Panther Kitten Adoption Agency

I would like one as well please!

I would appreciate a kitten for my Silverer pursuits. I would also be happy to repay the favor. :)

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Kittens for everyone!


Thank you for the Kitten!

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A new kitten companion sounds fantastic! Could someone please send one my way?

Edit: Thanks for the kitten, kerim!

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I would love to bring a panther kitten home!

My profile is

The expertise of a kitten would be most useful in my research into Parabola. I could reciprocate with a boxed cat of dubious temperament and no academic value if desired.

Hello to the kitten adoption agency (and the wonderful people here who are giving them out). I’d love a Parabolan Kitten, if any generous person could assist!

Hello delicious friends!

Eliza Waterhouse is back in London after a long absence, and a Kitten would be a wonderful companion when exploring Parabola, if one is looking for a home.

I’ve not dared sail the zee yet, not without a fine companion. Does anyone have a kitten that needs a home? We’ll have adventure aplenty!

Looking for a friendly Parabolan kitten to help with another Parabolan cub’s education. Would be very grateful if anyone has a kitten in need of adoption!

I was told this was the place to inquire after a kitten companion. I would be happy to do anything in my power to thank anyone who might have a feline friend free to a good home.

Hi! I’m also looking for a kitten and am happy to reciprocate with social actions as needed. IGN is Dharmayama Saturnatus. Thank you so much!

Happened to pass by, kittened everyone.


Thank you for the kitty!

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Thank you Kerim, it’s greatly appreciated!

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Might I have a kitten perchance?

Sage River would dearly love a Parabolan Kitten to add to an increasingly feline household.

In these cold November days i feel, that it is my duty to share my room at Royal Bethlehem with poor lonely kitten. Can any noble soul help me with that honorable oblegation?

With hope in my heart,

Kapradi, Canon ________

Upd: Thank you, Kerim

Skymaw promises to provide a warm home to a small fuzzy menace.