Names of Newspapers?

My newspaper is called simply The Iris, drawing on the mythological connections of this messenger of the gods: she carries news swiftly to all places, even to the underworld; she dispels darkness with her light; she reveals perjurers and their lies. She is also a link to the heavens and a personification of the rainbow, a discreet symbol of the Celestials and their undying love for the sky and the sun. And the Iris helps people focus on what is important, much as it does in our eyes. A perfect name, then, for those who fight against the propaganda of the Masters of the Bazaar.


The Heretic, a niche newspaper for truth-seeking dissidents.

The Subterranean Homesick News.


The Bazaar Bimonthly, for all those Master shills.

ElAkrra went to the effort of starting The Costermonger Quarterly for her Canny Costermonger, but does she care? She still barely gives her the time of day. Sell this. Purchase that. Demands, demands, demands. Hopefully she’s just playing hard to get? Looking for just the right deal? She’ll find her price eventually…

The Sub-Terrestrial Times-Examiner

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My frequently banned revolutionary rag is called the Spitalfield Free Press.

The Shadow Sentinel, a staunch defender of truth.

The Abyssal Daily, you say? And where might one find such a paper, if it did indeed exist? Just asking as a point of theory, of course…but it sounds interesting.

Guess I’ll add mine for the record, it’s called the Veilgarden Voice.

Well… from the name I guess the whole point of it might be to not exist, if you know what I mean?


Quite appropriate name for revolutionary newspaper, I suppose.


The Zagacious Zaprophyte. Quite fitting cause my character is a monster hunter who dabbles in scholarly matters. Considered calling it Ze Zagacious Zaprophyte for a bit but ultimately decided against it.

all of yours are unique, mine is “The Honourable Neathy Times” because my character wants to educate in his paper

I run the Gargoyle Review!

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I have now, finally, opened The Epistoles of Her Lady of the Mourning Dove In Memoria For Those Which Were Lost’s presses!


Started mine a long time ago. Named it “The Ragged End of Doubt”

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I never get tired of reading these. Thanks for keeping the thread alive!

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The Meddler. Does what it says on the tin.


After many attempts from the game to make me, I, THE GREAT JACK WALKER, am finally opening my own newspaper! Reeeejoice, citizens of London! It’s name has not yet been decided, but “the sunrise emissary” is probably it-that or something like it.

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