Seasonal Event: All Hallow's Eve (Halloween)

Nitebrite - the only non-POSI way of reducing making waves that I know of is to get into the Cave of the Nadir. At least that will set off Time the Healer.

Sounds like there are some interesting things to be had from the Fate locked choice, can anyone give me some idea of how much fate is needed for these. Don’t want to open up the devil story and then find out there is something I would like but not have enough Fate.

I expect everybody knows but a tip for changing your Airs of London is to go to Spite and Rob a Drunk.

I’m gently baffled once more. I had this option last night, now no more.
I’ve making waves 3. Hum.

It locks at Nightmares 7, so it should show up if you reduce them.

(Keep knowing everything, it’s useful.)

I’m a Whizzard.

There is one thing I don’t know about though; the Lorn-Flukes! Namely where the heck else they’re mentioned besides the current Hallowmas event. Trying to do a specific google search for &quotLorn-Flukes&quot just got me something about corn flakes and Jethro Tull.
Maybe I should go poke at Flute Street some more. Hm.

Jethro Tull like seed-drill or like Aqualung? 'cause if it’s the latter, I have a lot of songs to rewrite to be about Rubbery Men.

Draw your own conclusions.

Also I have to say Alexis this is one hell of a metagame you’ve got going on here. How’d you get Kelloggs on board?

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Also I have to say Alexis this is one hell of a metagame you’ve got going on here. How’d you get Kelloggs on board?[/quote]
[color=#009900]with the recipe for Rubbery Lumps.[/color]

Deep-sea monster roasted in well-water is part of a healthy balanced diet.

Also it seems like the Hallowmas story locks at Making Waves 11 or at Nightmares 7. Don’t get too spooked or too famous!

Its really hard not to get too famous! I need those second chances D:

The 5-action “Lock yourself indoors” thing that reduces MW and Nightmares would actually almost be useful for that! …except it’s under Attracting Attention at Hallowmas as well, so it disappears if you cross the threshold. welp!

ah, that would indeed be useful. It’s a shame, here I was scheming up harebrained plots of how to get to 77 making waves for hallowmas, but now that there’s both an upper cap on MW for the story and no good way to bleed it off if its too high… I dunno if I want to proceed in the attempt anymore.

Edit: (I do)
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[color=#009900]The good news for all concerned is that the Hallowmas storylet is easier to get into now. When we soft-release content we generally make it harder to find initially so that any giant bugs will be spotted before they get too far into the wild.[/color][li]

[quote=Alexis Kennedy][quote=Spacemarine9]
Also I have to say Alexis this is one hell of a metagame you’ve got going on here. How’d you get Kelloggs on board?[/quote]
[color=rgb(0, 153, 0)]with the recipe for Rubbery Lumps.[/color][color=rgb(0, 153, 0)][/quote][/color][li][color=rgb(0, 153, 0)]
[color=#ffffff]This made me laugh so hard I nearly choked. Dear lord, I can’t wait for the adverts on that one. [/color]
[color=#ffffff]Also, RE: Ms Ciel + Fate[/color]
[color=#ffffff]The only fate-locked option I’ve encountered was priced at 2. It did involve devils, so I assume it’s the one you’re thinking of. Be warned, at Watchful 168+48 I had I believe a 51% chance at success. I failed, too, unfortunately. Which is something that grinds my gears I must say, that the fate is still deducted even if you use a second chance—thus the fate is spent and even the failure text unavailable. I knew that would happen, but I do wonder if this is something that ought to be assessed. I look forward your input, Alexis, if you’re in a forthcoming mood. [/color]
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Help for a given value of &quothelp&quot.

I feel as if I’m being lured into a whirlpool of mystery and misery with another of Alexis’ puzzles, so I’m going to step away.

Simply because it’s time for bed. Ta-ta! Hope the other Lorn-Flukes reference gets dug up by the time I wake.

Oh, and the Echo Bazaar tweeted &quotHallowmas! Who will see their fate in the flames when the Fingerkings flee?&quot Awesome. Looking forward to the possibility of meeting the Fingerkings and finding out why they’d flee. I’ve only heard third party references but never actually met one yet.

Yep, I failed the fate-locked option too and I don’t see it available for a second try. Does failure lock you out, or is it something else?

Lady Red, I haven’t played the Fate-locked option but I can’t see it either. Maybe all the options depend on Airs now.

I can see a new option though - Echoes of Christmas that opens with Putting the Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre 2.

Boy am i glad i saved up nine buckets of Lacre if there’s an option that needs Taste of Lacre
Though I can’t see it at the minute, time to cycle Airs values

You don’t need buckets, just the quality.

Yeah, but I can use the buckets to get the quality!