Names of Newspapers?

I may be rolling the presses in a couple of days, and naturally I don’t want to name my paper something already in use! While the Interviews thread contains some paper names, I was surprised to find no thread compiling them all (or at least, all those being edited by inmates of the forum). So, feel free to append your paper name to this thread, and I’ll try to remember to collate them all in this message from time to time.

Abyssal Daily
Abyssal Vanguardian
Aeolian Crier
Avalon Oracle
Back-Street Tatler
Blackbird Gazette
Book of Delusions Weekly
Cthonian Hermes
Encrypted Clues
Eschaton Immanentized
London Daily Snooze
London News and Disturber
London Underground
Lyre of Erato
Neathly Enquirer
Non-Fictional, Non-Fallacious, Non-Fussy Niceties
Oddigem Correspondence
Overstreet Underground
Rooftop Ragger
Spitalfields Explorer
Sunless Coast
That Infernal Racket
The Careless Whisper
The Daily Prophet
The Daily Punctilio
The Flit Dispatch
The Pied Piper, a Ratpaper Made by Rats for Rats
The Rambler
The Scarab
The SUN…
The Sunday Pulse
Thoroughly Impartial And Not At All Seditious London Times Newspaper
Underworld Echo

Well, it took a bit longer than I anticipated, but I am now the more-or-less proud editor and publisher of The Rambler (with apologies to Samuel Johnson)

– Mal
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Mine happens to be called Blackbird Gazette! We focus on fashion and scandal. Especially scandal.

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I run the small, but steadily growing Abyssal Daily, which totally does not contain hidden maps and offers of recruitment for a doomsday cult. Any such notions are lies and slander, and shall be dealt with. Severely.

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The Reverie is the name of my newspaper.

Encrypted Clues! Only the name is not encrypted.

The Chthonian Hermes

My main has the Abyssal Vanguardian, and Deepdelver The Underworld Echo.
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Eschaton Immanentized

@Passionario: Contributing editors Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, I assume?

– Mal

The Lyre of Erato, naturally.

Mathieu runs the Rooftop Ragger, a mostly urchin-staffed production, filled with all the secrets that the gangs that rule the roofs have exclusive access to. Or whatever nonsense Clever Bill wants to foist on the unsuspecting public. Mathieu doesn’t care so much, as long as it lets his little friends eat well, and teaches then a trade, respectable or otherwise.

The Sunless Coast!

Professor Durward runs The Neathly Enquirer. No truths are too absurd to print in the Neath.

Gloria Marie Valdez runs That Infernal Racket.

Veritable is the name of mine. I’m remember that being an accident but I can’t remember what I had intended!

Newspaper, officially. unofficially, &quotThat Damn IDIOT Stapled the paper to our door!&quot Again, the Newspaper is sent unsolicited, Nailed to doors, and is full of utter nonsense so far as the average is concerned.
For instance:
&quotthe realm of fears manifest has recently had an attempted uprising by their lower elements. A reversal spirit has attempted to gather the hammer of law, so as to use their power on it. Thankfully, they were thwarted by the holy maiden, the time-breaker, and the, self-professed, standard witch. The incident’s perpatrators have either been captured, neutralized, or pursued by every single member of the realm&quot

&quotin the sports, today, in the realm of angels, eolande has just been promoted to administrator. Generally, this position is a huge gamble. either you die, or you gather a vast quantity of inspiration. We are now taking bets on whether she’ll survive the next game of demise.&quot

roughly twenty percent of our readership are not, in fact, willingly subscribed, and would cancel the subscription if they could catch me long enough to do that. Thankfully, they are not nearly as watchful as they like to think they are.

another half are under the impression this is all some fictional story, set in a vaugely neath-like setting. Who knows, it may even be true.
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Proud owner and editor-in-chief of &quotThe Scarab&quot – Shining Light on the Shadows of the Neath since 1893.

My main character’s newspaper is called The Spitalfields Explorer ('All the news you can stand, and then some!&quot).

My alt’s paper is called The Back-Street Tatler (I don’t have a slogan for it…yet).

My newspaper is titled: The Thoroughly Impartial And Not At All Seditious London Times Newspaper.

(Kittenpox is mainly using it for accessing places one might not be invited “Let me through, good sir - I’m here from the Times”, and the newspaper itself has only ever had one publication. Perhaps someday there will be a second issue, but today is not that day.)

I can’t imagine you’d use it, but mine is The Overstreet Underground.
The chiasmus of it was irresistible.