The Letter Writing Club.

This club is for those who either desire to get letters from other people, or send letters to other people, of any and all kinds.

It is also for those seeking to obtain specific letters for various reasons. Just post what letters you want or are giving.

I myself am up for receiving any letter you care to give. Yes, even those Hungry kinds. I could always use more fuel for the fire. As for giving out any, I will try but might not always reply or send.

Also: please note that some letters may require Free Evenings, or for you to become Aqqauinted with each other.

I’m looking for flame-proof missives when I’m in London if anyone is willing to send them my way. As a Midnighter I can’t send the same back, but if another kind of missive that I can reply with would suit you just let me know.
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Edit: Information that’s probably good to know about this new system is that you can be sent missives while in places you couldn’t previously get social actions. Can’t collect them while you’re away, but it’s still nice to know the mail will be waiting.
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Lady Catterly would like to raise Shadowy through receiving recipes. She cannot send any special letters, but can accept Names Writ in Gant. Let me know what you would like in return.

I am a Correspondent hoping to advance my knowledge of the Correspondence by corresponding with other Correspondents. Send me flame-proof missives and I will reply in kind (or with other missives, if preferred).

The Whisper Merchant
A discrete and subtle correspondent; available for roleplay or in-character conversation.
Open for contract, subcontract, or a light dinner.
Discretion is a must. The bold are tolerated.

The Fading Philosopher
A clever correspondent who is not as he was; available for roleplay or in-character conversation.
Open for discussion, debate, long and dramatic pauses, accidental naps.
Fallen star of high society who finds escape behind mirrors, too lonely, sad and mad to care.

Looking to trade Shadowy (Scone Recipes) and Dangerous (Bloody Missives)!

Seeking to exchange scone recipes and fighting manuals.

I am a Correspondent looking for other Correspondent letters (I can also reply with other missives!)

I’m looking for a discordant missive for reasons likely apparent to some of you. I’d send one back but I lack the required steward of the discordance to do so, so if you have anything in mind I’d be happy to try and help out in some other way, or to send you back some once I get steward high enough.
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I am looking for a discordant missive. In return I can also send a discordant missive, or any non-profession-related missive.

I don’t need any discordant missive.
I wouldn’t be really glad to nobody sending me these.

(Wade, send me a message, i will send you one!)

I seem to have accidentally deleted my message.

Basically just a heads up: If you’re looking to add me or someone else to get a discordant missive, stay in London. Otherwise we can’t send them, nor can we respond to calling cards. I’ve received a calling card and been trying to send one to one or two of you for a while and whenever I’ve checked the game has marked you as somewhere else. I’ll be checking intermittently through the day so if you need one please just hang out in London until the postal system has had its way.

I am likewise looking for Discordant Missives. Unable to send back unfortunately but happy to reciprocate as soon as I can.

I am both looking for and able to send out Discordant Missives, so if anyone needs one, shoot a message my way.
EDIT: In the meantime, I have gotten the Missive I needed. However, if other people still need one, feel free to ask.
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I think I have enough Discordant Missives for now, but can send them to anyone willing to trade for something else. Preferably the willingness to be betrayed.
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I am seeking to improve my Scholarship of the Correspondence. I can send Spread the Better Word, Case Notes, Advice for an Investigation, a Poem, Licentious Gossip, Fighting Techniques, Sconce Recipe, Gant, and a limited number of Notes on the Correspondence if desired.

am in need of a discordant missive if anyone is willing

I, too, need a Discordant Missive, and would be happy to send some in return. Maybe we need a chain letter?
Helena Korinek

Edit: I got mine, thanks! Still available to send missive to anyone who needs one.
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To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Streetcat could really use your prayers. Please send Godly Missives.

Investigation Advice is also very appreciated.
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I’m looking for a Discordant Missive too. I tried to send one to people in this message board, but they are unable to receive my invitation.

Will try again, but could someone send me one, please?