Protégés Seeking Patrons (Only protégés need post)

Greetings to anyone who’s taken the time to read this, currently Reayac has 74 shadowy, 80 watchful, 75 dangerous, and 92 persuasive. A patron in dangerous or shadowy would be greatly appreciated. As to riddles? I must confess I do not bear any great fondness for them.
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A Patron? A SHADOWY or DANGEROUS PATRON? For Me!? oh yes, yes please!
I have
Watchful 73
Shadowy 37
Dangerous 37
Persuavsive 66

A riddle?
What goes up, but never comes down?
What goes in, but never goes around?
What is heavy, unless its light?
What will kill you, if you put up a fight?

Good day, dear sirs, ladies, and assorted otherlings. Being but very young in the world of the Neath, my poor character remains remarkably pathetic in every area. Viz.,

Watchful: 13
Shadowy: 15
Dangerous: 15
Persuasive: 27
I have been informed that a patron is the way forward; and, given that I have excellent supplements to all but Watchful, I think that would be the ideal place to start, if any would be so helpful. If any are willing, I thank you many times over.
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Deets first:
W-- 86
S-- 56
If you’re good at math, you can see my lower numbers are s&d, which is where I’d like a little … Hand.
Me: according to legend, I’m sagacious and lethal, which I think means I’ll wisely smoke your ass if you look at me in a way I don’t prefer at the moment. Of course, I’m a Gemini, and thus I am my own riddle, which means my choose your own adventure always keeps it’s finger in the previous page. Sound intriguing? Your probably drunk- so am I. Patronize me. It’s a turn on. Unless of course, it isn’t.

Having recently finished with the patronage of the generous streetfelineblu, I am now primarily seeking the teachings of the PERSUASIVE, but also the DANGEROUS and SHADOWY.

Watchful: 129 (there was copious usage of certain talkative creatures)
Shadowy: 75
Dangeorus: 58
Persuasive: 82

Stockpiling menace reduction requests and helping in other ways are certainly options.

What is the beginning of eternity,
the end of time and space;
the beginning of every end
and the end of every place?[li]

Just posting here in an attempt to contact my potential Patron, because I cannot find him on the forums and he’s out of London at the moment. It appears that once you’ve started the journey to PoSI-dom, the option to find a Patron vanishes. Sorry, Ian Thompson. Looks like you’ll have to find another protege.

I began my journey to be a POSI, but I don’t have 100 in everything, I used equipment bonuses. Recently a tutor contacted me, I thought it would work, but it does. Even if I don’t have the option to look for a tutor, she can still teach me (until I reach 100, I guess).

I’m still seeking a kind patron to help me elevate my persuasiveness from 80 upwards. You can find me here:

First the riddle…[li]

What gets longer when pulled, fits between breasts and slides nicely into a hole?

I am looking for a patron to assist me with my watchfulness. Current base stats: Watchful 86, Shadowy 87, Dangerous 99, Persuasive 113.

As for myself, I shall let fellow author, the good Dr. Thompson, do the honors. &quotSleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whiskey and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind but falling in love and not getting arrested.&quot

I humbly request an offer of Patronage from any suitably skilled Ladies or Gentlemen of The Neath.


my alt could use a Patron who has a reputation of “a SHATTERING force”. thanks in advance!

W 90[li]
S 37
D 73
P 99

If someone could help me with Shadowy I would be most appreciative. My name is my name[/li][li]
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Last Update: 4/4/2014

Watchful 53
Shadowy 59
Dangerous 73
Persuasive 53

Seeking: Not anything particular. We’ll go with whoever offers their tutelage first.

Status: No patron yet.

