The Letter Writing Club.

Delicious friends, like so many before me I find myself not in need of a discordant missive. Happy to not send one in return, or a flame-proof missive or other kind of letter if desired. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Sourced one elsewhere now, please disregard.

Gangvann has not seen too much to no longer benefit from a discordant missive.
However, Gangvann would of course not be thrilled to generally hear in-game from no-one not on the same track, at all.

Gangvann is a Correspondent and can provide the services of such, for instance to an alt.
Other options, pray do tell, and they shall do their best to accomodate:

Greetings, fellow Londoners! I find myself rather fresh-faced to this wonderful city. Thus, I would adore the chance to make some acquaintances. Anybody who will give me the time of day is welcome to send me a letter, I shall happily respond in kind.

Plus, depending on just how cordial you are? I may or may not include a delightful mint in my next reply. My treat!

Hullo, Me Myself and I would in the coming soon™ not be in need of a discordant missives, that I will not need for… reasons.
I would of course be more than happy to repay any such kindness with any type of letter at my disposal (including non-flammable ones, if needed).

Hello! In the middle of attempting to further my career and become a Correspondant. Would any fellow scholars of the Correspondance be willing to send me some flame-proof missives to help me move this process along?

Hello, I am looking to expand my knowledge of the Correspondence. Composing more symphonies would be tiring. Flame-proof missives would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Long-time player, new forum member. I am a Correspondent and have an ample stash of flame-proof paper, so I’ll be getting in touch. Please feel free to send me, eh, cat boxes are always welcome in exchange. Where do you think I got my 3 matriarchs and 7 starvelings?
Karoline Heidenreich