The starveling cat! The starveling cat!

F.F. Gebrandt has yet to develop talon-resilient wrapping paper for public use, but I have done my best. I feel certain it will arrive intact, though I am less sanguine about your own chances for remaining so. Best of luck.

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I am looking forward to parting ways with a terrible, terrible cat.

Please let me know if you are a right person to handle this.


Yes, I am ready to receive the thing.

Thank you so much! It’s on its way

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As a total Cat lover I must help one of these kitty cats please will someone send me one post haste. ig RocksZee

Hey, I asked for one. Please deliver to Lamil

Yes, I saw your note in-game. I’m a little slow at delivery, but I do deliver.

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Sorry about that! Thanks.

Hey, by the way, my friend the aptly named “Killingyouguy” also would like one.

In my rentless search for informations about a certain Hungry Cat, I managed to uncover endless traces and clues about his behaviour.
Now I know who stole my black shoe last week and who left bite-marks on my cravat this morning… and also who robbed me of a 30 pound cheese wheel from my pantry! Luckily it was only the cheddar one.

At the beginning I was just curious and I wanted to observe this d_mn beast cough Incredible Specimen, but now I want to ‘gently’ reprimand him of his behaviour and to see if he really tastes like a sprat…least I find myself without clothes and food before the end of the year.

I’ll be endless grateful towards whoever will be able to send one my way.

Cat dispatched. Enjoy it if you can.

Thank you, but I only intend to scold him and then bake him in my oven, maybe with potatoes as a side dish send him away.
I’m sure that the cat will understand my good intentions - nobody else would want to find their pantry robbed and clothes munched after all!

If you finish with it, please send it to killingyouguy.