Panther Kitten Adoption Agency

ElAkkra has sent Arianna Dwaynia a kitten.

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Anyone willing to send “Rupert Withersham” a kitten?

I would also appreciate a kitten, please and thank you (IGN is the same).

Kittens sent to Rupert Withersham and Youwintheprize.

Update: Thank you ElAkkra!

Hi! I love cats. I’d be grateful if I can receive one!
Ricardo Lindanal

Hi! if anyone is willing to send asphodel_honey a kitten she would be most grateful!

Did you intend to put an underscore in there? I can see an “asphodelhoney (Asphodel Honey)” in contacts but not one with an underscore…

ElAkkra has sent a kitten to Ricardo Lindanal.

whoops you’re absolutely right, i’m getting the various ways i’ve spelt my username mixed up. it’s indeed asphodelhoney .

That’s fine. Safer to clarify. ElAkkra has sent a kitten.

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Bloody Nora loves cats. If someone were to send her one she’d probably love them too.

Kitten sent to Bloody Nora.

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Thank you so much. :)

Hello, requesting a parabolan kitten for me and my friend if possible, thank you in advance. :smiley:

Kittens sent to GengarBoo and unsociable.

Is there one for me? “Lamil”

It appears so. ElAkkra has sent a kitten to Lamil.

Sirs and Madams, it seems that my new little, wonderful and hungry and b_stard cat is pretty skittish and for the love of me I can’t manage to touch him before he runs away.
I’m thinking of getting him a companion so that he’ll calm down and accept being put in the oven petted.
Is there someone who could help me?

Neim has been sent a kitten by ElAkkra.

Many thanks, my good Sir/Madam! The kitten will be cherished and I am sure that he’ll manage to have a good influence on my other feline… hopefully.