The Starveling Cat! The Boxed Cat!

For those of you still looking for cats: I still have a great surplus. See The Starveling Cat! The Boxed Cat! - #414 by d0sboots

I need a cat
Fallen London

Don’t know if you still need it, but I sent you an offer.

Have 2 cats in total

Seeking a cat! Seeking a cat!
(Also a Card should you happen to have that!)

Gave one to Pictureinthehouse (Sollipsist).
I have three more, if anyone needs them please ask.

My pantry is empty, my path to a bad end is advanced, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Lilivia!

It has been some time, I’ve slept for so long, and yet I’ve awoken with an impeccable hunger for the name. Should one need to rid themselves of a monster, I could give it a home, and the rest of what I have, as I don’t need anything where I plan on going.

My dear friend, I have a creature at hand, ans I’ll be more than glad to send it to you
[it seems you currently are unable to accept the invitation ]


Apologies, just had to finish up with a bit of personal trouble with being betrayed. I shall keep my nose clean for the time. I do appreciate going through the trouble, should you be willing to try again.

Deacon Aurelius would love to receive a wriggling box if you have one spare.

I’ve got a Starveling Cat I don’t want (Bundle of Oddities’d it, didn’t know you could do that). My alt’s name is alexjean, or I’ll find you if you tell me who to look for. I don’t socialize in FL much, so forgive me if I don’t quite know how to do this.

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A darling kitty cat received! Thank you, kind gentleperson.

I would love to get a starveling cat if anyone has any extra!

I would love a Starveling Cat if someone does not want one. Name is Mr Eaten’s True Name

One each for Smart_Sputnik and phoenixboy219.

Anyone whos wanting to rid themselves of anything im more than willing to accept
I appreciate it very much, my name is Duggie Fence

Cat recived, thank you muchly

Hello, I am looking for a delightful feline friend (starveling cat not the cat box) if anyone has a spare. doomedDandy

edit: cat received, thank you!

if anyone would donate a cat
I would very grateful for that’s%20alt

Can I have one? Name: Lamil

Me! Send it to Lamil