The Hellworm Club

Noonstar: Proud bearer of the first steed, :hellworm: The Ur Worm, 23 August 2021.

Ysrthgrathe: The steed :hellworm: Shai-Hulud, 11 September 2021. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 31 December 2021. :boots: Boots with Brass Spurs, 6 September 2022. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2023. :polish: Boot Polish, 25 November 2022.

Kylestien: The steed :hellworm: Binky, 16 September 2021. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 25 January 2023. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2023.

Derkatt: The steed :hellworm: Jörmun, 17 September 2021. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 11 January 2022.

Genesis: Very Own Miniature Hellworm, 21 September 2021.

Faber: Very Own Miniature Hellworm, 28 September 2021. :hellworm: The first Saddle and Bridle, 23 November 2021.

Alan: The steed :hellworm: Djane, 4 October 2021. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 28 November 2021. The very first :boots: Boots with Brass Spurs, 9 March 2022. The very first :polish: Hellworm-Riding Boot Polish, 30 May 2022. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2023.

Djane: The steed :hellworm: Alan, 18 October 2021. Saddled & Bridled, 9 March 2022.

jess: The steed :hellworm: heckworm, 7 November 2021. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 16 March 2022.

Graham Ravity: The steed :hellworm: Bruce, 10 November 2021. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled 1 March 2022.

Waterpls: The steed :hellworm: Jim, 11 November 2021. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 12 February 2022. :boots: Boots with Brass Spurs 27 July 2022. :polish: Boot Polish, 4 October 2022.

Grouchybeast: The steed :hellworm: Wiggly Woo, 11 November 2021. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled 11 June 2022. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2023.

Mr Cards: The steed :hellworm: Gacha, 16 November 2021. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled 2 July 2022. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2023.

Sir Reginald Monteroy: The steed :hellworm: Khorkhoi, 10 December 2021.

Hotshot Blackburn: The steed :hellworm: Antinomy, the Paradox Wyrm, 22 December 2021.

Idyl: The steed :hellworm: Shaitan, 24 December 2021. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled 24 March 2022. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2023.

ggscv: The steed :hellworm: Helly the Hellworm, ca. 25 December 2021. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled 1 March 2022. :boots: Boots with Brass Spurs 7 July 2022. :polish: Boot Polish, 2 January 2023.

Amalgamate: The steed :hellworm: Purple, ca. 1 January 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled 15 July 2022. A second steed :hellworm:, 5 December 2022.

Azothi: The steed :hellworm: Envy, 4 January 2022, and the steed :hellworm: Pride, 23 May 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 22 February 2022. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2023.

Captain Blood Storm: The steed :hellworm: Eren, 12 January 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 3 September 2022. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2023.

mp The mild-mannered :hellworm: Sausage, 13 January 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, and adopted its steed-name :hellworm: Hot Dog,13 May 2022. :boots: Boots with Brass Spurs, 6 October 2022. :polish: Boot Polish, 12 February 2023. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2023.

PSGarak: The steed :hellworm: Rocinante, 15 January 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 21 February 2023. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2023.

TeaFiend5: The steed :hellworm: Frances, 18 January 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 28 March 2022.

Colin Sapherson: The steed :hellworm: Haldessian, 21 January 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 27 December 2022. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2024.

Kharsirr Lynx: The steed :hellworm: A Child of Pague Winter, 23 January 2022.

Shaerys: The steed :hellworm: Mephisto, 31 January 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled 3 August 2022. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2023.

Vladje: The steed :hellworm: Coco l’Asticot, 1 February 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Briddled, 6 April 2022.

AncientDrunkard: The steed :hellworm: Vermisebrius, ca. 1 February 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 8 October 2022.

PJ: The steed :hellworm:Wormcoil, 2 February 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Briddled, 12 September 2022.:charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2023.

The Dave: The steed :hellworm: Wïggly Würm, 4 February 2022.

Matilda Ydmos: The steed :hellworm: Peaches Frunobulax, 14 February 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 3 October 2022. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2024.

Seberin Cirion: The steed :hellworm: Virgil, 15 February 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled 24 July 2022.

Den Blackwell: The steed :hellworm: Níðhöggr, 23 February 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 16 March 2022. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2023.

Solomivan: The steed :hellworm: Fluffy, 27 February 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 14 July 2022.

The Great Pigmeat: The steed :hellworm: Jörmungandr, 9 March 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 8 August 2022.

Mr Cups: The steed :hellworm:Ichorus, 21 March 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled 16 August, 2022. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2023.

Mr J: The steed :hellworm: Ouroboros, 31 March 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Briddled, 8 October 2022. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2023.

Maleclypse: The steed :hellworm: Amalgamea Galatea, 31 March 2022.

Savato: The steed :hellworm: Ladon, Hesperidean Guardian, 5 April 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 21 September 2022.

Zolana: The steed :hellworm: Aristophanes, 17 April 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 19 January 2023. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese, 2024.

