The Letter Writing Club.

Delicious friends, like so many before me I find myself not in need of a discordant missive. Happy to not send one in return, or a flame-proof missive or other kind of letter if desired. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Sourced one elsewhere now, please disregard.

Nothing is wrong

Greetings, fellow Londoners! I find myself rather fresh-faced to this wonderful city. Thus, I would adore the chance to make some acquaintances. Anybody who will give me the time of day is welcome to send me a letter, I shall happily respond in kind.

Plus, depending on just how cordial you are? I may or may not include a delightful mint in my next reply. My treat!

Hullo, Me Myself and I would in the coming soon™ not be in need of a discordant missives, that I will not need for… reasons.
I would of course be more than happy to repay any such kindness with any type of letter at my disposal (including non-flammable ones, if needed).

Hello! In the middle of attempting to further my career and become a Correspondant. Would any fellow scholars of the Correspondance be willing to send me some flame-proof missives to help me move this process along?

Hello, I am looking to expand my knowledge of the Correspondence. Composing more symphonies would be tiring. Flame-proof missives would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Long-time player, new forum member. I am a Correspondent and have an ample stash of flame-proof paper, so I’ll be getting in touch. Please feel free to send me, eh, cat boxes are always welcome in exchange. Where do you think I got my 3 matriarchs and 7 starvelings?
Karoline Heidenreich

This message is not here.
You did not read it.
Everything is fine, because nothing is wrong.

Greetings, delicious friends! I’m in desperate need of a Discordant Missive and i will be more than pleasure to repay anything back (including a Discordant Missive in return!),here are my profile and thank you all!!

thank you, DarkSquirrel, and thank you, gangvann! Tons of thanks to you!

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Will send you a calling card

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Madellia is looking for people to battle their plants against hers. (Currently at level 3 but all levels are welcome). Those with sympathy for the urchins or a passion for the revolutionary/emancipationist causes are also welcomed.

I am trying to slowly resurrect my alts, replies there may be slow but still.

Tyranna is looking for higher powers to serve and learn from (especially paramounts); and potential allies for mutually beneficial assistance pacts. She isn’t warm-friendly but she is helpful and loyal to an extent. Not the sort to associate with revolutionaries or outspoken emancipationist. She strives to get close with the Masters and to learn the mysteries of the Bazaar while siding with ‘the winning, ruling side’. She’s also in desperate need of menace reductions.

Judith-Abigail is looking for like-minded kind and gentle souls who lean towards the church. She is a campaigner but it is not just a way to earn money for her, it’s a calling. Judith is a soft type always willing to selflessly help others. She tries to see good in everyone.

Good day,

I’m looking for acquaintances to do some of the social storylets and trade healing letters.

Any letter for me! Not too sure how this works, but interested in figuring it out. SpadedAce in-game!

I’m Jerico Knight and I’d like to increase my watchful but will accept almost any letter. I’m trying to increase my making waves as well, so I’ll respond with whatever letter you ask for as soon as I can get the components together.

I am happy to share my compiled notes on the Correspondence with any who so desire. Keep a bowl of water handy. Better yet, a barrel.

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Hi everyone, I’m a relatively new player to Fallen London and this is my first Feast of the Rose. I really like the idea behind the Correspondence and I’m trying to get the The Scar in the Sky tattoo. Currently I’m grinding symphonies but unfortunately I don’t think I will get to Scholar of the Correspondence 10 in time.

I would therefore be extremely grateful if anyone could help me out by sending me some flame-proof missives. My profile is: Rhirath

Edit: I received a lot of help that I’m very grateful for and I got the tattoo in time!

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I too seek the exchange of missives in the Neath. For NearlyDave is new in town and seeking social contacts.

Greetings delicious friends,
I am currently in the process of honing my attributes for those onerous tasks that fall upon a person of some importance. I am most in need of assistance with matters of Persuasion but would be grateful for any assistance you might provide and would, of course, respond in kind. As a Correspondent, I am more than happy to pass along any particularly interesting sigils that happen to scorch themself into my desk.
Your Obedient Servant,

My delicious friends, I am new to the process and delights of correspondance, but am open to new experiences. Feel free to contact me for any and all reasons and activities Fallen London

Currently, I am trying to increase my understanding of the correspondance. This involves far more symphony-writing then I had anticipated. If any kindly Correspondents would share their work, I would be very grateful. You can find me here!