The Hellworm Club

I’ve all three, as well.


I don’t have a Heptagoat, but what I do have is five Übergoats and six Overgoats, so that project is just waiting on me to draw a bunch of cards in London (which I do less of since I have a Worm)

As the good Christ himself said: It is done. After years of patience, dedicated and sheer bloodymindedness culminating in the desperate sale of my Misplaced Ring to EXACTLY meet the price I have finally. FINALLY. Gotten that damned saddle. So ends my difficult relationship with the many grinds of Fallen London.

…well, at least until I miss my ring enough to grind it back anyway.

I also sold my ring to clinch the deal for my worm. I had just sold a skeleton for 80k scrip, committed to 2.6 years of exhaustion, and was totally over the whole “patience” thing.

Bought it back a few months later.

Congratulations and have fun on the trail! Fun fact: everything is a trail if no one can catch you.

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I have all three of them too. Also the boots and the cheese oder.


The boots! You’re only the fourth to acquire them! Did they happen today, or a little while ago?

Aaaaah, so long since I saw a post like this from you! Congratulations!!

Ah, thank you for asking, and sorry for making a slightly confusional statement.

I did, in fact, not mean to imply Heinzdieter was already around at last Whitsun. To be honest, I am not so sure about the exact date of our first amicable encounter. Just guessing from that I am at > 10.000 Scrip again (fab diamonds not included), I’d suggest taking the end of july or the begining of august (this year) as the date at the registrar’s office.

Does that meet with your approval?

Thank you for the clarification! Estimated dates are no trouble, if we need definite history then we’ll commission Hell to smelt us one.


And as of today I have Cider, Hellworm, and Heptagoat. About 5k scrip away from the saddle, too


And just moments ago, the Wormcoil Engine was finally installed


I wrote a new guide, which I think may be of interest for people following this thread: The Nice and Profitable Grindings of mp, georg - Google Docs


Wasn’t the older guide 1.0.3? :smiley:

EDIT: Took a look over it and it’s quite impressive, great work! Is there actually a No-fin?

The versioning resets with each guide - I treat them as new entries in a series :slight_smile:

It is not real, and most certainly not a serious entry :upside_down_face:

You could bump a major version, which would make this the 4.x.x series. More justification for calling it “Episode IV,” too.

It also makes sense with semantic versioning; the last Forelimb update broke compatibility with 3.x, so modern grinding requires ^4.0.0

I prefer to see each incarnation of the guide as its own entity, like a new game or book in a series (i.e. there are some reused assets, but ultimately it’s a new thing)

Finally my good friend Ladon is properly accessorized.