The City in Silver

There is a light so bright that you can, for a moment, see the colours of the roof of the Neath – not grey or brown, but white and rust-red and a pale streaked blue like the early morning sky. In a few minutes, the light dims, just a little. A new city is cooling, like molten glass pulled from the forge.

The City in Silver is the final epilogue of the Railway story arc. It’s a new location with a new activity and a new story, free to all players and available after completing the Railway and Furnace’s story. And it’s out right now!

Visit the newly-risen city in the deep Hinterlands and see how the tracklayers are doing. Reach out to the mind of a chthonic entity. Dig deeper into the Creditor’s story – and when you’re done, return to the city and observe its continued development.

To get started, look for a storylet in Moloch Street. Then visit the city and begin to explore.

Read more – including a detailed FAQ – on our blog:


I skipped the FAQs for now, but I must say this new Fate-story concept sounds nice:


I just want to say how much I love that the Barmaid from Neath! has a character portrait now. At least I assume this is her? There’s a certain resemblance.

EDIT: and farewell to Emily Short! She was always one of my favourite writers.


Farewell, Em! Thank you for your wonderful work!

And, that is 100% Cassie. Wonderful to see her again!



I’m not that far along yet, I don’t think, but I love this! It really feels like the city we were trying to build, something strange and wonderful, the ideals and the practical work to fulfill them, the little echoes of me all around, the way it’s something totally different from me, the threat of the Creditor’s unhappiness with the choice I made… It’s everything I would have wanted it to be. And there seems to be a lot of content! I haven’t tried the new-style Fate stuff yet, but I like the idea of more affordable story+mechanical Fate content, and I just happen to have enough Fate for all of them, so I’m excited about that too.

Thank you so much to Emily Short for this and everything you’ve done for Fallen London. We will miss you!


The Tracklayer City has a new header pic.


Really enjoying the city so far. I’ve stalled a bit down the main plot when I hit this new stat.
I’m also curious if Killing the drownie dismisses its fate locked card permenantly. I worked hard to have the Bazaar in my debt, but also a source of Cedar Sap is not to be sniffed at.

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It was always my intention to send my uppity workforce into Hell, and while that didn’t come to pass sending them into Station VIII is arguably the worse fate anyway. I am glad I got to damn SOMEBODY to Hell though, even if the Grey Man is arguably more of a phenomena than a person


After connecting City to rail network 0 actions move option disappers. Just why?!


I am a bit confused about what to do in the Tracklayer City, the basic non-Fate stuff.

Raise Prosperity, lower Waning, talk to the person in charge of the city (mine is Cornelius) now and then, is that all? Any carousel mechanics or irreversible decision points?

And some storyline-driven trigger points e.g. I saw the strange man with the wolf.

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As you build up your familiarity with the city through the basic actions, you’ll encounter more of those storyline points and unlock more decisions to make.

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Did you find any advantage to doing it, in the end?

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About the four Fate-locked Vignettes: how much of the relevant stats (Glasswork/Mithridacy etc.) is required to 100% succeed the respective challenges?

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I find it funny that taking the train between the City and its host location (Balmoral in my case) now takes an action once you’ve built the spur-line, when walking the distance between them used to be a free action (which is no longer available). Is this going to be streamlined any time soon, or should I break out the hillmovers?


It’s especially funny when you consider the emphasis placed on the distance and time you spend walking, while that costs zero actions.


I have a question about the flavour text of a certain interaction in the city’s story:

When first communing with the Creditor and telling him I was generous with the bail I also got the sentence “Not only that, but you offered some of your own personal wealth, in magnificent abandon.” at the end of the first paragraph.

Does that vary by how much Scrip the player character gave up at a certain moment in the Railway story?

I know I burnt the greatest amount of Scrip that the wiki said was relevant for flavour text back when the bail was repaid, over 12.5k I think it was.


My thoughts exactly! I didn’t notice until I wanted to run over to the nearby union office to lower tracklayer displeasure.

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Having tried one of the Fate options, honestly, I found it a little underwhelming. I was expecting the story aspect to be more than just a single thing of text, I assumed it would be a miniature story or a short series of little encounters. Four of those would be much less satisfying than a single story of about that total length and with even a small amount of player action. In the future, I think I’ll probably steer away from the smaller Fate expenditures for things with a bit more content.

Everything else is fantastic, though! Except I really can’t decide if building the spur would be worth it, given that it adds an extra action cost to traveling there. Seems like a strange choice for something that you have to put extra work into creating over the default.


uh, piling insults on HexBeloved on top of your weird rant about the devs is really not a good look dude. Just lay off it