What Next?

Good list, though for my sanity I may avoid some of the more drastic items.

[quote=Nigel Overstreet]I made a list of stuff to do a while back here.
It’s a bit out of date, so I’ll endeavor to update it a bit:


A Bat With Attitude? What is that? How do you get that? I’ve been playing FL literally for years and I’ve never heard of it.

You get it with a rare success on the Parliament of Bats card.
I call mine Battitude.

I’ve got 95% of the stuff on that list, the two major exceptions being the Overgoat and maxed connections. Getting up to the content barrier in SMEN really takes its toll on your connections & bank account.

Okay, off the top of my head…

Do you have any Magnificent Diamonds? Have you spoken with a distraught drownie during a heist? Has the Thunder taken you away? Have you experienced all the lucky, unlucky, and rare item conversions? Raised seven menaces to seven and posted a screenshot?

Do you have any fabulous diamonds? Have you visited the Mirror-Marches? Have you gotten all the relicker items?

At present I’m working on the Relicker items at the fastest pace my opportunity deck will allow. I’ve been trying to keep all of my dreams, which means no Mirror Marches, I sold all of my particularly impressive diamonds (which I got from avoiding nightmares with Nex several times).

I suppose right now It’s chiefly a choice between the newspaper or going to the Iron Republic to finish my ambition and see what I can bring back with me.

You only lose a little of your Is Someone there? quality when you leave the Mirror-Marches, so if you wanted to visit you wouldn’t lose much.

Remember you can use the blood social action to grind scraps as well. That’s what I’m doing currently, and it’s pretty decent ppa with no req.s

Blood social action? Whats that?

In your lodgings under Something Potentially Dangerous you can invite somebody who isn’t playing. It’s a pretty good odds luck check that gives 45 Surface Currency and 1 Scrap upon success, and 20 Surface Currency if you fail.

I don’t have anyone to invite for that one, and I’m not in a huge hurry for those anyway. Between the top tier lodgings and the favors in the flit, I’m getting scraps fast enough, probably

You get it with a rare success on the Parliament of Bats card.
I call mine Battitude.[/quote]

Neat! I’ve done that card a fair amount and never had a rare success. Now I have reason to keep trying. Thanks.

If you’re working on the menagerie and trying to get EVERY pet (the Pokemon option it’s been called) then the Bat with the Attitude is important, even though it doesn’t do anything. ANd then there’s grinding for the Overgoat and all the other pets.

Eeeeerrgh - this infernal waiting is becoming unbearable. I think I ended my hunt for the Vake a year or so ago, and have exhausted most story options including a swathe of Fate-locked content. Is it just taking the developers a long time to compose new material or can they not afford it? I’ll gladly throw money at any kickstarter that lets me continue my Ambition.

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It’s just taking a while because they need to get StoryNexus prepared for Fallen London. Once they get that taken care of content should come more swiftly.

Yeah, I’m fairly sure it’s just a matter of time before we are blessed with more to enjoy and explore. Until then, my Newspaper won’t run itself, and I still haven’t any Cider.

Well, I just maxed out my attributes again, and with the bonuses I get with clothing, I’m nearly 190+ in everything. Which will be cool when the rag and bone men come around. Now I’m just grinding to get money at this point. That Overgoat won’t buy himself.[li]

Which is a shame, because that would make him damned useful.

Well, damn and blast. I became bored with newspapermongering and sailed to the iron republic to advance my nemesis tale, only to suddenly realize that I have no portfolios of souls, nor the trade goods to convert into them, I suspect. Whatever shall I do to rectify this with all speed? (Not afraid to spend Nex. It’s a dirty habit, I know.)