Protégés Seeking Patrons (Only protégés need post)

Greetings. Delicious friends.
The Mercurial Traveller has seemingly found a home in the rapture and bedlam of London. He is recovering from his louche escapades and is now looking to find friends and perhaps a mentor. Whatever the luck of the draw, he is planning to face his destiny with a raffish wink and grin.
The Mercurial Traveller Profile

Watchful 69
Shadowy 60
Dangerous 70
Persuasive 79

((Hello! I’m new to the game and would love to find a mentor and maybe some friends to do the social actions and maybe RP with. So far I’m still in the early game of figuring out what I want to do. I hope to hear from you and start a wonderful friendship ^_^))

Riddle: “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

Edit: I have received a patron, thank you everyone!

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Hi, my character Thyme Larkin is in want of a patron, ideally one that can help with Shadowy.

Watchful 62
Shadowy 42
Dangerous 58
Persuasive 64

I’m new to the game and just looking for help with progression. Little-to-no interest in RP.

EDIT: Pennies2 has taken Thyme on as a protege. Thank you!

Sorry about that they should be available to accept. I forgot to leave the lab after spending my actions

milifilou is an insightful and perilous individual of indistinct gender
this citizen has recently been found embroiled in ever worsening menaces, due to efforts in information gathering currently being hampered by a distinct lack of cunning.

W: 76
S: 48
D: 60
P: 63

Dana Staircase, a crafty and intriguing individual of mysterious and indistinct gender new to the game, seeks patronage in the shadowy arts as they blunder incompetently through the travails of master thief-dom (currently 4) with marvelously insufficient stats, deeply unfounded confidence, and a willingness to gather or purchase a frankly unreasonable number of Rats on String for the topsy king’s assistance in matters of suspicion.

Watchful 29
Shadowy 54
Dangerous 24
Persuasive 34

[Edit] Thank you Dess Alistair for your patronage!

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ford-prefect, an inescapable, sagacious, terrifying and lethal individual seeks patronage in the shadowy arts :dotted_line_face: and maybe friend for the future fights. :facepunch:
Working as a Rat-Catcher during the day :hocho: :rat: and spends the night in The Blind Helmsman :beers:.

Thank you for your help. I was able to advance and have now increased all my attributes above 100. :grinning:

Lamil seeks patronage in the persuasive or watchful(preferably) arts…
Watchful 83
Dangerous 64
Persuasive 70
Shadowy 60

My current endeavors are putting me in an awkward position. I simply find myself not as inconspicuous as I hoped. And I’m getting tired of persuading the Constables to abandon their unsubstantiated doubts about my innocence! :eyesfl:
Perhaps there is an Invisible Eminence willing to spend a few evenings with me, showing me the flaws of my technique? I would greatly appreciate such Patronage.
—Alyria Messmer—
| W53 S46 D59 P75 |

[edit] Patron found, thank you!

Hello, I’m back to Fallen London after over a year(!) away, and excited to get back into things. My username is also Anelya over there, and my stats are as follows:

Watchful: 78
Shadowy: 83
Dangerous: 80
Persuasive: 101

I am honestly struggling with getting everything other than Persuasive to 100, but especially Watchful! Help along those line would be super appreciated! :slight_smile:

What else can I say? I got back into Fallen London after spending about 5 days straight playing Mask of the Rose :grin: I got back into Sunless Sea earlier this year, and now in-between playing Fallen London I’m obsessing over Sunless Skies. In Fallen London, I plan to follow the Journalist set of Professions, and my Ambition is Heart’s Desire.

Favourite Riddle: (What does it say about me that I actually have 2 files of my favourite riddles handy? :see_no_evil:) With thieves I consort, With the vilest, in short, I’m quite at ease in depravity; Yet all divines use me, And savants can’t lose me, For I am the center of gravity. What am I?
(Not gunna lie, I think my list was from when I was like 15 and I dunno if this is still a favourite of mine…)

Edit: I’m over 100 in each stat, so I don’t need a patron anymore!

Calypso Cyclamen, a devious and intriguing individual of mysterious and indistinct gender, seeks legitimately any stat-based support as a new player to the game, who has played for less than a week. My goals (as far as I can tell) are to ultimately become a Rat-Catcher to accompany my Ambition to Bag a Legend!

