What Next?

I’m not sure quite what to pursue next. I don’t have a room in a tower at the bazaar yet, but I&quotve got the other two 4-card lodgings. I haven’t finished the investigation into Jack of Smiles because I’m not sure whether or not to try the fate-locked content. I don’t yet have the safe conduct for the Iron Republic that I need to complete what’s available of my ambition. I haven’t finished replacing the ingredients I used to make my Bifurcated Owl yet. I have a Yacht, now, so zeefaring isn’t really all that rough, I haven’t really tried the polythreme content at all. No telling what else I’m not done with that I’m not remembering. I think there’s a ton of things in the sidestreets waiting for me to mess with them.[li]

Considered getting a club and a home comfort? The stat bonuses aren’t too high, but you have them all the time. You can still improve your clothing/items a little stat-based as well. Polythreme is definitely worth a visit - I suggest you progress some in the Jack-case first, though. (While you are there, don’t forget to visit Grunting Fen)

A tower in the bazaar is definitely worth it, seeing as you get 4 scraps/card instead of 3 with the others.
The safe-conduct takes a while, so if you haven’t started it, you should. I love using the CtD options when removing menaces, as that both gives me progress and heals me.
With the new stat-boost to the owl that’s definitely worth an attempt as well. It also carries a nice card with it. If you haven’t already, try get a plated seal when you go to zee anyway. You might get lucky.
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I haven’t considered clubs or home comforts. I’m still a little put out that the Dilmun Club doesn’t appear to be a club in that sense.
I’ve already been to the Grunting Fen, it was part of my voyage to get back into the university.
I’m still not clear on what options are best used to increase CtD. I’m currently sitting at PfoC 10 or so.
I’m enjoying the owl, I’ve just got to replace my occular toadbeast and my dream hound now, so that I have them again. Currently looping hunter’s keep while I figure out what to do. More advice is welcome.

If you have all four Acquaintances you can cycle through them to get your CtD up to 14 for a prize. It’s what I did.

Huh, that sounds cool. Off to get arrested![li]

All Four Acquaintances? I may need an explanation or a link.

EDIT: Nevermind, I think I figured that part out
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… aww come on, I was working on a super awesome walkthrough for you![li]
[/li][li]EDIT: Here it is anyway.

[spoiler]There are four &quotAcquaintances&quot you can get in the game. They are the Wry Functionary, Regretful Soldier, Sardonic Music-Hall Singer, and the Repentant Forger.

You get the Wry Functionary from a rare success in &quotCorrespond with a contact at the Shuttered Palace&quot in Veilgarden when you are the Darling of the Ambassador’s Ball. You visit him in the Shuttered Palace.
You get the Regretful Soldier by taking the Persuasive option on the card &quotDeal with a drunk old soldier&quot card you draw in Watchmaker’s Hill at Dangerous 45. You visit him at the Hill.
You can get the Singer from either the &quotAbsconding Devil&quot case in Ladybones Road, the &quotBag a Legend&quot Ambition or an 89-105 Persuasive opportunity card. You visit her in Spite.

Lastly, the Repentant Forger can be met in New Newgate Again (arrested at 8 Suspicion) and visited in Veilgarden.[/spoiler]
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Well, speaking of what’s next, currently I’m trying to balance getting the Neddy Suit (already have the Sable), and lodgings at the Bazaar at the same time.

I’ll head back to London after this loop and work on Counting the Days, I think.

You can no longer acquaint yourself with the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer through the case of the Absconding Devil. She’s too upset to strike a friendship. I was given the distinct impression that she would rather throw me into the harbor than give me her calling card.

She generally gets over the incident by the time you’re Persuasive 105.

Fortunately, I already have all of these acquaintances.

Well, having gained safe conduct, I decided I should take a moment to do some of the things I have queued in the bazaar side streets. This leaves me looking for Strong Backed Labor in heavy amounts, which means I need good sources for intriguing gossip and compromising documents.

That said, this is still just something to do while I figure out what I need to take with me to the iron republic, as I haven’t, apart from this strange key of mine, any clue what I should bring.

For strong-backed labour, consider increasing your contacts with the docks and the orient. Favouring the docks on the conflict card gives 4 strong-backed labour, and decreases Orient by a lot. Alternatively you could also become a rat-catcher, but that’s not a good strategy if you’re an author.

I’ll give it a try. Do you happen to have any idea what I might wish to take with me to the Iron Republic?

Not… really… it depends a bit on what options you intend to take. Besides, it’s about as good to fail in quite a few of the challenges…I suggest you don’t bring a ton of souls though.

got it

Well, it’s that time again. I now have all three of the top tier lodgings, I’ve ended the Jack of Smiles case, and become Uniquely Larcenous.

What in the world should I do with myself next?

Work on your Newspaper? There are three accomplishments you can earn and build up to 10. Could very well tide you over until there’s more content or you figure out something you’d rather do.

If you’re of the professorial sort, and wish to show off, why not compile a bunch of &quotClassic Short Stories&quot and posit them on your mantlepiece Fin? It would look better than your rat (who probably doesn’t enjoy it up there). I posted an image of one of them below, and they sell for 180 echoes. Though why you would ever sell one after going through all that trouble to write it is beyond me.

-They say: I do not use the word ‘genius’ lightly, but there is no lesser word that I can in good conscience substitute…

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I made a list of stuff to do a while back here.
It’s a bit out of date, so I’ll endeavor to update it a bit:

Have you EVERY house?
All PoSI items?
Is your equipment maxed?
Have you an Overgoat?
Is your Master Thief at Uniquely Larcenous?
Newspaper Accomplishments at The only source of truth, An unmatched circulation and How high does this go?
Experienced Zailor at A Zee-Voyager of Note?
How high is your the Boatman’s Opponent?
Have you maxed out all your Quirks?
Have you maxed out all of your Connections? To at least 150? Connected Masters at least 8?
Did you get the Consonant Violin? Iron Republic Journal? Anarchist’s Sabel & Neddy Jacket? Bifurcated Owl? Clothes Colony and Unfinished Hat? Devious & Mystic Ravens?
Do you have a Rare Pet? A Bat with Attitude?
Does your mantelpiece display a singular item and a singular accomplishment?
Have you every item in the game including things like Primeval Hints, Trembling Amber and Unusual Love Stories?
The highest K&C medals? Waxail Knife?
How many Cryptobotanical Rosettes do you have?
Are you Seeking the Name?(It’s Fallen London on hard mode)
Written every short story, from Unloved to Classic?

And the Do You Have Cider???
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