Panther Kitten Adoption Agency

Hello there. I’m not one for the forums, but I do know Nyar would love a kitten, should one wish to curl up next to Horatio. In addition my dear bat enthralling partner may also be delighted for one as we are usually not the most… social, forum going people :heart:

Myself, Nyarllathotep

My dear Discordant Lost Wanderer

Kittens were sent to both accounts.

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Thank you very much! Feel free to add me if you end up with space on your calling card list- I’d be delighted to help however I can in return.

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I wish to request such a kitten. Professor Varald

ElAkkra has sent Professor Varald a kitten.

Thank you for the new friend!

I would love to adopt a kitten and give it a good home. Actually, I could find homes for two, if that’s possible?

Tam Shalazar



Thank you ever so much to anyone who’d be willing to help.


I’d love to get a kitten if possible!

Hex: Beloved


ElAkkra has sent kittens to Tam Shalazar, Olcotu and Hex: Beloved

What a cute little fluff. Thank you so much, ElAkkra!

My main would love a parabolan kitten –

and if you’ve an extra to spare, so would my alt, who is coming out of long retirement…

UPDATE: Kerim has graciously sent me a panther kitty! Thank you so much, Kerim! You all take care now!

I would enjoy a panther kitten! Thanks in advance!


I am in need of a parabolan kitten in order to train a kitten. thank you.

Kittens were sent to both of elwinhauntry’s accounts, to coachcrumbles and to Robertanderson/William Lewis 2087707.

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Thank you so much! I love them!

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If anyone has a kitten available I would be super grateful! Fallen London

Me and my partner are looking to adopt kittens.
We would be grateful if you let us give them home.

Nyaruko Yasaka
Velony Lony

I am a lover of all things feline, i simply would adore a kitten

faeangst, Nyaruko Yasaka, Velony Lony and RocksZee can expect kittens to show up at their house.

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ElAkkra has sent me a cutie kitten! Thank you!

Old: I would be most appreciative for a Panther Kitty to raise and care for. That sounds adorable!