The Starveling Cat! The Boxed Cat!

Dwellers of a vertically challenged city I cry for your attention!

There’s currently two unorganised threads running around about trading cat boxes, so let’s simplify that.
If you want a Starveling Cat, or have an excess, post here.
If you want to trade Cat Boxes, or just want to send them out, post here.
If you’re interested in a long term trading of cat boxes, for ease, post here.

Long Term Trading Instructions
(Mostly copied and pasted for the rules I wrote for this thread)

  • 1a. Post in this thread stating your availability to trade all cat boxes that come your way with another player
  • 1b. Respond to an already existing post stating availability either via this thread or via PM
    1. If an arrangement is reached, edit your posts to state it
    1. Send each other your cat boxes until the next Exceptional Story comes out, these are Universal Storylets available to everyone and as such, hard to miss
    1. Unless otherwise stated, repay each Cat Box with another, if the month is up and you find yourself in debt, if your partner has said it’s alright to repay them in either Surprise Packages or First City Coins, do that

Long Term Trading Rules

  • Boxes from alts do count, but you will need to state in the message that the box is from you
  • Don’t use alts to put others into debt, only to repay your own, box debt incurred in this manner doesn’t count
  • Be polite, follow through with your deals. If something should occur, please notify this in the thread
  • If for some reason cat box scamming has occured, we will need screenshots, turn email notifications on if you want extra insurance
  • If your long term trading request isn’t on the last 3 pages of the thread, feel free to make another post


If you don’t mind where your box goes, I am a good destination as long as you don’t mind sending boxes to the Starveling Cafe, which already has more than a few Starveling Cats. I also record all cat boxes that come my way as you can see in my signature.
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How Boxed Cats Work
In your deck, there’s a card called ‘Pass the Cat: a wriggling delivery’, if you ‘Accept the delivery’ you get 1 x ‘A Boxed Cat?’. You can then click on the item either from your inventory of the universal storylet it unlocks and choose to pass it on to someone (or thing) else. If they then accept the invitation they get 1 x ‘A Partially Unwrapped Cat?’ which they can access from either their inventory or the universal storylet it also unlocks. ‘Behold[ing] the cat’ has a chance of giving you Wounds, Appalling Secrets, a unique item (the Starveling Cat), or very rarely a Watchful companion.

About the Starveling Cat
The Starveling Cat! The Starveling Cat! It likes your bones! It prefers your fat!
The Starveling Cat is an curiosity item only available from Boxed Cats and a Bundle of Oddities value of 99 exactly (if you want to grind Bundles of Oddities for them, ‘Fun with the Fisherkings’ in the Flit is your best bet, it’ll take about a day average). The item is -3 to persuasive, but since the Starveling Cat is never equipped, the modifier is never applied.

Other Useful Information
If you have either kind of boxed cat in your inventory, either ‘A Boxed Cat?’ or a ‘A Partially Unwrapped Cat?’, you lock yourself from drawing the card ‘Pass the Cat: a wriggling delivery’ again. This is where long term trading comes in handy as you can immediately send off the boxed cat without temporarily locking yourself from drawing the card again.

The chances of each type of cat are liable to be close to what follows:
52.3% - Every 1.9 Boxes - A Sorrow Spider
39.6% - Every 2.5 Boxes - A Black Cat
7.7% - Every 13 Boxes - A Starveling Cat
0.4% - Every 250 Boxes - A Midnight Matriarch
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I have come to an agreement with Ridagoth until the Feast of the Exceptional Rose to trade cat boxes for fun and profit.

Indeed, we should have fun sending perilous boxes of sorrow-spiders from time to time! Let’s hope for the best with this interesting endeavour!

Also, thanks Cecil for putting this together. I hope this grand remastering for starveling cats shall be a hit in time. I really like the percentages in your second post, it puts the results in perspective!

One last slightly related note, the active player reddit list for December currently has at least two folks that are offering some starveling cats (see here and here). So consider seeing that thread (or the subreddit in general) from time to time if anyone lists they have a few.

Edit: Updated links. Sorry for the confusion!
edited by Ridagoth on 12/8/2015

I still don’t entirely understand how the passing of boxes and cats works, but I have a gently rustling box sitting on my table in search of a good home.

I updated the second post with how it works. Also, props to the truthseeker for getting there before me.

Does anyone fancy a (potential) cat in a box? The constant rustling is making me nervous.

EDIT: sent.
edited by Irene on 12/11/2015

I do! Send it to Rysiek please![li]

I have an excess box, with at least 2 layers. Who wants?

EDIT: passed on
edited by Daniel Denham on 12/16/2015

I would be thankful for a wrapped cat

I have 5 angry cats in need of a good home. Please message me if you wish to take them off my hands.

EDIT: Apologies, I have 5 starving cats in need of a good home.
edited by Chuck on 12/16/2015

I have two boxed cats right now. Anyone want to trade?

If you still have them I have two as well.

I have received two boxes from the very oddly named Ult - (!!DEACTIVATEDCHARACTER711236-Utl) in particular! Does anyone claim these empty containers? I’d like to offer my thanks for them!

Excellent! Thank you Chuck for the two cats. They’ve already found themselves a wonderful home in my nightmares.
edited by Hark DeGaul on 12/17/2015

Hello all! I have a boxed (potential) cat if anyone wants to trade? I normally release any cats that come my way but frankly they’re rather ungrateful and I’d like to see how this trading thing goes.

I have another box, which most certainly does not contain a cat [nods at the Truthseeker], should anybody need it for… box purposes.

I am, additionally, happy to receive boxes. To, uh, wrap gifts in. But not the box I have already. It’s… the wrong size.

EDIT: The box has been claimed!
edited by Kit Foxtrick on 12/22/2015

If someone still has a spare starveling cat, I am in need of one for my collection of critters and companions (gotta catch them all). I also know these cats to be use for certain seasons, but Mr. RNG does not look favourably on me when I open &quotperfectly normal&quot boxes, although I am still willing to try.
edited by FireScyther on 12/18/2015

I have two Starvelings. I’ll send one your way, FireScyther, but would anyone like the other?

I’m always willing to take in unwanted Starveling cats, but I have quite a few already. It’s probably better to send the poor thing to someone who hasn’t got one and, for some reason, wants one.