Panther Kitten Adoption Agency

Hello! I have room for a kitten if there is one around to spare!

Homes available, free to good kittens!

Just found out about the existence of parabolan kittens, and I’d love one. If anyone has a spare I’m at Fallen London

Simon Dowrick, like any right-thinking citizen of the Neath, would dearly love a Parabolan Kitten.

Edit: Kitten received! Thank you, kerim!

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Caballero Negro would love a feline companion to accompany him in the Mirror-Marches

Kittens were sent to new homes for everyone that asked for them.


Kitty! Thank you so much :smile_cat:


All praise to Saint Kerim, Giver of Kittens.


Thank you very much!

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I don’t even know what that is but it sounds cute so here you go

A giant feline, you say? Sounds like my kind of companion.

If there are any Panthers available, please, I will give one of them an excellent home, where they will never want for anything and will be treated like essential royalty.

I would love to get a kitten of my own.
Many thanks to anyone kind enough to give me one

Kittens for Darkyboy, Stanley Forthwith and Reginald Oxenforde.


I’d be grateful for a kitten, if you can send one please let me know how I can help in return:Fallen London

I would love a kitten! They seem very cute.

barcoded and CelestialCrow have been sent kittens.

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I would quite like a kitten! My profile can be found here.

I would appreciate a dream-kitty please! [Fallen London]

Kittens sent to lyssie and John_Schmit.

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Thank you for your lovely kitten, Kerim!(≧◡≦) I will cherish it !:kissing_cat: