Panther Kitten Adoption Agency

Hello, I would like to adopt a Parabolan Kitten. Unfortunately, I was out at zee at the time of my last request, but I have returned and would like to make the request again, if possible.

Here you go. (Or that’s what I would say if I could type less than 20 characters.)

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I confess to some astonishment that a topic from nearly eight years ago remains active. Gratitude to all those who have been willing to keep the kittens alive.

…Wait, that came out wrong.

I would love a sweet little Parabolan kitty. I promise to spend plenty of time amusing it by dangling a reflection of Parabolan shoelaces.

EDIT: Tremendous gratitude to ElAkkra for parting with my new little grey fluffball.

Finally I’ve prepared myself for adopting another creature from behind the mirrors. Has anyone got a spare Panther Kitten, fellow Londoners? I promise to place it into nice surroundings!

If I might prevail upon the kindness of some saintly soul, I would be positively delighted to find myself in the company of a kitten for my very own!

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I love my kitten Devi, she’s just perfect thank you.

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Sent my last to Shad0. As I’m new to sending kittens I’m assuming my parabolan panther will eventually replenish them in some fashion and I can carry on sending?

Ah, you are ElAkkra, then? Many many thanks!

EDIT: And do please let me know if I can repay the favour in any way.

I know only that they’re obtained via a grind linked to Time, the Healer. When you get another, could please send one to me? I gave the one I had to a friend.

Kitten grind: you’re sadly not going to just get another litter once Time, the Healer visits. For that, you need to grind the Parabolan Spoor quality via options available on the Society, Docks and Bohemians faction cards until you get the A Panther’s Burden quality. Better, you’re going to want to have certain Airs of London values to unlock the right options: 34 or higher for Docks and Bohemians, 66 or under for Society.

AZ/zooming fire, Asbestos, Enoch Weatherby and Marcel de Montserrat were sent kittens. I think I got everyone, but reach out if I missed you.


Thanks again, friend! I’ll be keeping this one for myself.

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Gramercy, delicious friend!

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Many thanks, it is incredibly adorable!

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It would be lovely to receive a particularly Parabolan kitten, if any find themselves currently burdened by one. I am delighted to hear that they are… ‘replenish-able’, as you describe them, and suspect one would be a lovely assistant in my day-to-day silvering work. At the very least, it could surely do something in the way of distracting less, em, professional clientèle.

(In less Londonish wording – I had no idea the kittens were still actively obtainable! It would be delightful to snag one for my main account, especially since I’ve made the terrible decision to stay a Silverer; if anyone is willing, please send one over to this gentleman here! Many thanks in advance! Do let me know if I can offer anything in return.)

ElAkkra has sent a kitten to Dawn Oversol.

And thanks Kerim for the breeding tips, we’d clearly managed to gather the parabolan spoor at some earlier date as we just needed the meeting with the panther’s mate for further kittens.


Would it be possible for me to receive a Parabolan Kitten? I am unsure exactly if I need to provide anything in return, but would be eternally grateful :)

ElAkkra has sent a kitten to Maplestar. Enjoy!

It’s so cute! Thank you so much!

A tad late, but you have my sincerest thanks! The dear thing has already settled in as if it owns the place. Do let me know if you are ever in need of anything!