Gaspar, who identifies itself as male though not seemingly fully human, has found itself in good company with the holy trinity; the church, the devils and bohemians. It doesn’t care for revolutionaries or other factions, but may assist or even oppose them if violence is an option. It has a bit of fondness with the Urchins, and naturally has found itself associating with the criminals thanks to its violent qualities. Artists and alike find this creature interesting as it pursues every avenue of pleasure.
Though its previous life has been a blur ever since it got out prison here in the Neath, it has decided to live it well this time around practicing in hedonism and punishing its body through very dangerous tasks. Its lust for life has pushed it to ruthless practices and at times heartless, but seemed to still have retained some kindness in the darkness of Neath. There’s also an air of melancholy at times around it, which it hides with honey, wine, women and good ol’ fisticuffs.
It has a fascination with Hell with it being in seemingly close proximity. And of course, the tomb-colonists because it feels like death itself has taken a fascination to it.

Now it seeks a guide to take further through the depths of what Neath has to offer.

If one needs to find Gaspar, only look for a partially bandaged gentleman whose figure seems to be similar to that of a gorilla’s and whose clothes are often soiled with blood- more often its own.

Gaspar is a riddle in itself and to itself.
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(Very) newly arrived from the colonies, Ms. Anabella Droft seeks knowledgeable tutelage in either the persuasive or dangerous arts. Would prefer vaguely humanoid if possible, as adjustment to the considerably cooler climate is quite enough to be getting on with. Will frequently be out of the Neath on Surface business; a sporadic schedule is to be expected[color=#c2c2c2]. Any and all applications appreciated.[/color]
[color=#c2c2c2]W10, S11, D16, P11. (I wasn’t kidding about the whole newcomer thing!)[/color][li]
(Edit: Now, I really ought to have thought that through a little further).
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I’ve been in the Neath for sometime now and and will be eternally grateful to Frithioth Engzell for assisting me in become more observant. With his tutelage I have been able to advance in the university and learn ghastly secrets. But my eyes have now been opened to the need of occasional violence. Perhaps you might help me become more proficient with blade, fists, and pistol?

Watchful: 100
Shadowy: 66
Dangerous: 74
Persuasive: 76


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Worthstream, a sinister and fascinating gentlemen, is currently at:

Watchful: 53
Shadowy: 76
Dangerous: 48
Persuasive: 66

He would like a Persuasive Patron, but any offer of patronage will be happily accepted.

I’ve been in the Neath for years, playing on and off for months at a time. Currently stalking the shadows in the Flit, dreaming of being able to afford a Brass Embassy guest room.

Also: i’m in the euro timezone and playing during the day.

And the joke: What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?

EDIT: Found a pretty charming patron.
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Hi there, a wily and intriguing lady seeking for An Invisible Eminence [Shadowy]

Current status:

Watchful: 31
Shadowy: 47
Dangerous: 27
Persuasive: 32

I found this game when looking for steampunk games and I use it for improving my english as well.
I like stealth characters and games like Dishonored or Thief!

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I would much appreciate a patron, particularly in watchful or persuasive. I am a curious lady who likes to watch the people and activities of Neath. I enjoy meeting others and indulging in hedonistic activities, but I try to help anytime I can. Whether you are a dashing lady or gent, a knowledgeable watcher, a stealthy street-wise contraband, or a dangerous zailor, I would like to learn from you!
Watchful: 50
Shadowy: 30
Dangerous: 27
Persuasive: 62
edited by alouette on 3/18/2014: I would still quite love to have a patron in any of the stats, although I’m most interested in Watchful and Persuasive.[/li][li]
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I would like to request a patron who would be willing to divulge to me the secrets of sticking to the shadows.

My current stats:

Any help will be appreciated.
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I seek an extraordinary mind to assist me in my studies, before the university scholars realize that I am not as erudite as they would prefer. Also before I stress my waking mind overmuch with the secrets of the land such that I claw my own treacherous eyes out in my sleep.

Then again, the guidance of a shattering force could be useful to…lay some matters to rest.

Watchful: 73
Shadowy: 38
Dangerous: 65
Persuasive: 55[li]
&quotWhat word does even the greatest of sages pronounce wrong?&quot[/li][li]
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