Weekly Fallen London Questions, 20/05/2024

Oh and one character has 3.9 million and the other has 3.4 million pennies worth of outstanding invoices since I mostly just do “Business of a ” and seldom cash this in. Not sure if this is a lot or even an attractive trait for a character.

Cheers, that probably beats making silly skeletons, I’ll admit.

Section ten of the Fallen London Terms and Conditions of the service, states, I quote
“ All Fallen London accounts and virtual items are the property of Failbetter Games and players are only granted a limited, revocable licence to use accounts and virtual items “
As such, you may not transfer your account. Of course, if you were subtle enough about it, Failbetter would have no way of knowing, though negotiating a transfer on a public forum that they own is far from subtle. To be clear, I do not condone, recommend, or in any way encourage transferring your account to someone else, and in fact must heavily warn against it.


Hmmm, interesting. At least that indicates that it can be done. You do not make rules prohibiting things that are impossible.

It doesn’t seem like that quote is even considering “transferring” an account, though. It sounds more like they’re making it 100% clear that they don’t owe you any compensation for virtual items that you lose somehow (like if they discontinued the game)

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Well obviously you can write down your username and password on a sheet of paper and give it to someone, that was never in question. The thing in question is that doing so is a blatant violation of the TOS and a Very Bad Idea.

Well, the title of section ten is “No Buying or Selling Accounts”, so I would assume that covers a tranferrance situation. I should probably have included that.


John_Schmit, other than violating the ToS, why is this such a “Very Bad Idea”? The worst that the game company could do to me is to delete my characters which is, effectively, what transferring them to another player would be already doing from my point of view.

In that case you’re right; it’s only a Very Bad Idea to accept an account that someone wants to transfer to you.

I’m still not sure why someone would want to accept an “endgame account”. That sounds like it’s just an account where all the stories are already completed and there’s nothing left to do except grind for some vanity quality while you wait for more content to be released.


It was likely the slowest way, but it was also the best way, in my view, to grind for Boot Polish, which for the life of me I can’t bring myself to actually grind for in any active way like Hurlers or Lollipops given its lack of utility, but being a relative completionist, I kindasorta still want to pick up it up at some point. I was totally OK with the concept of waiting two years for three diamond events, and giving up three weekends, to get the polish. I don’t mind the Court NW grind at all as a passive thing to do with favours, and by the time diamonds was statistically likely to come up again, I’d probably have enough NW for the weekend run, so it all worked together fairly well for my tastes as a long slow burn to polish. Now…? Probably I’ll hope that I can get most of the way there via diamonds as a side effect of piracy (assuming that isn’t nerfed sometime in the next year or so it’ll take me to do it; breath not held).

And yet, making silly Lil skeletons is so much fun! Well, at least compared to any other grind I tried.

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Seeking is one reason.


… excellent point, actually, your grace (btw can I get your pronounes?)