Protégés Seeking Patrons (Only protégés need post)

W: 61

S: 39

D: 63

P: 53

The Good Doctor is running into a little bit of of a roadblock when it comes to being unseen. (It appears one too many blows to the head from dueling the Black Ribboners has left him a little punch-drunk). Obviously, any mentor would be helpful, but he’s mainly searching for an Invisible Eminence. Would one be so kind to show themselves before he hurts himself blundering about in the Flit looking for what cannot be found?

A Concerned Second Party

Good day to all. I am going around the Fallen London loop pnce again in the company of neophyte character Mister_Hyde. He is suffering fro a grave want of those attribute most important in progressing as you can see:

Watchful: 28
Shadowy: 22
Dangerous: 44
Persuasive: 27

and so we are seeking Patronage for one and all of those key characteristics to help him advance. He is fully aware of the responsiibities that a good Protege has to his Patron, so please can anyone assist in this?

Best wishes,

Oy lads, there are people i heard can mingle in with the shadows like milk in a lady’s tea. In know my way around Spite mind you, but there is still the occasional passageway and streets unknown to me and useful for… gents of the trade like you and i. Me fingers are old but agile. i say, we share 70/30 - you get the big pile of course. So be my patron, hey ?

Watchful: 44
Shadowy: 57
Dangerous: 42
Persuasive: 26

EDIT: found a somebody. still seeking friends for delightful evenings of Architectural debate.
EDIT2: old age is getting the best o’me. i don’t seek any more aquaintances as i wait for death to come take me back up there… care for the urchins for me.

I am who they call Many o’9.
Though i do not possess anymore faces than i do, the masks are interchangeable.

I would like to not only meet a patron but also some friends with whom to share my tales of woe and wonder.

EDIT: No longer in Need of a Patron!

My lovely Name-Seeker, Charlotte is lacking in her skills. Training would be much appreciated.

Watchful: 71
Shadowy: 58
Dangerous: 38
Persuasive: 82

Above, I leveraged rumor of royal blood to open doors and ears in the shadowy and forbidden places I explored; in the half-lit alleys and smokey halls below, I am called Gyrvaltos and none know my designs.

I seek a patron in Danger and Shadow. I am new, but I am an amiable companion and quick learner.
Watchful 61
Shadowy 31
Dangerous 19
Persuasive 30

Violence and crime are only tools for reaching my objectives; I seek to unlock the great hidden mysteries and will pursue any path to achieve them. When I can, I have sympathy for the struggle of others because I walk a razor’s edge and one day I may pray for mercy too, but I have care to never appear weak or predictable.

Username: Stjerneskibet

A seeker seeking guidance in other aspects of life. One prefers to observe and solve the riddles of the neat, but has realised the need for more experienced guidance in general. To be a great detective one seems to also have to master the brutal and shadowy dealings.

Watchful 107

Shadowy 51

Dangerous 69

Persuasive 76

At your service good noble.
I hate to intrude but, well… let’s just say that I’ve only recently arrived in town and find myself short of friends. I’ll admit the city is a bit cold to strangers. I’ve heard you described in certain quarters as one who would help a new arrival find their feet, in return for… certain recompense. You watch my back and I’ll watch yours, as they say. I may not be much more than an ear to the ground currently, but helping a man up today means he can fight beside you tomorrow, you know.
My card. I hope to hear from you shortly.

___________________________________ DECAYING
Discretely removing any inconvenient
razorblades from the candyfloss of life.

Dangerous - 76
Persuasive - 61
Shadowy - 57
Watchful. - 65

Nnnnnn-gt-vvv at your service, good folk; a visitor to your fine city, late of Yuggoth.

Watchful: 40
Shadowy: 27
Dangerous: 21
Persuasive: 44

I do tend to prefer the discursive approach to life, but then again it is important for one to be well-rounded. I think I should greatly enjoy cultivating a patronage in any skill.

