Protégés Seeking Patrons (Only protégés need post)

My name is Herbert Herbertson, although my father’s name is actually Tom. Lately I have found myself becoming a full-time archaeologist, but have historically held and still retain various contacts and ambitions of the Whiggish variety–the common folk never asked to be brought down here amongst the mushrooms and the devils, and deserve to some day have the imposition of it all violently avenged.

My Watchful is 92, Shadow is 64, Dangerousness is 37, and Persuasiveness is 83. I would be interested in a mentor to any one of these attributes, as my weaknesses are inversely correlated to my ambitions.[li]

Seeking Patronage of an Invisible Eminence or Legendary Charisma.


About: Ambition - Heart’s Desire, Closest to - The Great Game, otherwise sympathetic to revolutionaries and rattus faber. Fascinated with nightmares, the Royal Bethlehem and the Fallen Cities. I want to see Polythreme.

Riddle: I am what you will become.
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Seeking any patronage. Watchful 67, Shadowy 43, Dangerous 53, Persuasive 53.

Thank you, delicious friends.

Looking for a Watchful (82) or Dangerous (78) Patron!

I too seek a patron if I am to ever advance in any of the intrigues I find myself ensnared in. Being a minor poet and occasional dabbling in the criminal ways keep the lights on in my sub-temple, but I truly desire to begin my studies of the correspondence! For now I shall continue along with my expeditions in the Forgotten Quarter and keep pursuing this mysterious card game I have heard tales of.
I seek a patron of Invisible Eminence, or Extraordinary Mind.
My current skills are: W-57, S-80, D-47, and P-65.
Thank you kindly, friends.[li]
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My stats be: 89 Watchful, 59 Shadowy, 50 Dangerous, 59 Persuasive, aaaand that is it.
In-game name is exactly the same as my community name :) I like food and books.
Favorite riddle- What did Beethoven say to the orange?

A Shattering Force and an Extraordinary Mind has kindly agreed to tutor me. Thanks! Now I do not require any more teachers.[li]
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Looking for a Patron of Shadowy - Invisible Eminence.


My stats are

86- Watchful
75 - Shadowy
97 - Dangerous
82- Persuasive

Of the forceful nature - closest to the constables, steering clear of devils and revolutionaries if one can do so. The aspiration is to stay on good terms with all others, whether rubber men,church folk or the masters of the bazaar. Loyal enforcer of the Cheesemonger, a neddy man, member of the Black Ribbon. Most of the rostygold and items attained goes to staving off the numerous wounds and nightmares leading to little personal worth. Despite his violent nature, he strives to help others. He is a fighter not used to the more subtle of arts of stealth and cunning.

Need someone to teach him the more subtle arts.

Favourite riddle is perhaps one of the most famous ones: What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?[li]

(Note: I guess I am just about nearly done, so no more for now… Met an Extradorinary mind though.)

I am looking for someone of A Legendary Charisma as well as a An Invisible Eminence later on.
I am Kerrowe

Unmodified I stand… (edited as of 2/28)
W 96
S 98
D 95
P 99

I seek one to help me with skills of deceit and manipulation, as I want to prepare before going to a certain orphanage, and I perceive myself not ready for it. I seek benefits where I can get them, but would rather not risk connections for it preferably. I go after the toughest challenges if I can try them, be it dueling or be it stealing I plan do so. I think of death as a better alternative to resting. I am somewhat known by all groups, more so of those less desirable. Despite my greed and lack of self-preservation, I am greatly appreciative for any assistance I receive.

I also tend to frequent the tomb colonies, mainly from bad handling of scandal.

&quotI am a monster of the night, I stand over all in the night, and all those that can see me, as I can see them. I leave to go rest when it’s day, but you can see me, before I go away. Just not as easily anyway. &quot
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Wanted: A Legendary Charisma willing to mentor a relative newcomer to a Person of Some Importance.

My stats are:

Watchful- 49
Shadowy- 37
Dangerous- 21
Persuasive- 56

Needless to say, I rely heavily on my Scuttering Squad and would not turn down a mentor for the other three stats (Watchful especially. When one wanders Ladybones as often as I do, one sees things that are not meant for mortal eyes. I would much prefer honing my investigative skills through safer avenues). But do keep in mind that I have been itching to go out to zee for some time, and would prefer to spend my free nights accordingly.

