Panther Kitten Adoption Agency

Greetings Captains of the Unterzee,
WhiteVermillion would be evergrateful to the friendly soul, that grants this one a little panther friend to care for.

ElAkkra has sent a kitten to WhiteVermillion

Bless your generous heart ElAkkra

Just got to Parabola in Light Fingers, and considering that I’ve only got one Glasswork item, I figure I’d give this a shot. I’d appreciate a kitten, if there are any available.

Apologies, ElAkkra was out of kittens, but Fate’s End now has one awaiting them.

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Thank you! :two_hearts:

I would absolutely love a kitten! Fallen London

ElAkkra has sent gwynraven a kitten. 2 left in this litter…

I got my kitten, thank you so much!

I’d like to adopt a kitten!

Unfortunate Weevil now has a kitten waiting for them.

Received, thank you!

Hi everyone, ducking over from the Reddit to see if anyone has an excess kitten that would like to be lavished with watching me, Octavio Vermouth, die in horrible and/or funny ways.

Happy to help in whatever socials you might need in exchange! Merci!

ElAkkra has sent her last kitten (for the time being… hopefully the cards/airs are friendly this weekend to luck into some more) to Octavio Vermouth. No social favours necessary as it’ll only distract her from her endless cider grind.

She’s too kind, and I wish her happy life unending!

The kitten is safe at home. I will name him Eric, after a different cat named Eric.

Hey there! Cleinias is hoping to adopt a kitten. I’d be happy to exchange for anything I can!

I would love to adopt a kitten as well. Happy to return the favor in any way I can.

ElAkkra has sent kittens to Cleinias and Rhirath. No favours / exchanges needed, just give them a good home!

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Thank you very much! I’ll give it the best home.

Thanks so much! They will be definitely cared for!