Panther Kitten Adoption Agency

Hello! I would also love to be able to adopt a kitten! I’m Ninja Orca and I’d be more than willing to give back any sort of favour you might need.

ElAkkra has sent her penultimate baby panther to Ninja Orca. No favours needed, just give it a good home.

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Hello :) I too, would like to adopt a Kitten Fallen London

Thank you very much
ElAkkra :) this kitten shall be cared for and even taken on adventures in the Sunless Sea :)

ElAkkra has sent her last kitten to KAL Skaarj.

Princess of Evil would love to adopt a kitten!

Kittens were sent to The Northbound Pilgrim and Princess of Evil.

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Hello everyone! I fell in love at first sight to the Panther Kitty. If anyone have any extra kitten in the litter, I would be more than happy to adopt them! Thank you so much!

Hi, there. I’ve been playing sunless sea for a long time since I was at my junior high school. It’s my first game on steam and it has given me many happy memories.

The dark zee underground is so cool and I really want to know every story of it! If anyone have any extra kitten, I would be more than happy to adopt one!

The light: it’s pretty. -------------------------------------------- :)

ElAkkra has sent kittens to both Aerethius and lwllwl0011.

Wow, thank you so much!

Enough of this darkness. Go to the sun. Give yourself like a spark to smoke.

--------------------------------------------- :)

Thank you so much for the Kitten! It’s just too adorable /sobs

I would love a kitten too!

ElAkkra has sent Tanedragon a kitten.

Hello! I would also love to be able to adopt a kitten! Happy to return the favor in any way I can.

Thank you very much, kerim
this kitten is so cute.

You have been sent a kitten.

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thank you! thank you! thank you!
this kitten is so cute.
And it’s the best birthday gift I’ve ever received.
(Yes,today is my birthday,What a coincidence)

Happy Birthday! I’m glad the kitten brightened your day.

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Lilivia, who inherited Aestival, wants to adopt a kitten, and wants to take an adventure in the sunless sea.
Lilivia Alexandra Aestival

ElAkkra has sent a kitten to Lilivia.

Thanks for seeing it!
It’s sleeping next to Grubby now, how sweet they are!