Panther Kitten Adoption Agency

Tenedor de Villanía would love to speak with a panther again, even if it requires teaching a kitten to do it first.

Kittens were sent to those who requested it.


Panther Kitten? I wanna pet one on it’s head, d–n it! <3

I’d love a cuddly, fluffy, spiky parabolan assassin - err… kitten… to keep me company on these long Christmas nights as the lacre falls outside.

On behalf of the community and all the new cat owners, I would like to thank you for your dedication, Kerim!!!

Thanks for keeping this thread and Parabolan lineage long and thriving! :smiley:

EDIT: I do wonder when/if we’ll have more Panthers any time soon.


Me, myself and I would very much appreciate it if some kind soul would pass some feline goodness along my way. Many thanks in advance!

Kittens were sent to Sophia Harrow, Conrad Constantine and Lady Knotte A. Pyrrhing.

Skinnyman, I can only accept your thanks with gratitude. I just want everyone who wants a kitten to get one. Asking can be hard, so the effort should be rewarded.


Thank you very, very much! Let me know if I can do anything to repay your kindness!

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I’m seeking a Parabolan Kitten to help me with A Cub’s Education. I’d be very grateful if anyone has one whom I may adopt!

Elizabeth Anne Summers

I’d wish to apply for the adoption of a beautiful kitten to keep me company in these hard (almost) wintery times. I vow to care for them and regal them with the most delicious of rats. Sincerely, Eleanor Pembroke.

I would love to adopt a sweet kitten to give many pats to during these lacrey nights. Thank you in advance to any generous sender of felines!

Would love to receive a cute little Parabolan kitten of my own!

A humble admirer of catfolk wants to shelter and pet any kind of glorious felines he can find in the Neath and beyond.

Thank you very much!

Kittens for Christmas for Elizabeth Anne Summers, Eleanor Pembroke, Yixous, Roboslime and Killan Murphy.


Thank you very much, Kerim, for your generosity! A kitten is just what I needed to cheer me up this Christmas! <3

  • Elizabeth Anne Summers

(Kitten received)

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Thanks you Kerim for your generosity. Not enough felines to be had at my lodgings until now. Nowy Starveling Cat and Feline Pariah have some company!

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Done. For Leo too. Merry Christmas!

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Hello there, I hope that you all have been enjoying the holidays! I would love to have a kitten of my very own.

A kitten has been sent.

Thank you so much for the kitten, I hope that you enjoyed the holidays and that your new year is off to a great start!

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