Panther Kitten Adoption Agency

I’d love to receive a kitten as well. I promise to treasure and take care of it!


Edit: I just received a basket with a kitten in it. Thank you, Kerim! I’ll take good care of Pandora.

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I’d very much appreciate a Parabolan kitten too!

EDIT: Kitten received! Thank you so much, Kerim!

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I received my kitty last week. Thanks!

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I’d love to receive a kitten to pet! Thanks to whoever would grant me one. Fallen London

I have recently discovered that I am lacking in Parabolean Kittens. As a part-time denizen of Parabola I do feel woefully under-prepared. Send help.

The help is adorable. Thank you, Kerim.


I would be interested in a kitten if one is available. Your donation is much appreciated.

Vellamo here would like to adopt an adorable Parabolan Kitten. Waiting for any kind Londoner who is willing to part with such a darling!

A kitten has moved into my lodging, thanks!

Everyone should have been sent a kitten now. Feel free to reject it if you’ve already got one from someone else.


Many, many thanks! I shall name it… Jerry.


I am also interested in obtain a kitten if anyone would like to donate!

I would be much interested adopting a Parabolan kitten, if anyone has one in need of a home. I can offer a good home with a full clowder of companions and many interesting breakables available to be knocked onto the floor.

Edit: Received a kitten from @kerim – thank you so much!

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Edit: I have been gifted a kitty!! Thank you so much to Daery for this :)))


Just wondering if anyone has a spare dream kitty they would be willing to part with? I promise I will take good care of them and only give them the finest Parabolan ‘charcuterie’ every day :)

If anyone is interested, my FL character is Alyssia Schwartz, and she is willing to offer trades and menace reductions and Midnighter-related correspondence etc.

I’m also interested in getting a Parabolan Kitten.

P.S. received one; thank you, @kerim!

Hello, hello!

Wondering if anyone had a moment to part with a kitty?
Willing to help out however I can in exchange.

Edit: Got one thanks!

Kittens were sent to @Sigma, @Daisy_MacRae, @yestarhumeler and @Gortie.

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@kerim You’re awesome, thank you!!

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Would very much love to get a kitten. I can’t really offer anything in return, except maybe pictures of my two real life cats Juni and Minou, if you’re interested just let me know! Thanks a lot!

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I would be very grateful to be sent a kitten for adoption, please! Here is my profile:

I would love a kitten, I’m specifically one cat short of finishing Cub’s education, please let me know what you would like in return!

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I would love a kitten to keep my lamp-cat company, kind stranger!