POLL: Which story would you like to see finished?

This is not the first thread of its kind, but I don’t think we’ve had an actual poll before? Anyway, I’m going to bump this regularly for a time in order to gather as many votes as possible.

I know the fact that you can vote only once makes it a very hard choice - but that could also make the end result quite significant if there should be a clear winner (&quotHey Failbetter, we REALLY want this!&quot). That’s also the reason why I didn’t add even more options - 10 might be too many already.

I did not include &quotBring back SMEN!&quot and &quotmore marriage-related stuff, please&quot on purpose, since everyone’s clamouring about those all the time anyway. ;) These are just 10 unfinished storylines that have been around for a long long time, and I’d love to see a meaningful update to any of them!

Also, I didn’t include any Fate-locked stories. I may make a similar poll for those…

Thanks to genesis/mikey_thinkin for his Summary of loose ends and unresolved stories in FL!
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Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name, of course, despite it being not included here on purpose.

Other than that, I voted for the dreams. I really like the idea of specific destination for each dream, it has so much potential, it can be almost whatever the writer wants it to be.

I don’t see the Case of the Other Waxwork. I mean- it is not significant enough for me to care, but it should be an option. That said, I would pick the Dilmun Club. I want an answer to the nature of death in the Neath that isn’t just because you’re cosmic criminals.

M. Cinder, the Case of the Other Waxwork has never been begun. We only know it as the name of a story that might be added to the game someday. Therefore, it does not count as “unfinished”. ;)

It is about time I returned to my rightful place as Imperial Artist In Residence. Port Carnelian is fun, but i miss the Court and I’m sure that business with the Bell And Candle Opera has blown over by now.

I voted for the mysteries of Clay Men and Parabola as it came closest to what I care about – the conflict between what Is and what Is Not. But I feel that Parabola and the Fingerkings touch deeply the Wars of Illusion and the Labyrinth as well. The story of the war between the Cats and Snakes shows up in a fairly big chunk of places.

I cannot believe some of these people don’t want more of the Club over returning to the court. We got the Coast. Are you people not happy?

Lots of good options here… more Dilmun Club would be grand, though I suspect that’ll be late-late-late-game content - tying in with the Destinies and all. We’ve been dancing around the conclusion to the Cheery Man and the Last Constable for a while, with their appearances in Sunless Sea and at Hallowmas. I’m certainly curious about the Pianist and the Spirifer - and dreading what the outcomes of my choices so far might be. Ultimately, though, I had to go for the Fallen Cities, for I have History running through my veins, and long to learn… plus, a certain personal stake.

Especially the Third! Why, that’s the most mysterious of the cities in terms of what it was like post-fall! Besides the terrible business of how it was acquired by the Bazaar, we really only know some extremely rough details about it, such as it being Mesoamerican in culture and location.

The Wars of Illusion, mostly because Mahogany Hall is absolutely useless.

To nitpick a little, both Walking the Fallen Cities and Touched with Fingerwork don’t have associated stories, just are general themes. Similarly I thought the Watchmaker’s Daughter storyline had its own card separate from Seeing Through the Eyes of Icarus?

Currently, indeed not. But possibly what other means (and certainly what I would mean if I voted for that option) is that, for example, the actual link between Clay Men and Parabola has not been explained or explored in any great amount of detail. Even if you take into account tangential lore info from Sunless Sea the relationship appears to be indirect at best, so I’ve always wondered why name the card &quotMirrors and Clay&quot

I put in the suggestion thread a while ago that it would be cool if there were a poll like this in game.
So you could basically dump a whole bunch of cartography items to “vote” for the Dilmun Club, or a bunch of infernal items to “vote” for the blind pianist and the sallow spirifer, etc. You’d get some sort of cosmetic reward, or maybe unlock a bit of extra lore when the story eventually launches, but the main idea is that it lets us “vote with our wallets”. I think it sends a much stronger signal if people are dumping thousands or tens of thousands of echoes into ‘please make this specific content’.

I want something continuing that very early story about the great game and hell. Something about an undercover damned soul.

I wonder, why is the Dilmun club so popular in comparison to all the other stories?

Difficult choice, but I’ve voted for the Watchmaker’s Daughter if only because I see reference to it all the time and I’d really like to help the poor gel out.

Dilmun Club would be second choice, just so I can pal around with His Amused Lordship some more. Maybe he’ll clap me on the shoulder personably!

Mmm, yes, actually just &quotmore cases&quot would be a nice general thing as well. Or just more interaction generally with the private eyes like the Implacable Detective.

I went with the Pianist and Spirifer because I feel like that’s the most… forgotten. It’s the one that everyone plays, gets to an inconclusive ending, and then just kind of ignores. To me that’s sort of more notable than the stuff where there’s just a note saying it’ll be continued someday.

Well, they’ve been teasing the Elder Continent for a long time. Also, I think it’s probably the most &quotlate-game&quot of the options, and forum-goers skew towards the high end.

Honestly, I’m more interested in finally getting an update for Light Fingers than I am in any of the stories in the poll. Of those, though, I want more about the Cheery Man and the Last Constable.