The Letter Writing Club.

Do not send me a Discordant Missive. I will not send one in return.
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I am also not looking for Discordant Missive, and can not send one in return.

Would someone be kind enough to send a Discordant Missive to R Fellow Oswho (profile link in signature)?

I’m λ-looking for someone to send me a Discordant Missive, and can λ-send one in return if needed. My name on Fallen London is Apeomancer. Thanks very much!
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As there still seems to be demand, I’m happily send out further Discordant Missives to those who do (not) seek them.
Requests please to the account below.
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I’m also not looking for an Discordant Missive, and also will not send one back if needed.


If anyone is not able to send me, cheesetroll, a Discordant Missive, I could not reply with one of the same. Or I could actually reply with a different sort of letter if you’d prefer!

I am not studying the Discordance. Because it doesn’t exist. As such I would not want a discordant missive and nor would I send any in return.
(In case I managed to confuse anyone: I do need a discordant missive and I am willing to send one, or any different type of letter, in return)

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So I now have a discordant missive but am willing reciprocate any others that I receive.

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I am working to become a Correspondent and am hoping to receive flame-proof missives to make the last stretch from SotC 9 to 10 less arduous. I would gladly repay you in kind, or in any way you see fit.

Taliesin Chen

Perhaps nobody wouldn’t like to share what they haven’t learned?
(Looking for a Discordant Missive. I’ve got one ready to send back, but if there’s another type you’d prefer, let me know.)

I too am not in search of a Discordant Missive, and am happy to respond with the same or another kind of letter should you prefer.

I’ve exchanged missives now, but if anyone else is in need of one, feel free to send me a message.
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Greetings! Am not in search of a Discordant Missive and would not be happy to respond with one as well

Hello i desire letters which will increase watchful on either of these accounts
Eyeiv von yankohv
Whitney Freidmocht
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[color=#c2c2c2]Hoping to receive some flame-proof missives and willing to repay in kind. I play this game twice or more everyday so i will Get back to you as soon as possible.[/color]
[color=#c2c2c2]Fallen London
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I’m in the market for a lot of letters right now, especially scone recipies, with gossip as a secondary interest. Will respond in whatever is the preferred mode. Please get in touch.

I am not seeking a Discordant Missive, and am not willing to send one in return.

I’m looking for a lot of Case Files, but I’m not too picky about anything in particular so long as they can assist Watchful. I’ll respond to letters with the same in return. Please get in touch.

I’m looking for a couple of flame-proof missives.

I’m willing to send any kind of letter in return. Alternatively, you could make my alt a bit more unwavy at Dante’s grill. I can easily provide the max 100 CP Making Waves for one evening at Dante’s grill, or even two or three. This is my alt:

I’m also seeking flame-proof missives in my attempt to become a Correspondent to further my Ambitions and academic career. Currently at 7 and change, but don’t really want to write another two dozen symphonies (who am I, Haydn?)

Thanks in advance!

Loch would love a letter of any kind. They are getting quite bored. They are also willing to offer advice on becoming more deadly and assistance in investigations.