Patch Notes

It is I: definitely Luke and not George in an identity-obscuring hat. Here are some patch notes for:

Week ending 18th August

  • The Heavily Annotated Timetable has a use in the same location as the Mesmeric Parasol.
  • The Admiral’s Hat, the Clay Effigy, and the Weighty Postlapsarian Romance have been added to the Unsanctioned Relicker.
    • Their access codes (from the launch of Mask of the Rose) have been retired.
  • Moving into new lodgings no longer unlocks the Social Engagements area if it isn’t already unlocked, to avoid edge cases in the new tutorial.

Week ending 25th August

  • Those with a desire to be less proficient in various stats may now purchase a Weasel of Woe from Nassos Zoologicals.
  • Various persistent storylets in London now appear in the ‘Fifth City Stories’ section of the Story tab.

Week ending 1st September

  • More storylets have been moved to Fifth City Stories. In particular, various Ambition progress storylets now appear here.
  • It is no longer possible to be invited to a patron master class while wearing the Weasel of Woe.

Week ending 8th September

  • Irem’s menace cards now correctly disappear if you no longer meet their requirements.
    • Hearts’ Game
    • A new season and a new set of accomplices
    • The Page of Gambits has been banned
    • Adjusted the naming convention around existing Aces to support new set
    • Increased max hand size to 4 when choosing accomplices
    • Balance adjustments to several accomplices
  • Added guidance to some opportunity cards when rising story quality has unlocked all options.
  • Added confirmatory step to selling one’s Singular Plant.
  • ‘A Dream of Roses’ can no longer be drawn while equipping the Weasel of Woe.

Week ending 15th September

  • Options in the Tributaries of Hell now return directly to the Canals, rather than the Lockside.
  • Confirmatory step added before resigning one’s profession.
  • Updated guidance on favour → renown conversion items.
  • Older accounts who had met the Honey-Addled Detective but did not have A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets can now access that story in Ladybones Road.

Week ending 22nd September

  • In early preparation for Christmas, adjusted the Noman decay formula (again)
    • Noman’s Friend now starts decaying exponentially faster 100 days or so into a Noman being available. It is now somewhat harder to keep a Noman alive for more than 120 days, and it should actually be impossible to keep a Noman alive long past that.
    • Around day 300 or so expect every Time, the Healer to decay Noman’s friend by over 50,000 points.
  • Retired Fate branch to reroll the results of a Forgotten Quarter expedition.
  • Reverted a changed that caused some card-based activities to break
    • It should be possible, once again, to enter cards that you drew in a different area (for example, in the Hinterlands or Irem)
  • Adjusted the Menace reduction formula
    • Menace reduction now has a higher baseline chance of triggering (~15%) and a gentler diminishing-returns curve (every additional point of menace reduction is now ~75% as effective as the previous one)

Does this mean that the exponential decay will be lower between 100 and 120 days and go up faster after it?

And “greatly” reducing item start at… 20%? :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping this up to date!

For those curious, 100 days after the Wicket opens is April 15, and 120 days is May 5.

100 days after the Wicket closes is May 11. Historically Whitsun (and De Gustibus) has started between May 9 and 11.

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Menace reduction now has a higher baseline chance of triggering (~15%) and a gentler diminishing-returns curve (every additional point of menace reduction is now ~75% as effective as the previous one)

I’m curious whether the menace-increasing items have been adjusted the same way - I assume probably, since it’s simpler for them to work the same.


Week Ending 29th September

  • The ‘Neighbourhood Noctivagant’ quality has a hard cap of 77 (started unbounded). Its level descriptions have been redistributed within that range.

Week Ending 6th October

  • Launched Enhanced Exceptional Friendship.
  • Flute Street is now 10 Fate (was 25).
  • It is now possible to obtain the Rubbery Renown 40 item from Helicon House as well as Flute Street.
  • The expeditions in the Forgotten Quarter that cost Fate can now be repeated once bought, for lesser rewards.
  • The rewards for Inconvenienced by your Aunt have been balanced across the three different endings.
  • You can now use Fate to reset Secrets Framed in Gold from the Fate page, and the Silk-Clad Expert story from within the House of Chimes.
  • The Rubbery Murders story has been retired from sale.

Week Ending 13th October

  • ‘Inconvenienced by Your Aunt’ cards can be dismissed from your deck at the point the storyline requires Fate to continue. The story can be resumed subsequently from Moloch Street.
  • It is now possible to reset ‘The Poisoner’s Library’ via Fate.
  • Reduced duration of Living Story timers during the new Burrow short story.

Week Ending 20th October

  • If you have raised a freehold at Burrow-Infra-Mump, it no longer costs Fate to reset the church’s development.
  • The Society Matron at the Evenlode Courts no longer has quite so many Mirrorcatch Boxes in her attic to give away; defending her case gives fewer boxes, though the overall value of the reward remains the same.
  • The rewards for arguing cases at the Evenlode Courts now scale more favourably with the Prestige of your case.
  • The Ushabti hunt in ‘Track the Animals of Parabola’ is now available even if you did not experience the original Prelapsarian Museum event.

Week Ending 27th October

  • Despite the Hallowmas festivities, an atmosphere of relative calm suffuses the Neath (no major changes)

Week Ending 3rd November

  • Reduced the intensity of Irrigo used to indicate EEF to preserve the faculties of our Exceptional Friends.
  • Added credits.

For those blind as me, on desktop, the Credits are next to account on the top bar and down the side menu on mobile.

Nothing to report this week; have good weekends!


Week Ending 17th November

  • ‘Making Progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers’ 16 is no longer required to access the storylet ‘Hunting the Beasts of the Zee’.
    • The requirement has been moved to instead solely gate the ‘Hunt a Plated Seal’ branch.
    • This means that individuals who have taken an eccentric pathway through the game, and possess some Monstrous Anatomy without having completed the Labyrinth of Tigers, can now engage in most zee-hunts.
  • There is now additional meta-text up and down the railway to draw attention to the Cornelius storyline and associated opportunities.

Ahh too late for me, but I’m glad it’s available for future people who take these paths

Week Ending 24th November

  • Players who have not completed the search for Cornelius but have built Marigold Station may now find a way to look for him further at Moloch Street. This is equivalent to the options available at Next Stretch of Track but locked to Marigold-finishers.
  • The Deciphering… cost to pursue the search for Cornelius or the Scheme of the Phoenix is now lower, but doing so no longer provides a Night Whisper or Primaeval Hint.
  • Players may now change their Railway charter at board meetings, but they may only do so once per meeting, to avoid accusations of undue caprice. Charter proposals require having specific board members to help put them forward, and these are visible in the Convene a board meeting… storylet.
  • Some board meeting members have additional dialogue, especially (but not limited to) responses to charter proposals.
  • ‘Balmoral: Presenting your Painting’ can now be found in ‘Fifth City Stories’.
  • Laboratory: It is now significantly cheaper to upgrade your Laboratory with economy resources.
  • Parabola: Significantly reduced the resource cost to establish a Base-Camp
    • All the routes now cost significantly fewer Memories of Light, but the Laboratory route is now drastically cheaper (now costs 100 Memories of Light, down from 1001)
  • Railway: Significantly reduced the Railway Steel cost of advancing the Railway
    • In most cases this is a 70% reduction, so branches that cost 10 Railway Steel now cost 3.
  • Railway Steel is now sellable in the Upper River for 19 Hinterland Scrip.
    • This is intended to let players who have a lot of ‘useless’ railway steel recoup some of that value, but it’s not efficient.