  1. Watchful 39
  2. Shadowy 39
  3. Dangerous 32
  4. Persuasive 39

I’m uncertain what else to post about myself? I’ve seen others post about role-play, and I’m afraid I would be dreadfully not good at that, so maybe not that? But I’m happy to chat with a patron if they’d like! Or not at all, if that would be preferable! I honestly have no idea how interacting with other players works in this game. Hm… I guess, so far, I love blemmigans! I can say that for sure.

I must say, I don’t think I have a favourite riddle, although as a Dungeon Master for DnD, I do love puzzles and things akin to riddles, but a little more practical? I recently had my players find a wall in some ruins that had symbols you could only see in a mirror. One player had to look in the mirror and describe the symbols and what happened with them to the other players, while the other players had to cast opposite magic on the symbols - so fire magic on a water symbol, healing magic on a skull symbol, radiant magic on a ghost symbol, etc. When all symbols were activated, a secret magic wall opened to let them through.

Edit: As all my stats are now 100 (with the exception of Watchful at 98), I shall no longer be in need of a patron.

Alice Aforethought - an inescapable, sagacious and breathtaking lady, newly returned to The Neath after a conspicuous 8 year absence.

Much has changed since I was last resident in the Neath, so many new faces. Many of my old acquaintances have disappeared,I’m somewhat alone and my memory of what went before is muddled; why am I holding this blunderbuss?

I would simply adore a patron who could reacquaint me with all of the goings on, both noble and nefarious. Are you looking for someone to make a dreadful scene at your next society function? Or are you simply looking for some engaging and esteemed company in the murky underbelly of the city? Look no further dear traveller,

My vitals are:

Watchful - 98
Shadowy - 37
Dangerous - 45
Persuasive - 93

As you may see, I’m as bright as a button, but circumstances compel me to develop more unconventional skills. Perhaps you can help?

Otherwise I’m open to regular or occasional correspondence from potential friends and frenemies alike.

I’m really more of a riddle solver, so I shan’t pass on another’s puzzle as my own, but I’ll impart my own personal mantra.

Be good … but if you can’t be good, be dreadful.

EDIT - I’ve rather got along by myself these last few months and now have no need of a patron. I am however able to help you darling little things become more persuasive. If you’re in need of lessons, do reach out.

It’s been a long time away - memory fades, time heals, and a reckoning was dealt. But London, beautiful as she is, always calls you back. I’ve a new account, and could definitely benefit from a patron, especially in the shadowy arts.

IGN: Sarah Saharan
76 Watchful
44 Shadowy
58 Dangerous
61 Persuasive

Edit: I’ve since outgrown the need for mentors; thank you all very much for your assistance!

Anyone who hasn’t, please verify your email. Its needed for social actions now. In fact, even if you have, please check it again. I d seen the email in my spam but ignored it as I use mine to log in with but still had to verify it. Until I did, my contacts had vanished.!

IGN - Fleglet
Watchful 101
Shadowy 72
Dangerous 70
Persuasive 83

looking for a patron to assist with shadowy or dangerous persuits.

Greetings, fair citizens. I have only just arrived in London recently, and it had occurred to me that I may find it prudent to seek the assistance of those who call the Neath home. I seek Patrons of all varieties, that I may more easily adapt to my new life below.

IGN: Caius Tremere

Watchful: 56
Shadowy: 39
Dangerous: 48
Persuasive: 54

It appears as though a kind Patron of Paramount Presence has answered my call. I no longer require a mentor. However, I am more than willing to make acquaintance.

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Fallen London -jack walker, patreon of the arts of persuasion, would love to teach you his ways. send a calling card when you are able.

Hello, Delicious Patrons! I’m called Dr. Yudrig, and I require the services of a kind fellow of the… slippery variety. Despite having spent some time now in great Fallen London, I can’t seem to get the gist of skulking about unmolested. The d___ed constables seem to have it out for me!

IGN: Yudrig
Watchful - 113
Shadowy - 78
Dangerous - 98
Persuasive - 112