Harjavaldar: The steed :hellworm: Gehenna, 24 April 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 14 October 2022.

The Incredulous Passerby: The steed :hellworm: Canary, 3 May 2022.

Tyrconnell: Very Own Miniature Hellworm, 11 May 2022.

Racoonajr: The steed :hellworm: Ghlaghghee, AKA Fluffy, 19 May 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 21 December 2022. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese, 2024.

Alexander Feld: The steed :hellworm: The Devourer of Hollows, 20 May 2022.

Teeg: The steed :hellworm: Balthazar, 30 May 2022.

Kronosaurus: The steed :hellworm: Glaurung, 6 June 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Briddled, 24 November 2022.

Feldon Smithe: The steed :hellworm: Clyde, 1 July 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 10 February 2023.

Hwoosh: The steed :hellworm: a tiny icon in a video-game, with some profitable game mechanics attached, 14 July 2022.

Verity Luminesence: The steed :hellworm: Gehelminth, 20 July 2022.

Dov: The steed :hellworm: Wormy, 31 July 2022.

The Antichris: The steed :hellworm: Buster, ca. 1 August 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 22 October 2022.

El Mar: The steed :hellworm: Heinzdieter, ca. 1 August 2022. :charcutier: Awaiting Cheese 2024.

Vael Victus: The steed :hellworm: Oscar Parlay, 3 August 2022.

Rahv7: The steed :hellworm: Fenrisulfr, 7 August 2022.

Mr Paramount: The steed :hellworm: Ace of Chance, 10 August 2022.

Fornix: The steed :hellworm: Bones, 10 August 2022.

Doctor Flamingo: The steed :hellworm: Milly, 11 August 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Bridled, 7 February 2023.

Medea’s Dragons: The steed :hellworm: Leto III, 16 August 2022.

Paflick: The steed :hellworm: Ping Pong, 21 August 2022.

Loiathal (22 Aug, details pending)

James Sinclair: The steed :hellworm: Jorge, 25 August 2022.

Ludovico Santiago: The steed :hellworm: Incitatus, 28 August 2022.

Flesh Hunter: The steed :hellworm: Masterpiece, 2 September 2022.

Ariazel: The steed :hellworm: Ferdinand (Ferda), 25 September 2022.

Countess Caroline Karnstein of Styria: The steed :hellworm: Gemütlichkeit, 27 September 2022. :hellworm: Saddled & Briddled, 18 March 2023.

Hwoosh: The steed :hellworm: like R Fellow Oswho’s, it will not be given a name, 14 October 2022.

Details pending via Reddit, 4 November 2022.

Skinnyman: [pending name] 23 November 2022.

Xcerna: The steed :hellworm: Enormous Mistake of Nature, 24 November 2022.

Foilman: The steed :hellworm: Harry, 3 December 2022.

Wabbajack Brill: The steed :hellworm: Binky (not to be confused with the other one), 4 December 2022.

Charles Liao: The steed :hellworm: Apophis, 8 December 2022.

Aldous Antimony, the Abstruse Amateur of Absinthe: The steed :hellworm: Le Vers Galant, 9 December 2022.

Sunnytime: The steed :hellworm: Woerm of Sin, 12 December 2022.

Sleepless Dreamer: The steed :hellworm: Eiglay, 13 December 2022.

Anakhi: The steed :hellworm: Anomader, 26 December 2022.

Enail: The steed :hellworm: Snooticus, 2 January 2023.

Yehochanan: The steed :hellworm: Hellena, 7 January 2023.

R J Frogvarian: The steed :hellworm: Wröm, 17 January 2023.

Aldo Jackson: The steed :hellworm: Varangian Drak, 23 January 2023.

CarrONoir: The steed :hellworm: Arrow, 13 February 2023.

Tovius01 (via Reddit): Details pending, 13 February 2023.

Sylvin: The steed :hellworm: Windrider, 14 February 2023.

Tsar Koschei: The steed :hellworm: Iku-Turso, 20 February 2023.

Elderfleur: The steed :hellworm: Déjeuneige II, 28 February 2023.

Teddypimm: The steed :hellworm: A Fraction of Skeletal Glory, 6 March 2023 and :hellworm: Saddled & Briddled that same day.

It will take me a little while to track down known existing owners. Please be patient, or help me out by posting here or messaging me (especially if your Hellworm is currently ashamedly nameless!).

Now with grafs.

grafs temporarily suspended due to character limits

I believe the current count is more or less:
Hellworms: 82
Characters with Hellworms: 80
Players with Hellworms: 78
Saddles: 40
Bridles: 40
Boots: 5
Polish: 4

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There has been some discussion about creating an official Hellworm Club post on these forums. I am making the commitment that I am willing to maintain the membership rolls for this prestigious and exclusive organization. I have not made them commitment before now because I was not, myself, a member of this vaunted and respectable gathering, but to my great exuberance, as of half an hour ago that is no longer an impediment!

