May/June Roadmap

I kind of hope this weekend will be Diamonds weekend, if only so I’m not tempted to wait for next week in case this one is.

Mammoths and worms, of course!

Convert all your items and if you have more than 450-500, do some this weekend too.

Was it not Ratam Smith who wrote about the invisible paw of the Rat Market?


Sorry, but the wiki says its going to be Elemental Secrets.

Sad. I certainly hope diamonds are for sale during the last weekend, since they are eliminating them from the new Rat Market entirely. Really hope we get one last shot at them.

And then a nerf to Tribute next? Great Scott! Hope they increase the profitability of piracy to compensate.

At least they halved the price of knives for Nemesis. Long after I finished it, of course. Well, perhaps they’ll cut the price of cider, Hellworms and Hellworm-paraphernalia before I can buy them. One can always hope.

Ah, well. I don’t mean to be so pessimistic until I see what actually happens, but that linked announcement was very disheartening.

What is the point for cutting price of vanity items? Low price, low bragging rights.

I’d rather hope they will add “roofworm” or something (looks expectantly at ~400 000 Echos of disposable assets lying in my character pockets)


Who cares about vanity or bragging rights? Hellworms and cider are USEFUL items.

Yes, quite useful. Once you’ve spent a year or so grinding for Cider, it can save you several dozen actions on healing. And a hellworm can make you quite a bit of extra money, once you’ve invested enough money in it that you could have bought everything you’d ever need twice over.


Cider has uses, but it’s not useful. By crude estimation it will take around century for cider to pay for itself.

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That’s not the point of this long overdue update. It’s to limit the unwanted profitability and gameplay; similar to the updates to spider popes, bones, Helicon and worm (and an old design oversight). All of these had a very high EPA!

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Wait what? There was worm nerf?

Only after the first one was purchased, did FBG realize that it had an ~100 EPA because milking it required only 1 point of disposition.
Besides this, it had slight changes by adding more liquids to the list, but you can sell the sap now.

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A century? Pfft! Now that you’re immortal, a century is nothing!

(Wait what do you mean Cider doesn’t actually grant immortality)

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Please pardon my ignorance and confusion. I have a main and an alt character. Each has ~300 nightwhispers that they have been collecting for years. The long-term goal was to convert these into the top class of diamond in the rat market and then sell those diamonds for Hinterland scrip. With the recent announced changes to the rat market, what is the best route for me to take this and next weekend in the rat market?

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The approach I am taking is to sell off all my Ratketable items, with the exception of the 312.5 echo tier; and prioritizing the Crackling Devices. This is because after the changes it will be optimal to start each Ratket weekend with a single 312.5 sale, as then you get the biggest profit bonus (Rat Market Saturation will start kicking in after every individual sale). And those items are a hassle to acquire, so you may as well keep ahold of whatever 312.5-tier you already have to make good use of that mechanic and help maintain a balanced spread of the different sellable item types in your inventory. (Though you will apparently be able to sell off the lesser items in 312.5-echo batches as well, so it isn’t critical.)

The crackling devices are urgent, because they will not be sellable any more, at least at first, so you want to unload what you have now.

As for any other items you have, including your large store of night whispers, you will still be able to sell them in the future for some profit, but it’s a good idea to just unload them all now, because these are the last two weekends before the diminishing-returns mechanic starts kicking in. If you’ve been passively accumulating Night-whispers from favor card draws over time, as many of us have, you’ll have more of them than you know what to do with again in no time.

(It seems like FBG are also weighing future changes to the tribute economy, as they don’t like how nightwhisper tribute runs tend to dominate everything else, so be on the lookout for that.)


There is a tiny chance that next week will be Diamond week. After that you can’t buy them on the ratket.

You might assess how many actions you can dedicate to the market next weekend and reserve that quantity of NW just in case diamonds do pop up next weekend. I seem to recall the last time a diamond weekend occurred, I got through around 260 or so NW having reserved most of my actions to selling them (with two candles and a mostly available weekend). You could probably manage closer to 300 or so if you are really on task. (If you are not a subscriber and so are a one-candler, presumably halve that.)

hwoosh and others, Thanks for the feedback. When I sell my night whispers and other stuff, I will get a LOT of rat shillings. What should I be buying with these rat-shillings? Is there something I can buy that is easier to turn into Hinterland scrip, even if not at the favorable rate of the high tier diamonds?

Hmmm, maybe I just need to buy biscuits. I think I can pretty easily sell those for scrip. Is there a better choice than just buying biscuits with the bazillion rat shillings I will have?

Biscuits are a terrible deal. Each biscuit is worth 2.5 Echoes and you pay the equivalent of 6 Echoes each for them if you pay in Rat-Shillings. Just buy any of the goods sold at value (the 0.10 echo items or letting them auto-convert to rostygold) then turn the resulting Echo value into scrip through Brass Lollipops or (preferably) Birds of Brass and Bone.

(This is precisely the reason that Fabulous Diamonds were such a big deal—there isn’t another fast and economical way of generating Scrip directly from the Rat Market. Plus the fact that exchanging Fab. Diamonds for Scrip at the Lapidary is a 10 EPA action, counting the ham arbitrage.)

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