The starveling cat! The starveling cat!

As it happens, I had a spare – don’t let it anywhere near the weasels!

Hi, I’ve begun to Seek and would greatly appreciate a cat of my own to keep me company through the candle-lit nights. I’m here, Fallen London Thank you!

Could anyone spare a Starveling Cat? I’ve just begun seeking and could do with a bit more hunger. Thanks in advance!

Starveling cat! Starveling cat! Still haven’t found one, please help me with that!

(Thanks in advance, you’re a lifesaver.)

I have recently begun my journey down the Seeking road, like the fool I am. If anyone is willing to part with a wretched beast of which they have grown tired, I would be delighted to take it off your hands. Thank you.

Anyone still requires a Starveling Cat? I have one that I cannot use.

First come first serve. Cheers

Anyone willing to send a starving cat my way?

Would be 'xtremely grateful for a starveling cat or seven, if anyone would be so accommodating to lend me those!

d0sboots2 has 77 Starveling Cats (or at least, that’s how many she started out with). Don’t ask what madness possessed her to acquire so many.

Invite her to coffee with a note asking for a cat if you want one. I’ll try to keep this post up-to-date with the current count.

Cats remaining: 24
last updated 2023-09-14

I’m going bump this thread, because it’s fallen down a ways, and editing posts doesn’t cause a bump.

I’m still here, still passing out cats. :)

I would like a cat, if anyone has one.

One Cat, Starveling, available upon request.
(Get the darn thing outta here, it’s shredding the curtains!)

The forum change knocked this thread off, so time to revive one of the longest-lived threads on the forums:

I’m still here, still passing out cats. :) Send a note or coffee invite to d0sboots2. (Here’s the original post with the cat counter.)


Just sent you a note, and so I decided I might as well bump the thread too, just to help out with your pet shelter business :grin:

Hi! May I bother you with a request? Because I’m currently in a dire need of this abhorrent feline companion. Would you (or, for that matter, anyone in the thread) indulge me with one?

Greetings, individuals of curious and dangerous nature. I may not be on the Road (yet), but I would greatly appreciate having a kitty to keep me company, for the sake of both introducing the raggedy thing to my poor Chorus of Cats, as well as for immediate use should I wish to begin SMEN soon, which I likely will to avoid losing highly expensive stuff when I’m far too late into the game (even though I’m well into the Railroad already).

Edit: Thank you for the two cats! I did, however, only need the one. To the second person who gave me one, sorry for not taking it!

I will dig up a cat for you, but the best way is to send an ingame note (this makes it much easier to know where to address the package to).

Oh, I see. Yeah, I’ll bear it in mind. Thanks a bunch for the assistance!

I profess to be a lover of all animals. My residence houses a truly astonishing number of cats, rats, and bats; dogs, frogs, and mogs; lions, tigers, and bears; avians, arachnids, and insects. Some I own; some clearly own me. Despite the ever-decreasing space and ever-increasing expense, I could not imagine a living creature I would not befriend.

Then along came this deeply unendearing feline.

It was obviously hungry, so I fed it. It was clearly unsocialized, so I gave it distance. I radiated safety; I crooned sympathy; I whispered endearments. I proffered the choicest morsels, the softest blankets, the most tempting lengths of string.

All for naught. Every time I come within reach, the beast slashes. My wardrobe is in tatters… as is much of my skin. I have consulted experts; they laugh at me. Even now, a pair of red eyes gleams at me from the darkness of the larder where it roosts.

If indeed there exists someone foolhardy enough to adopt this creature, you have but to speak the word. I shall gladly dispatch it with all haste, and wish you both Godspeed.

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A mad gentleperson as myself would like to keep such a rascalous companion.