Panther Kitten Adoption Agency

Hello, delicious friend. A Catboy looking for a catfriend to wage parabolan wars and enjoy tea with Tigers in Court together. Would be forever grateful.

Hello, delicious neathizens! I now find myself in need of this unusual feline friend. Gratitude guaranteed. I will be happy to entertain your guests at the Salon with a speech on matters of the Counter-Church or assist with other matters. For my address kindly follow the link. Thank you, mysterious friend!

Taking a break from visiting the Museum to send a few kittens to @Oculat and @Lady_Elline.

Much thanks for the kitten!!!

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Thank you very much! The kitten is lovely :heart_eyes_cat:
I’ll be happy to do something for you in return, generous friend, if you ever need it.

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Having just discovered this thread and being someone who absolutely adores cats, I would love to adopt a kitten! Thank you in advance!

I’d absolutely love to adopt an adorable little kitten (No offence to you honey mazed bear, but you’re just simply not as cute)

I’ve played this game for almost two years… and there is a kitten pet?!

I want one please.


A quite perplexed newcomer would like to know exactly what a kitten does. They would be much obliged for any answers.

I would like a panther kitten if possible please!

I wonder how many active players have a Panther. :slight_smile:

What makes you think they’ll anther?

A panther kitten would be a delight indeed! I would be most interested in receiving one as well.
Evaine Thuryn

Because only Panthers can breed kittens to pass on to other players.