People always ask me after they start to get to know me: what are you doing with your life?
Anyways, enough about me, it’s time for roleplaying British people; but worse.
I’m looking for a patron in Shadowy. Now, I’m about to share some private stuff about me… So don’t read it or tell anyone unless you’re serious about this relationship.
Watchful 52
Shadowy 44
Dangerous 54
Persuasive 68
Help a poor soul in search of a…bigger, more magnanimous poor soul…

I noticed your call, and I have come to heed it. Would you care to learn about the art of Watchfulness? I have plenty of knowledge to give…

I’m something of a horror fan, and I am looking for some help with my character’s Shadowy stat to help progress the MYN and Light Fingers stories.

My character is a disgraced academic-turned-spy who fled from the world above after being framed for treason (said character is also absolutely not based on a piece of fiction that my username also references. No suspiciously-specific denial here.). Even after being betrayed by colleagues, they feel some sense of responsibility toward the well-being of others, though whether that’s more due to their own beliefs or the desire to compensate for the lack of control of their own situation is unclear. They also have a puckish streak and a flair for the dramatic.

The (alleged) diamond in Light Fingers poses less of an interest to this person than the contact’s other potential connections, and a gut feeling that something seems off about the situation over all.

My base stats as of 01/04/23 are
Watchful 62
Shadowy 48
Dangerous 43
Persuasive 41

My favorite riddle is a bit long, (and is technically actually three) but here it is:

You dream that you are trapped in a room containing four walls, a calendar, an antique piano, an old European-style bed, and a sturdy, locked door.

Lying on the bed is a note detailing what you need to do in order to leave the room and wake up from the dream: you must find food to eat, water to drink, and acquire the key to your escape.

How are you getting out?

Cute protégé looking for loving patron.

I’m currently roleplaying a rambunctious and romantic writer. Fairly new to Fallen London so fairly new to all these game processes.

My stats:
Watchful - 72
Shadowy - 7
Dangerous - 8
Persuasive - 51


Silver tongue dock worker looking for a Patron.

My stats:
Watchful 74
Shadowy 67
Dangeous 82
Persuasive 116

Looking to get guidance on Shadow if possible. If not other areas are good as well.

I am closest to Society so rubble rabble need not burden themselves with this effort.

Corwardly parisher looking for a Patron or Persons of Some Importance: Caballero Negro

Watchful 86
Shadowy 81
Dangerous 79
Persuasive 107

Looking mainly for somebody to take my Making Waves, and also for any kind of social interaction: I want to see the text of social slights and “treacheries” (e.g.: study of nightmares, etc…), and also I am interested to see the Paramount Presence tutor text.

Dr. UARTman is in dire need of Shadowy tutelage so that they may establish a reputation in Spite.

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Greetings. An individual by the name of Alis Meredeth is seeking knowledge in all areas. Prospective patrons are advised to send their letters via a messenger who is unafraid of muck, as the good doctor is secluded in the marshes.

Watchful 81
Shadowy 66
Dangerous 67
Persuasive 75

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Greetings fellow dwellers of the Neath, a simple man by the name of Cubky is looking for a patron to provide secret knowledge of the various nooks and crannies. You can find me at my lodgins in Smoky Flophouse Dormitory.

W: 21
S: 5
D: 40
P: 5

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@NearlyDave seeks a patron in watchful or shadowy to help advance in the great game.

W 82 S 72 D74 P78

Most generous Patrons of the Prosaic

I have just begun my journey in Fallen London this very week and am lacking in all things, including wisdom, advice, contacts, direction, goals, and skills. My current meager stats are:

Watchful 17
Shadowy 20
Dangerous 24
Persuasive 19

I would be grateful for whatever aid might be offered and eager to repay my debts however I might. Please direct all inquires to one Saric.

Riddle: They come out at night without being called, and are lost in the day without being stolen. What are they?

Edit: A Kai Drakovir has graciously taken me as a student of the Shadowy arts. As my knowledge of Patrons and Proteges is as lacking as all else I’m not sure if I should close this inquiry or not.

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