Whitsun 2024 is here!

I can confirm I received 2 cheeses, served 1 cheese, and then offered up 2 more pails of milk (top 3 non-pinned entries). All my qualities are where I expect them to be: 1 cheese, 1 purveyor of cheese, 2 pails given, and 0 pails in my inventory (my lovely worm has only generated 2/year so I’m already out again). Can’t comment on your specific circumstances, unfortunately.


Same. I picked up two cheeses, served one, dropped off two more milks.


Hey, does an invigorated egg hatch into a different creature than a enlightened one or are there only 4 whitsun creatures? Thank you in advance.

There are a lot more than 4 creatures The type of egg, whether you enlighten or invigorate it and how many augmentations are applied - all lead to different creatures so 32 that you can raise yourself. Then there are the social eggs so another 8.

Of course the event is time limited so unless you use a lot of Fate for Amber Ha’pennies you won’t get them all in one year.


Man I really should get an augmentation device next year. Anyway, thank you!

The device isn’t the only way to augment eggs! There are egg-augmenters all around London, ready to augment your eggs. The device just adds an extra level of augmentation on top of the augmentations they can provide.


:eyes: Excellent news! If said augmentations don’t also require ha’pennies since I currently have 0. So, do they?

No, the augmentations do not require ha’pennies. At least not most of them and maybe not any of them.

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They do require other items, though. Just so you know.


Well, that’s fine!

(Meow meow meow)

Oh hell YEAH! More options!

Also, since you don’t want to look at the wiki for this one to not spoil the critters for yourself, jyst know that depending on the egg and whether it’s invigorated or enlightened, you won’t be able to apply the same enhancements to it.


So, the Summer Schoolmistress story is really cool. Compared to the 10 Fate vignettes in TLU city - which are a bit short on actual content - this 20 Fate one has near endless beautiful text.

I’m not someone who’s focused on rewards and I don’t think the repeatable activity is in any way outstandingly profitable. But no doubt others will have done the math already. What I like about it is the variation: while technically a carousel grind, you never know exactly what situation you’ll be confronted with next, and I’ve yet to exhaust the list of plants and creatures and tinctures one has to keep an eye on. This way one actually reads every single storylet even on the 20th playthrough, just because something new might pop up. And it’s beautifully written.

Oh, and the revelation that the Schoolmistress is apparently a legitimate offshoot of the Totteridge Yew is so awesome!


I got my Cephalopod Satchel and am happy the Luggage slot got unlocked too.

I noticed that the Cephalopod Satchel gives no bonuses to the main four attributes, not even a nominal, token amount. Is this by design, because the other bonuses are ‘best in class’ and you want to knock it down a peg to ‘balance’ things out?


Bellic and Sartorial augmentations need ha’pennies.

And if you want to do the third (normal) augmentation on an egg, you need the Illegal Device, which requires spending ha’pennies to get it.


I’m done with hatching eggs and spending ha’pennies to get shiny new equipment, now it’s all about researching eggs, breaking open eggs and feeding two eggs to De Gustibus.

And I salute those of you who have advanced far enough to feed Hellworm stuff to De Gustibus.


Well, compare to the Luggages that are available in the Side Streets. They all have BDR and whatever we’re calling NII stats, but no primary stats. Some slots tend to have stats and some don’t. E.g. Affiliations often have +4 BDR but maybe half as much primary stats as clothing; while even +2 BDR is exceptional for the Weapon or Clothing slots.

A Weapon with no primary stats looks weak, even if it has some Skill points on it. It just “feels” like it needs a few points there, even if not BiS. Whereas the “baseline” for Luggage is +1 BDR and 0 primary stats.


Thank you for your answers.
Well, I guess I will just ignore it. All manner of things will be well.

Damn. As someone who’s already fed the club cheese once I feel conflicted about neglecting to save a pail for this year’s Whitsun. Barring extremely unlikely luck with my Hellworm milking I won’t be getting any new cheese next year.

I still have one spare wheel of cheese in reserve, at least.


“Save” a pail? Isn’t it impossible to get rid of more than 2 of them per year?