Names of Newspapers?

Justified Measures

The Daily Dialetheism, what is and what is-not together at last.

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mine is the last honest newspaper

made with respects to an old and dead friend
motto integrity is worth dying for but the truth is worth living for
edited by the old man on 10/10/2019
edited by the old man on 10/10/2019
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The Gentrys Review, a weekly summation of the day-to-day accounting of the upper class, paired with shocking depictions of the truly horrendous conditions of the lower class. Biting social commentary from a kind hearted soul or hackneyd gimmick from a preachy maniac who should stick to reporting gossip? Depends on your point of view, really. Either way, no one’s sure who exactly owns the thing, or where they get all their tasty tasty gossip.

I have a character who, in my headcanon, is an Elder Continent exile. They named their London newspaper “The Blue Prophet”.

I wanted to go with &quotThe Masters’ Voice&quot for my hyper-establishmentarian lady of class, but sadly, no apostrophes allowed.

Instead I have opened &quotThe Authority&quot. Similar establishment theme, goes with my Destiny, and has a resounding ring of &quot~on all matters&quot.
edited by Kelibath on 3/9/2020

The Wolfstack Rag. It’s Misery’s idea of a joke.

Captain Balefire Ebonheart’s just begun periodical, The Rumour Mill, will be engaging in a friendly rivalry with Deguello’s The Beyond Doubt Chronicle. Captain Ebonheart’s sources include many from around–and beneath–the zee. Some of Deguello’s sources are best not investigated too closely, particularly if one is highly combustible.

Vespere Morbidi [or The Evening Morbid in the Empress’s English]
Supposedly run by Lord Hatter, and you know what they say about that Lord: &quotThey say the Lord’s Mad, Or so said the Cat; That Lord, who’s always in a Hat.
edited by Mad-as-a-Hatter on 7/3/2021

I am working on the first ever edition of The Unterzine. Please tell me that name hasn’t been taken. >_>

I recently founded ‘The Protestant Worker’ on Doubt Street. The name is inspired by Dorothy Day’s newspaper The Catholic Worker in real life. The ‘Protestant’ part not only serves shows its religious lens but it’s political lens as a Socialist paper. And before the Ministry shuts it down I must make it clear that it is in no way shape or form associated with the Revolutionaries or any sort of Liberationist movement. Our mission is to enlighten London by delivering edification and pleasing truth each and every day.

I’ve established The Daily Doubt.

Doubt everything. Including whatever we publish.

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The first edition of The Foghorn should be available soon!

I am the proud editor of The Raven, a bird known for its wisdom in the Neath and beyond. And, in this case, perhaps very much like a writing-desk.

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Mr. Underhill here, 9th-year editor of the Buckland Horn-Cry. Awake! Fear! Fire! Foes! Awake!

I have to admit, “(post deleted by author)” is a great name for a newspaper.


:wink: I deleted the post because I found an old post of mine in the thread later, with the name of my newspaper which has NOT changed.

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The Sub-Terrestrial Times-Examiner

Despite being Red in both the pieces an the heart, I’m proudly publishing the truth to be unburned under the label of The Order of Light.

Just found this thread! Mine has already been named for quite a while, but it is known as The Silver Star Journal. Quite a marvelous paper spreading the truth and the saucy for all to read!