The starveling cat! The starveling cat!

Who can help me acquire the beast my soul has to pat?

Also if you’re in possession of this beast of burden, feel free to lend it to me. It’s for a greater cause. Trust me.
All you need to do is sign an agreement stating I can’t be held responsible for whatever happens to it. Return condition: Unknown. To sweeten the deal, neither are you responsible for any damage this troubled creature might cause to me, my soul or anything else.

I can also take it off your hands for good.

A person on a quest of the sorts that can’t be neglected.

I am no longer interested in cats
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Maybe one day I’ll send you my the darling. I’m just not sure if my little Puss Puss is quite ready to leave the caring hands that tried to bring it food and care for it, or really not get eaten, when it came to all alone and disheveled. Perhaps when the poor dear’s appetite dies down slightly we can make some form of a contract. (When I get tired of my Starveling Cat, I’ll give it away to someone!)

I have 3 cats and I’d be quite happy to give most of them away. They’re not doing anything for me, and they’re eating all my food as well.

(Do either of you have a Twitter I could find you by?)

Thank you for the replies.

[quote=Felicity Chase]I have 3 cats and I’d be quite happy to give most of them away. They’re not doing anything for me, and they’re eating all my food as well.

(Do either of you have a Twitter I could find you by?)[/quote]

That sounds quite delicious! You can find me by the same name in the realm of Twitter (@NotThisBrain). I will try and look you up as well.
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I’ve now sent the d–ned beast to you, NotThisBrain. And I sent the second one to Urthdigger (at least, I presume @Urthdigger is you, and if not then you probably have bigger things to worry about). I think I’ll keep the third one in case I am ever mad enough to seek the name myself. Pleasure doing business with you, mysterious individual and good sir.

I have found myself feliniticiously undersupplied.

I, too, would love a feline playmate for my peculiar plant. Or, failing that, another Pass-the-Cat target.

If anyone has a lovely feline friend they wish to dispose of, my home is always open. It is mostly vermin-free and just has one giant possibly-carnivorous plant, that’s not that bad is it? My twitter is @iPermeate and my address is someone past Veilgarden (but not quite by the Palace, it’s much too gloomy).

You can contact me in the Brass Embassy, the cat will feel right at home. my acount is @devoted_pupa, and I will gladly participate in the game of pass the cat.

And you have my thanks! I’m sure it will find my current lodgings to its distinctive “taste”.

I will now continue my journey into the fringe of Her secrets. What will happen to me I cannot say, but the Name is all there is. So I must know it. At any cost.

In case we don’t meet again, I hereby bid you farewell, my lady.

P.S.: In case we do meet again, and my future state of mind is still somewhat clear, I owe you a favor.

I already have my own starveling cat; I will not send you boxes, nor my personal pet, but if you send me boxes, I promise you I will open them all and if a cat pops out, I will send it to you. I did this for user Paulihuse, so he can confirm it if you find him. twitter and ebz name is @codetaku.

I too would love a Starveling, and take excellent care of him/her… I’m also happy to join any of you in sending and receiving cats. I’m @moxie_rocks on twitter.

Have played a bit of pass the cat but have not happened upon a starveling yet! I am looking for one and will pass boxes along as I come by them as well…

Yes, that is indeed me. I perhaps should have mentioned I log into this via twitter. Sadly, it’s a bit too late to have the hungry little fellow help me with my rat problem (And I hope my ex-chief sleeps with one eye open now), but I’m certain I can find some other use for the guy.

I’ve had a few boxes to pass out which I have since done to those I noticed here. For any and all with spare boxes or spare felines, I would be most grateful for any such parcels addressed to @aerineth

I have received your box! Thank you, though probably due to my lack of expertise and luck (lucky expertise? expert luck?) it turned out to be a sorrow spider. (Curses.)

My friend Meribeth and I have been collecting starvelings for awhile; Meribeth in particular has taken the task of caring for them with gusto! I do think Chaoseed, Inpiun, Audrey Shae, and the Devoted_Pupa will give our darlings good homes, so we will arrange transport. : ) If we find more, we will continue sending them out to those that dearly desire them!

A hissing parcel has made its way to me : many thanks, Meribeth, I’m in your debt.

Now, what have I gotten myself into ?

I would be more then happy and honored if somebody judges me capable of taking care of one of their feline companions, I am sure my lodgings at the Embassy would suit them. my adress at the embassy is: @BodhiBloodWave

I am also quite fond of parcels so would be more then happy to receive those as well.