The Great Crate Commotion Returns!

Somewhere, a dirigible is missing its crates. Players with access to the Upper River can help ensure that these missing goods get into the right – or the wrong – hands, by delivering them to the Constables or the Revolutionaries. At the end of the event, a new Opportunity Card will be added to the Upper River deck, offering the chance to gain Favours with the faction that has amassed the most crates.

Well, FBG knew that we’ll all turn into smugglers so we need to pick between the Constable (Master’s puppets) or Revolutionaries (photophobic bunch). Noooice! :smiley:

EDIT: Hmmmm, Rev favours have a good cash in option in Jericho for those that reached The Hurlers! 2 Unlawful Devices for direct script or Rat Market for extra E and Thirsty Bombazine for Mammoth ranching!

Something, something revolution! :heartfl:


I knew I forgot something! Yes, the Great Crate Commotion is back, along with shiny new art!



Are there decent rewards this time or is it still just a waste of card draws?

Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but that’s basically what it came down to before.

You can get shot in the face by a box of poorly-manufactured firearms.

Related question: what social actions could push my wounds back below 8 without me needing to exit the current storylet?

We’ve made various adjustments to make things more profitable.

  • Failures on the event card checks now offer items
  • Check difficulties have been lowered across the board

This should bring the expected value of event participation up from the first run-through, and makes the lower bound in particular a decent chunk higher.


Ah, love the art! :slight_smile: The ingame icon isn’t that relevant when cut in half.

Help from an alt maybe.


  1. Waste scarce Hinterland scrips to get the crates.


  1. Attempt the difficult double challenge cards of the crate event, which likely results in failure.

Is the final payout, but more importantly, emotional satisfaction, really worth the trouble?

Also, I presume this is a recurring mini world event, similar to the Noughts vs Crosses skirmish, or hunting some creatures in the sea.

I agree, but this one has a nice vanity quality with an amazing description for 777!

Dirigible pilots unconsciously divert their flight paths around wherever you happen to be standing

Decent way to throw in some AP hoping that the Revolutionaries will win for a good Hinterlands card.

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Turn? Most of us have smuggled and done far worse things than smuggling already!

I think you’re right about this being a recurring event; I recall that we’ve already had one previous Crate Smuggling Event.

Maybe this time we’ll manage to oblitirate tyranny of Masters, overthrow the royal family and establish the first Soviet Socialist Republic of the Neath!

…probably not, but it’s worth the try.


I wonder at what point should I throw in the towel for supporting the constables since it is clear that the revolutionaries are going to win? I absolutely despise the revolutionaries and everything they stand for. I don’t want a card for them, but since it is a world quality, I guess I’ll be getting one even if I supported the losing cause. It’s unfortunate that there aren’t more factionalized outcome cards instead of a single outcome card as the result of these events, but I guess that would be a much more difficult mechanic to maintain. And I do enjoy that we at least get to have these events.


No! We must stand for Light and Law! And if we are supporting a losing cause, then at least we can say we believed in something greater than ourselves! And also that we tried to get the text for the Constables winning available for the wiki to archive.


Maybe this time we’ll manage to oblitirate tyranny of Masters, overthrow the royal family and establish the first Soviet Socialist Republic of the Neath!
…probably not, but it’s worth the try.

I don’t like the sound of trading bad for unconscionably worse. Not one bit.

The Emancipationists and Prehistoricists have no real need of explosives, and the Liberationists must not be allowed to gain them as they will be used to harm civilians in their quest for an entirely evil outcome.


I don’t like the Revolutionaries and you two make a very good argument. But I’m too caught up at the moment with Surface issues.
BUT on the next event, I will support the Constable. They need to prove they are capable of something even if it’s to the Masters.


I prefer siding with the Constables because of the items given, but the Revolutionaries are winning. Meh, whatever, two crappy factions to me.

PSA: If you genuinely are after the Crate event’s vanity quality, consider farming (researching) for Cartographer’s hoards at the University. Selling each Cartographer’s hoard yields 625 Hinterland scrips, which allows you to boost the vanity quality by 89 times (limited by your action points).

Much better than doing those stupid card challenges which usually results in failure. You want efficiency.

Edit: 625 Hinterland scrips, not 89.

Emancipationists are in direly need for explosives. “Only those Relovution is worth something which can defend itself”.
Liberationists obviously need some control of their actions, but explosives in their hands would not go amiss, either. And if they harm Masters, or Royal family, or even some bourgeoisie… well, individual terror can not bring revolution, but it can not named entirely fruitless, either.

“Step outside the lamp-light and London is an abyss of disease, poverty, despair…”
To stop this we are fighting for. Revolution will put the end thousands-years-old era of class societies and create the first Socialist societie of the Neath.


Did this end temporarily then come back? I swear I got the ‘End of the Matter’ sold a crate for scrip, but now I have the commotion back again.

Same thing happened to me.

Due to human error (that’s me, I’m the human error) the event briefly closed a day earlier than announced. You’re not crazy, it did end and then I reopened it again as soon as I noticed. Sorry to all who got caught out – it will close (for good this time) later today.