The Dullest Individual in Fallen London

The role of the Doctor and Notary professions in the last Sacksmas got me thinking - just how far could one progress with a character who never got involved in the schemes of the Bazaar, or, indeed, did anything adventurous or noteworthy at all? Who never fought spider-councils, or uncovered the secrets of the Correspondence, or did anything more exciting than carrying out their mundane professional duties, and exchanging a few words with the gossipy urchin on the corner? What storylines could they actually follow - and just how much Fate would they have to spend to become a Person of Some Importance? Handily, there’s plenty of equipment that suits civilian purposes - suits and hats, canes and watches and glasses, landaus and city clubs.

For instance, I’m imagining someone like… say… the Pabulous Physician. He came to Fallen London to take a post at St Nathaniel’s, but was briefly inconvenienced by an awkward case involving mistaken identity, a traffic infraction and a runaway donkey. He wears a regular, un-menacing topper, a morning-suit, and some very shiny shoes. He lives in a well-appointed townhouse and lunches at the Parthenaeum, and his ambition is to grow even better sidewhiskers than Mr Pooter next door’s. He prescribes tonics and regular exercise, and thinks that what London could really use more of is less bats.

It sounds like the sort of completely average fellow who, by the force of sheer fate guided luck, bumbled his way into fame, fortune, and the inner workings of the world; all without being at all aware of any of it. He blithely goes about his day as spies observe him (believing he possesses untold secrets), men emulate his fashion (as they see him as a social icon), and all other manner of events sway at his slightest movement without him ever being the wiser.

This needs to be a fan-fiction.

Put it that way, it would make a grand Let’s Play project - though it would take a bit of planning to progress fast enough and with enough variety to stay within parameters while keeping it interesting!

Fate’s guiding hand keeps many of us out of the more, interesting, sections that life has to offer. Like a Choose Your Own Adventure book where the story is supposed to be about dashing adventure on the high seas but you choose the path that makes you the clerk that the adventurers visit every so often to sell their loot to.

The Let’s Play project sounds fun, but probably it’ll have to be a screenshot + text one. Maybe a roleplayed one like this? Not enough Fire Emblem on the forums!

[quote=Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook]Put it that way, it would make a grand Let’s Play project - though it would take a bit of planning to progress fast enough and with enough variety to stay within parameters while keeping it interesting![/quote]If you did this, I would read it. And make my character available, should yours wish to discuss perturbations in the bond market over dinner.

We’d make our character available as well–though we might try to trick him into becoming briefly involved in matters somewhat more exciting. A hint of lacre in a meal, or a cat hidden away in a box. You know the sort.

((What we mean by this is that, if we’re involved, we might send Social Actions which appear to be harmless on the surface, but which might cause rather more serious repercussions as a result. We’d try to avoid anything that would start an entire storyline, obviously, but it’d be difficult to continue this if all your character did was sit around eating lunch.))

This sounds like an absolutely grand idea - especially the way you put it. I’ve seen similar Let’s Plays in games - a character trying to be an average citizen in Skyrim, and so on. Anyway, I’d love to see it, if you do decide to do anything with this.

As for tone: You could narrate everything in the &quotgrumpy old man&quot voice and tone. &quotBack in the day we had none of this humbuggery.&quot Something similar to Clint Eastwood in the early parts of the movie Gran Torino.

As for format: I think a blog with occasional updates might work out the best, whenever the character runs across something he/she detests.

As for Destiny: I suppose helping out all the other regular people close by when the lights suddenly go out would be in-character.
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When London was stolen he just shook his head and said &quotI’m having none of this underground tomfoolery.&quot and went about his life exactly as he had when he was still above ground.

Yes, yes, yes to everything on this thread. Please keep me posted and let me know how I can help.

Please do this. I would love to see this unfold.

I see what you did there. Very nice.

I would follow this character’s story. And perhaps send him the occasional “present”.

You all make this project rather tempting! Tell you what: I’ve had a few busy weeks, with real-world professional concerns, but I’m taking this week a bit easy… tomorrow I’ve got my brother’s FL tabletop game, but after that, I’ll make a start on the Pabulous Physician’s adventures!

I see what you did there. Very nice.[/quote]

And we all know what Grossmith thought of doctors!

I’d like to do anything I can to help as well.

Dear Sir Frederick,[li]

Your idea is impeccable and without flaw.


At least I won’t have to raise him =)

Alright, the first chapter of the nonadventures of Doctor Taupe-Wainscot, the Pabulous Physician, can be read on FrillyShirt! So far, it’s an introduction to the character and the conceit of the story, and his run through the tutorial. His first steps in the city proper shall follow!