I am closest to the Bohemians, and allied to the Urchins. Revolutionaries need not apply. The demonically inclined may be accepted after consultation with my own two hellish acquaintances. Anyone affiliated with the Constables, the Church, or of high social status are advised to avoid giving me surprise visits.

You’ll find me in-game as Teresa Lin (a pseud that I regret immensely, but that’s what happens when you first sign in through facebook).[li]

Edit: I have gotten in touch with a mentor now.
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Good afternoon ladies, gentlemen, et al.

My name is tsarbucks and I am a newcomer to the Neath, only having been around for a couple of days.

[color=#ffcc33]EDIT: Now in touch with an Extraordinary Mind!
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Greetings ladies, gentlemen, and such,

I am Jonathan Hawke, gentleman, scholar, and seeker of the Marvellous. After spending a few months in the Neath, I am now seeking patronage of an Extraordinary Mind or Legendary Charisma for mutually beneficial reasons, though I will not decline those of other persuasions. I am relatively well-known amongst higher social circles, though I am not so closed-minded as to neglect those less fortunate. I may be contacted at my lodgings above the gambling den or at the University.

Riddle: When isn’t it?

Watchful: 87
Shadowy: 67
Dangerous: 70
Persuasive: 82[li]
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Seeking a delightful patron for patronising (wait…that’s not right). Would like help in Shadowy very much, since I am clumsy and often trip over during heists. I’m very excited to become a POSI with all the title’s treatures and trials, and Shadowy is the only stat which currently eludes me (which makes perfect sense, I suppose)


My in-game name is Arbar. My out-game name is Hazel.
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Hi all,

I would dearly love to make the acquaintance of a Person of Some Importance who would be willing to become my patron. At present I am engaged in a bunch of hunting (strictly non-lethal), spending a great deal of time at the university and dabbling in the odd heist. I’m saddened to say I find little to do at the shuttered palace (one can only woo one’s former lovers so many times).

My character: (I should come up with a more exciting name sometime) and their statistics:
Persuasive: 76
Dangerous: 88
Shadowy: 78
Watchful: 92

Ideally seeking a Legendary Charisma but am open to patrons of other persuasions.

Thank you!

AzureWolf, member of the church, is seeking an extraordinary mind or a legendary charisma, though any of the other two will do fine as well.

My current stats are:
Watchful: 47
Shadowy: 30
Dangerous: 24
Persuasive: 30

And a riddle to all of you, my delicious friends:
The man who makes it doesn’t want it. The man who wants it doesn’t use it. The man who’s using it doesn’t know he is using it. What am I?

Edit: found a patron
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My character is willing to try anything once and most things many, many times if they pay well, however ethically despicable, although they also seem to harbor a secret desire to aid some revolutionaries and only wish the squabbling lot could get their act together. Their aspirations are high and their dreams many, but they’re a little lacking in the execution department: someone to teach them how to flatter the supporters they need would be deeply, deeply appreciated.

In short, looking for a patron in Persuasive. Thank you, delicious passerby!

W111/S92/D104/P85 |
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I’m desperately seeking a kind, and talented, individual to help me brush up on my already not inconsiderable persuasiveness.

I currently have Watchful 68, Shadowy 69, Dangerous 60 and Persuasiveness 78.

Your assistance is much appreciated.


I am looking for a patron to increase my Watchful.

My stats are as follows:
Watchful - 52
Shadowy - 63
Dangerous - 56
Persuasive - 60

Here is my profile:[/li][li]
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Hello. Back again for another round. This time I seek a Shattering Force.

Stats are
Watchful 57
Shadowy 45
Dangerous 37
Persuasive 100 (yay patrons)

Salutations! I am Quite satisfied with my patron in the arts of watchfulness, but am experiencing difficulty with my shadowy-ness. Would there possibly be so kind An Invisible Eminence as to provide me with help as my Shadowy patron?
My Stats:
84 Watchful
75 Shadowy
87 Dangerous
118 Persuasive[li]
Edit: as of 2_24_14 I have been approached with a shadowy offer, therefore I am saddened to say that I will no longer seek out further mentors
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