The Dullest Individual in Fallen London

We expect he’s going to become a sort of mascot for the Neath, soon–he’s so normal he’s abnormal, and people either find that admirable, or feel sorry for him.

Once he regains his practice, will Doctor Taupe-Wainscot be accepting new patients? A professional of discretion and decency would be appreciated, and he seems the type ;P

Good Lord; it’s [i]The Watchful Poker Chip of H. Matisse: Fallen London Edition.

[/i]As I recall you need to be a POSI to become a Doctor; I’d be more than happy to become the good doctor’s tutor for Watchful.
edited by Jack Vaux-Harrowden on 1/18/2014

I’m not sure a poker chip in one’s eye socket would even stand out in the Neath. “Sorrow-spider got you, eh? Give em hell, that’s the spirit!”

Part four is up - and now, I must sleep! I will return with more useful discussion in the morning.

This seems a good format. Deal with messages in the morning, go on ‘adventures’ during the main course of the day, and accept invitations to more personal events during the night?

The one issue I see with the progression of this is how such a mild, urbane gentleman is going to attain the requisite reputation for being a hard man that is needed around Watchmaker’s Hill for him to progress to being an Individual of Some Little Consequence.

Possibly he was an indifferent but nevertheless participatory member of the Boxing team, back in his collegiate days? Or, more than likely, word has gotten around the rookeries that 'e’s a doctor, innit? Probberly knows ‘is way aroun’ a scalpel right proper, eh? Wouldn’t mess wif ‘im, guv.’
edited by Amoury De Domremy on 1/19/2014

As you’ve no doubt noticed, progress has been slow so far - the doctor has very much been finding his feet, and many of the beginner’s cards are so suitably mundane as to warrant inclusion! I think updates shall gradually cover more time and development as we go on. As for the requirements for POSI status, well, I suspect I’ll have to spend some Fate there - though that does rather suit the doctor’s growing mystique as a man destined to great achievements in mundanity!

Most certainly! In fact, once he’s a little better set up, I’ll make sure that anyone who sends a request will have a Wounds treatment sent to them - doubly so once he’s fully re-established in his profession. And, speaking of social interactions, you may have noticed that some have been written into the story, and others I’m waiting to implement until I can make them fit. I’m trying not too have too great a glut of them at once, so if you’ve sent one and it hasn’t been accepted yet, please do keep it open and I’ll get to it when I can!

Oh, and offers of tutoring, second-chances, etc., would certainly be welcome. I don’t know whether the doctor boxes, but I imagine he played some sports at school, and wouldn’t be adverse to a friendly practice session - nor to attending to the health of someone in the seedier side of town, in a lurk-y suspicious-y sort of way.

A good thought! I can lump social actions around the morning and evening posts, unless there’s some pressing reason to do otherwise.
edited by Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook on 1/19/2014

A chess-game seems more in the spirit of things. We’ll write an invitation up quickly before we go to bed.

We don’t mean to nag (yes we do: but in the politest sense possible), but have you given up on this particular venture?

I most certainly haven’t! Interest seemed to drop off after doing four updates in five days, so I figured I’d give it a little time and let people catch up in their own time. Plus, I’ve been a trifle under the weather and needed to clear my head, both literally and figuratively. But, I daresay it’s time to pick it up again…

Excellent! We hope you will be feeling well again soon, and look forward to the continued adventures of Mr. Taupe-Wainscot! And now, a round of applause.


Oh. I was quietly watching. I will declare interest. continues staring at the page of words, waiting for more

Likewise. This is a lot of fun to read through.

Please see attached my chit for declaration of continued interest.

Oh my word, this is wonderful. Poor, poor Mundane Man and his first taste of honey.

I am hereby declaring my continued interest. I am, however, not sending further invitations until the ones I have sent have been used, because I don’t want the good doctor to end up buried under a pile of mail (although it would be fun, now that I think of it). I love your writing style!

The doctor is a lover of cats? Well, I know where my next box shall be sent. If anyone has a starveling cat they don’t need, that would be even better.[li]
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Also waiting with bated breath for the next installment! Sorry, I’m one of those silent appreciators.

Theminimanx, I have just sent you one of the horrible beasts! D— thing appeared one day and has been spraying all over my new Sanctum.
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Excellent! Now to find a good excuse to know about the doctor’s love of cats.[li]
And it’s away!
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