What Next?

You just need 200 Amanita Sherry and 25 Brilliant Souls to make a Portfolio of Souls.

Which means returning to london and heisting some things, also that’s 1000 sherry and 125 brilliant souls. Basically buying my suite at the brass tower all over again. Blast.

I feel you. I’ve been grinding away at Casing for what feels like months–though I’ve been doing it as part of my personal goal to get into the Guest Room at the Brass Embassy BEFORE I become a Person of Some Importance. :wink:

I have to ask, are there ANY better sources of Brilliant Souls and/or Amanita Sherry? Or faster ways to increase Casing for non-PoSI?

I think you need to check your math, because a suite at the brass tower costs at least 5 times that, plus a brass ring.

I think you need to check your math, because a suite at the brass tower costs at least 5 times that, plus a brass ring.[/quote]

120 Muscaria Brandy, 600 Brilliant Souls. I should know, that card has been haunting me for a LONG time. ;)

EDIT: OK, so I got Muscaria Brandy and Amanita Sherry mixed up, fair mistake, right? :P

Oh well, on the ocean and on my way, I reckon[li]

EDIT: Once I’ve bred this Plated Seal I’ll be back to heists, I expect.
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having dealt with my nemesis for the time being, and not feeling an especial pull back to London just yet, I must wonder, how much time might I spend at Hunter’s Keep if I wished to attract the attention of The Overgoat?

Probably something in excess of two months? Maybe a month??? I’ve been grinding in London with the most profitable non-luck-based thing (affair of the box @ 163ppa) and I’m just under 3k echoes after about half a month. I’m not really sure what sort of profit the Hunters Keep route provides but I’m staying in London for a few reasons

The exact number will depend on how lucky you are at getting Searing Enigmas. If you’re starting from scratch and we assume 100 actions/day, you’re looking at about 60-70 days at Hunter’s Keep to earn enough for an Overgoat.

Personally, I’d suggest mixing things up. When I was Overgoating, I went back and forth between Hunter’s Keep, Iron Box, Fidgeting Writer and (briefly) Polythreme. It’s more important to avoid getting burnt out than it is to get your Overgoat a few days sooner.

Fair enough. I probably don’t have the patience to actually overgoat right now, but I’m liable to get enough money to further outfit myself for other things pretty easily. As it stands, I think I’ve genuinely finished acquiring Shadowy gear for now. I’ll have to look over the other three stats again when I get bored of this and see what else needs shoring up.

So I’m getting to be at a crucial deciding point between the young stags or the more sober alternative. I’m having a tough time deciding which to pick. Any advice?

If you don’t have a character reason to go for one or the other I would weigh the benefits of each club and go for the one you prefer. I personally went for the Young Stags because I wanted my Respectable/Dreaded/Bizarre qualities to be more balanced.

I’ll add to what Sara said and tell you to consider the club’s individual opportunity cards. At a glance, the Young Stags reward is much more profitable, but the Parthenaeum’s reward could be useful for prolonged expeditions and they have an option to manage Suspicion.

If we’re talking sheer item stats, the Young Stags seems to be the better choice since Dreaded and Bizarre items are harder to acquire. Respectability might be a concern for those with the Light Fingers ambition, but aren’t you Nemesis? That’s not a worry for you, then.

I chose the Parthenaeum solely for story purposes. I don’t like either club, though I still find them interesting to read. They both have members with immense power and wealth. The members just happen to use and abuse it differently.

The Young Stags:
&quotThe rite of acceptance to Beau Britches’ fashionable inner circle at the Stags involves dressing up as Jack-of-Smiles and leaping cackling out of dark corners to frighten young ladies.&quot

The Parthenaeum:
&quotHave a little word with the Chief Constable&quot

&quotThere’s no need for that tedious business to go to court, is there?&quot

I doubt all the members are morally flexible, but that’s the general impression of both clubs. I couldn’t accept the Jack bit of the Stags, so I joined the Parthenaeum because they were more tolerable for me. Besides, when you’re working inside an organization, sometimes you get a better chance of changing its system.
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Thanks for the advice! Weighing the options, I decided to go with the Young Stags. I like both organizations, but I don’t really have trouble with suspicion at all.

I’m about to set zail to the Iron Republic for the first time and just noticed this comment. Does this mean that souls are somehow in danger if we take them with us? I have…thousands…should I convert/sell them first?

I’m not seeking a Nemesis so assume I don’t need any portfolios.


There is one day in particular which takes a massive chunk of souls (i think like… 200 or more, but that might just have been how many i had at the time) if you have any: If you don’t have the souls with you, then they aren’t in any danger.
The Iron Republic is a fairly big place, though: in my five trips there I’ve only hit that storylet once, so it’s not massively vital. But it could still come as a nasty surprise if you end up on that day. I don’t remember which day. Just That Day.

Hmm, that is quite an conundrum then. I’m not sure I want to convert thousands of souls before I go, but if it takes many more than 200 that could be upsetting! If it takes as many as you have…that’d be hundreds of echoes!

Okay after fumbling through the wiki to find exactly what Day it is, it seems like you only stand to lose 200 souls at most (and only if you fail a particular challenge).

Ah, wonderful news, I will take the risk then! tips iron hat to you


Was about to start a thread with the exact same name, then figured I’d just hijack this one instead…

I’m looking to get a little advice on what areas to focus on next in my FL game. I’m currently 180 Watchful, with the other stats between 110-130. I’m tantalisingly close to becoming an Extraordinary Mind so was grinding Watchful for a bit but that was sucking the fun out of the game a bit too much, so looking around for other things to do.

I haven’t done much on the Persuasion side of things so considering spending time in Court (though admittedly mainly as I’m interested in then getting banished so I can start looking into the Foreign Office).

Also have yet to start a newspaper. And I’m still waiting to open a route to the Iron Republic(which I know practically nothing about) but mainly waiting around for the Numismatrix cards, so not much I can do about that in the meantime.

Or I could just carry on grinding my way to being an Extraordinary Mind, as that could be useful in the future? I’m also aware there’s the Wicket and Feast of Rose coming up soon, so perhaps there are things I could do beforehand which might prove useful…