November Exceptional Story: The Final Curtain

Before I finish this ES, I just want to note that the writing is especially beautiful this month. I have not done much other than climbed a dubious ladder and trampled fruit, but the experience has already been viceral and immersive.
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Dirae Erinyes made a last minute alteration, but not for just the plants and the audience’s sake but for that theater manager. She certainly touched upon a soft spot.

I just want to point out that the two storylets that give you second chances are virtually uncapped (I have 327 Confident smiles now.) So if you were wondering whether it’s worth the actions to do both, I would go for it. Shame we can’t do either of them more than once.

[quote=Trilby]Just to clarify, The part of the delay between an exceptional story becoming public is spent removing the season reward section.
Is this correct?[/quote]

No, the seasonal bonus story has nothing to do with it. Whenever you have played all three stories of one season (no matter if bought with fate or EF) you will get the bonus story. The delay is probably just there to make exceptional friendship a more exclusive thing.

I have the end where the audience was evacuated and the theater burned echoed to my journal here. However, I have not yet run into the epilogue opportunity card.

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Thanks! Now I know what to chose.

This was one of the best Fallen London stories I’ve ever read. Period. It’s now my number 2 favorite, beating out The Art of Murder to sit right under Flint, growing strong in its shade.[li]

It has almost 100% of the things I like. Parabola? Check. The theatre? Check. A new way to get intoxicated/brainwashed/infected? Check. And of course, my absolute favorite thing, monsters! I love the Heart-Catcher so much. SO much. It was the cutest thing ever. Honestly, I was expecting to have to kill the audience myself to send it home, and I was… kind of disappointed when they just disappeared? Still, this is probably better. More dramatic and mysterious! ^_^ Literally any exceptional story that gives me the option to make friends with strange beasties is 100% the best in my book. Thank you so much for this INCREDIBLE story!!!

Has anyone gotten the Epilogue yet? I finished the exceptional story in the early noon but haven’t seen the card yet. Do I just have bad luck with the opportunity deck or is it not out yet?

I have no idea whether it’s out or not but I finished the ES sometime between noon and 2 p.m. EDT and have yet to see the card myself.

What ending gives 10 to the severe bluejacket quality? I’ve got 20 so far and want to end the season with 30.

Have you gone and told the severe bluejacket about whether or not you killed the first mate(whoever) he asked you to kill?
Does anyone have an echo where they send the plant through, without sparing the audience? I sided with the cat.

As before, trying to fulfill his wishes most accurately gives +10. For this story, this happens when you report on the events on the Bellot, rather than ending the bulk of the story at the theater.

for echo purposes, I sent the seed through.

So…what in God’s holy name happened to the bluejacket? Unless I am very much mistaken, wasn’t this supposed to be the final part of the trilogy–the capstone, the finale, the conclusion to his saga?

I’m guessing that the post-season roundup will see the end of the Bluejacket’s story, now that we’ve dealt with the distracting business of the theatre… and the cults… and the lifeberg.

As far as I can tell, he used to travel the world hunting lifebergs and dallying near the Elder Continent, one day he decided to seek Nothing of Importance beneath the waves and his first mate sold him out to the Admiralty. Only for his son to offer his services in lieu as a hitman so that he could live in relative comfort. Also his mistress started a fire cult to fill her midlife crisis, but that’s neither here nor there.

And now he’s just kind of…hanging out waiting to die in his house. Telling you there are still three things he must set right when you go visiting, but providing no options except to leave. Personally, I blame the dementia.

I was promised an epilogue from the cards after completing The Final Curtain, however. Has anyone received it yet? I overdid it with Nightmares a little in recent times and had to go insane for a while, does it only show up if you’re not being stalked by the Manager of the Royal Bethlehem?[/li][li]
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On past experience there might be quite a wait for the epilogue.

[color=#ff9900]Yes, the Bluejacket’s fate - and that of his Secret Duty - will be explored in the season’s close.[/color]

Thanks for the info.

You know, I wonder if choosing to spare the plant in some capacity will come back if one chooses to enter into a partnership with a certain Fingerking from Lost in Reflections. Sadly I chose to steal a city’s contract instead. I prefer hedging my bets as a free agent on the off chance, should that ever come back to haunt me, that I may be in a position to cut a favorable deal with a supernatural benefactor.

This story has delightful writing so far, and I’m very relieved to see there’s more than meets the eye after making the first big decision. I was wondering, however; does reporting the outcome of said decision to the Severe Bluejacket affect the other part of the story? Or should I look at the theater-related portion before I let him know what happened at the ship? I’d hate to lock myself out of something.

Nah, reporting the outcome just gives you the story’s unique item that’ll unlock the season reward.