Panther Kitten Adoption Agency

Well, it would appear that Panther Kittens can be given, so it seems only right for a thread to be put up for anyone wishing to get their own Kitten.

If you are looking to get a Panther, please message or post here with a link to your profile. Once you get your Panther, please say so others can get theirs. I will do my best to keep the list up to date.

If you have kittens to give, feel free to contact someone on the list (preferably in order listed, but feel free to use other criteria if you wish)

Currently looking:
HinterDemGlas (
Lucky Cinnamon (
Cathyr (
Juliet (
Little The (
Jacob Stone (
BlackTaco (
Rupho (
Anton Deveux (
Fistful of Force (
Doc Plague (
Kharsirr Lynx (
Inky Petrel(
A B Nile (
Lord Crumbledon (
Vireya (
Jack Vaux Harrowden (
empirimancer (
Wriothesley (
Irian (
Dendrobite (
phalanks (
Claw264 (
Steffon (
Fiendish Puppy (
Kuzma Volkov (
Latil (
Christopher Warren (
Dapper Alex ([color=#000000][/color]
[color=#000000]Frenzgyn ([/color][color=#000000][/color]
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I would be really interested in adopting a panther kitty (I promise I will treat him well) If I can do something in return, feel free to ask. My profile can be found in my sig. Thak you kindly.

EDIT: I 've got my lovely kitten now! A great many thanks to SIr Frederick! ^^
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Huh, wasn’t expecting this thread to turn up so soon. Gloria Marie Valdez would definitely like a kitten. She promises not to let the (9 and counting) Starveling Cats near it.

Edit: Got one! Thank you Reshemin!
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My grubby kitten would love some parabolan company! You can never have enough kittens, right? I will be endlessly grateful if someone lets me adopt one of theirs.

I just received a kitten, it’s so cute! Many thank to Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook.
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I would be interested in adopting one too.

[EDIT] I too have received one. Many thanks.
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I’ve got a kitten now! Thanks very much to Nigel Overstreet.
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If somebody would find it in them to send me a little mirror kittie as well, I’d be most thankful.

Edit: I just received one.
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Oh, if there is a kitty out there who needs a good home, Mathieu Psmith, the Bard of Lost Children, is more than willing to take it in!

Edit: A donation has arrived at my door! Many thanks!
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People already have kittens? Seriously? I’ve had a panther eating all my haddock for a week, what am I doing wrong?

Time the Healer is the trigger for the kittens, a storylet pops up after TTH hits that removes the Panther’s Burden quality and gives 3-5 kittens, maybe more, I have no idea what actually determines how many you get.
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May I also join the ranks of the interested? My home is already taking care of a significant menagerie, I am sure a kitten, even a panther one, will not be unhappy here.

ETA: SNIG, profile should be in sig.
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ETA2: Got one from Reshemin.
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Got 'un. Thank you!
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I don’t think Parabolan Kittens can ever actually grow up into the Parabolan Panther. It… wouldn’t make much sense, for a lotta reasons.

Ooh, pick me!

I’ll also chuck my name on the list to receive a parabolan donation.

I should also enjoy a kitten as well, once one is available:

I wouldn’t mind a kitty if someone had a spare! The link in my sig is my profile.

EDIT: I have received my kitten! If you could be so kind as to remove my name so someone else can have one!
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I would love to have a Panther kitten! My main character, in particular, cathyr19355, loves cats as much as I do (and has plenty of real estate in which to live and companions to take care of them). I would be happy to give you Social Actions or other rewords in return. If my kitten grows up to be a Panther (though I suspect Spacemarine9 is right and that won’t happen), I will of course pass the blessing of any kittens she might have on to others who post on this page. Thanks.

EDIT: I got my Panther kitten long ago; I can be taken off the list thanks.
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I would adore a Panther Kitten! Great Bastet’s blessings on the bestower.

Juliet Chauvelin