The Dullest Individual in Fallen London

Eagerly awaiting the next installment, dear sir.[li]

Wonderful! We shall be making contact shortly.

EDIT: Contact has been made. We hope that is suitable for your needs; if not we can write something better.[li]
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This is excellent.

Magnificent! I look forward to the good doctor’s exploits in the future.

Part two is now up - sincere thanks to all who so kindly assisted the doctor in finding his feet! Next episode: Taupe-Wainscot enjoys the tail end of Christmastime in Fallen London, discovers the risks of breakfast, and writes a sternly-worded letter.

This is really great.

Thank you! I’m really glad people are enjoying reading it.

We absolutely love this method. It’s a community project as much as it is a Let’s Play. Your writing and your character binds everything together, gives it purpose and sets the story, and the readers add to it with these ‘gifts.’ The poor doctor’s reaction to the rats was absolutely wonderful, as was the small improvisation that came after receiving the jewellery box.

Absoballylutely amazing.

This is fantastic :heart: Looking forward to reading the next installment!

I love it. Let’s find out how I can “help” the good doctor…

Godspeed you magnificent bastard. This is one of the greatest videogame diaries/journals ive read in ages. Keep up the good work!

I’m enjoying the blog posts very much! For starters my character sent some in-game “help” in form of an encrypted letter, but if you need more pecific actions (Games of chess, coffees and Caligula’s… Possibly Sparring Bouts? Does the good doctor dabble in the Noble Art?) just let me know ^^

Part three is here! I only made it so far as the end of breakfast in this update - the rest of the day’s adventures shall follow. If I haven’t made use of your contribution yet, rest assured I shall when it fits best into the narrative! And rest similarly assured that the doctor’s opinions do not reflect my own.
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Another excellent entry. I’m very pleased with the RNG regarding the surprise packages, and that the good doctor appreciated my correspondence!

It’s also nice that SM9 has a new friend on whom to bestow his murine affection.
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I am afraid the doctor will think my Parthenia far too forward in her friendliness. It’s a pity, since she really means well.

These are so good. Looking forward to the next entry!

What a marvelous story! One of the best I’ve read in a long time, for certain.

Only one thing bothers me a bit - with all those letters, the good doctor has barely enough time to do anything meaningful. Most of Part 3 consisted of him sitting by his desk, reading correspondence.

On the other hand, maybe that’s exactly what the Dullest Individual in Fallen London should be doing for the better part of his day.

It would seem the good doctor’s rat stockpile shall continue to grow.

Quite the notable arrival! You’re shaping up to be the Chauncey Gardener of Fallen London.

I like to think that the good doctor exudes so much normalcy that he is becoming a bit of a celebrity among the Northbound, Correspondence-singed, Mirror-marched, Vake-hunting, Hell-faring, Death-defying and otherwise utterly and irredeemably abnormalized citizens of the Neath. “Egads!”, they say, “he called her Victoria! Doesn’t he know…?” or “Goodness mine, look at him and Mr Sacks! He has no clue at all!”