The Starveling Cat! The Boxed Cat!

Killingyouguy would like one.

Send to you. I really don’t have any, for now.

anyone have a spare starveling cat to send to dynastes?

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I have a starveling cat if anyone would like one

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Hey can you send it to me? Fallen London please?

It won’t let me, I’ve added you as a contact but you don’t show up in the list when I try to send the cat. Do you already have one perhaps? I don’t know what else could be preventing it.

I would enjoy a bundle of fur, ferocity, and hunger if anyone wishes to part with one of theirs.

Kleis would like a Starveling Cat, if any kind gentleperson can help.
edit: Thank you, Lady Sapho L Byron!

Noam Zukher would be deeply honored to recieve a starveling cat

I am a Seeker, and wish to converse about my trials with a cat companion, so that we may become Peckish together.

I plead, to all those desperate to unburden themselves. I am in need of a starveling cat, in return, I would be able to provide ample levels of SoTC, which I am sure could be of use in your travels, or another reward as sought by the giver.

Syan Alenko and Yuki Yuuno are both very much in need of cats that like their bones (but prefer their fat). They would be deeply honoured indeed to receive them.