Demonstrating Membership

In order to have yourself placed on the list of this noteworthy and admired collection of individuals, please provide proof that you have been granted the privilege of associating with such a brazen and adorable violation of the Great Chain. Preferable is a link to your profile, showing either the noble steed on your mantlepiece or a journal echo of playtime, lunchtime, riding time, or whatever the heck the boots end up letting you do. Replying to this thread is preferred, but you can also send me a message.

I will try to sort membership by chronological order of acquiring the Companion, to the best of evidence that you provide. I will also annotate with accessories (Bridle & Saddle, Boots, ???) if you provide similar evidence of such items.

You must tell me your preferred name (may or may not be the same as your character’s name or your forum profile), as well as the preferred name of your Hellworm. Your Hellworm MUST have a name. It need not be named in-game (especially if it’s in the Transport slot), but you need to love and adore your Hellworm, which you can only do if you name it.

Thanks for starting this list, PSGarak, and congrats on the worm!

I got my worm on the 4th October, 2021 - took a screenshot which should include the date. If that doesn’t suffice, I echoed the result of a worm-exclusive milking branch on the 19th October. Alternatively, I added a range for the worm nightmares reduction to the wiki on the 5th October.

I saddled my worm on the 28th November, 2021.

Preferred name is just Alan, and my worm regrettably has no official name, since it’s currently a transport. Though, since Djane named her worm Alan, I suppose it would be just to call mine Djane.

[quote=alan.huang] Though, since Djane named her worm Alan, I suppose it would be just to call mine Djane.[/quote]Her profile is here and the date of her worm acquisition was the 18th October, 2021, per Discord timestamps.

Got worm on September 28th, 2021 (Discord).

Got saddle on November 23rd, 2021 (Discord), but you already got that.

Profile link Faber.

[quote=PSGarak]idyl: Very Own Miniature Hellworm, 25 December 2022.[/quote]While the worm is powerful, it has not allowed me to time travel, yet. I obtained it on Dec. 24, 2021, and its name is Shai-Hulud (of course), although I call it Wormy most of the time. A link to my profile, if you need that for the list: Fallen London

edited by idyl on 1/16/2022

Thanks to all of you for helping me fill out the membership of our noble and august gathering!

Faber, have you picked a name for your worm?

Antinomy, the Paradox Wyrm, was acquired on the 22nd of December! Was very pleased to add them to the gang.

Sorry, no. It is nameless.

Sorry, no. It is nameless.[/quote]
Do you want help coming up with one? I’ll give you some suggestions. But we’re not letting that li’l wiggler stay without a name.

You have the seniority to pick a &quotnameless&quot pun without copying another worm.

Got worm on the 17/9

Saddle on the 11/1

name of worm was Jörmun

profile: Fallen London
edited by derkatt on 1/18/2022

Just got my worm today (1/18)!

While it isn’t in the image, her name is Frances.
edited by TeaFiend5 on 1/18/2022

Got Envy on the fourth of January, absolutely precious.

Congratulations to the three of you, and welcome to our esteemed and venerable membership!

TeaFiend5: Do you have a profile link you want me to include? Apologies if that’s already in the link, I’m not on Discord, and just assuming links are what they say on the tin.

I’m going to have to figure out what to do about the Worms that haven’t been named yet. It’s unfathomable to me how such things occur. I may just have to start naming other people’s Hellworms myself.

[edit] And another joined our prestigious and renowned conspiracy while I was typing this! Welcome all!
edited by PSGarak on 1/18/2022

[quote=derkatt]Saddle on the 11/1[/quote]BTW, PSGarak, this is 11 January, 2022, not 1 November, 2021; it looks like the date format tripped you up slightly.

England has been causing Calendrical Confusion to those of us on the other side of the pond since well before the whole Refurbished Year thing. It’s perfectly reasonable to think that 17/9 might refer to the 9th day of Quindecimber, the 17th month of 1899.

[quote=PSGarak]England has been causing Calendrical Confusion[/quote] Since we’re on the topic, I might as well point out again that my worm was obtained Dec. 24, 2021, not 2022.

[quote=PSGarak]Congratulations to the three of you, and welcome to our esteemed and venerable membership!

TeaFiend5: Do you have a profile link you want me to include? Apologies if that’s already in the link, I’m not on Discord, and just assuming links are what they say on the tin.

I’m going to have to figure out what to do about the Worms that haven’t been named yet. It’s unfathomable to me how such things occur. I may just have to start naming other people’s Hellworms myself.

[edit] And another joined our prestigious and renowned conspiracy while I was typing this! Welcome all!
edited by PSGarak on 1/18/2022[/quote]

Oh, sure, I can include my profile. It’s Fallen London

Colin Sapherson presents his newest pet, Haldessian the hellworm, acquired 21 January 2022! Now available front on and in profile, expecting to be broken in to ride some point in 1899.

Just reached the beast: Fallen London