. Let’s see what happens. (I still hate the changes …)

How low is your watchful to reach that profitability? To me the number feels too high for the amount of setup actions (sourcing shillings, converting, buying intuition (and the nightmares from that), paying out at the end, Movement involved), but I have not done the math yet and am just curious what I am missing.

Is the word ‘redesign’ a euphemism for a nerf? :crazy_face:

Thanks to the Rat Market, I became a POSI, upgraded my lodging, entered the Cave of the Nadir with much less hassle. Got some nice Rat equipment too.

sooooooo-do you think they’ll fix the ratmart fix? redesign the redesign? it doesn’t really matter to me-i don’t plan on intracting with ratmart, ever-but i hope they do for your sakes.

This is such a weird take.


not really, no, i just think it’s annoying and i play games for fun so if it isn’t fun for me, i’m not doing it. very simple, really.

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You’ve never used it though, right? Do you understand what it is and how it works?

You literally have to do nothing if you want and can still take advantage of it. If you have an item that can be sold there, you sell it, getting more Echoes than if you sold it normally. That’s it. More value for your item.

I literally don’t understand your aversion to it.

Edit: Definitely feeling like I’m being trolled by “anidiot.”


i have, actually. not alot but enough to learn that i don’t like it. and look, i understand your concern mate, i really do, but it’s wasted on me-u can promise you, if i managed to avoid ratmart so far, you won’t convince me otherwish. also i don’t sell items besides rustygold for “maybe i’ll need it later!” reasons anyway so…

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No no, I’m not trolling you, swear to god. I’m actually not sure I understand why you think I am-could you explain?

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For me at least, part of it is the fact that you keep bringing it up.
The other part might be that the rat market is one of the most straightforward mechanics in terms of literarity (?). It’s a market. You sell and buy stuff there. Your comments imply that it’s a complex multi step process so convoluted that interacting with it is an atrocity. Exaggerating of course. But then again, I was a no-wiki user once and didn’t get the rat seasons and winds and such. I did however take for what it was. A market. All power to you to not interact with it, but if you keep bringing up the fact, some people might take it the wrong way. Because that’s what trolls do, too.


ah…i was worried about that.

yeah no, i sort of understand how it works on a basic level, i just don’t wanna intract with it.

thanks my dude(gender neutral)

well than, i’ll stop that. thanks for informing me, i legit had no idea i was coming off that way.

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I have to be honest, as a regular Rat Market user, I genuinely don’t think these changes are bad. Sure, when I go for a Hellworm it’ll be a bit harder, but it’s supposed to be hard! And I was never one to save up hundreds of Night Whispers for selling there, and frankly I don’t believe anyone was supposed to be. The changes aren’t nearly as bad as I was expecting, and really are probably healthier for the game as a whole.


I too find this attitude of “vocally taking pride in remaining willfully ignorant of something that is in fact straightforward” distasteful and grating.