Noman Cost & Melt Rate Tracking (2023)

Well, the good news is that so far our formula from last year seems to be holding! Thank you one and all for the data you’ve provided to help us confirm, and help us predict for those aiming for a tattoo, or something as senseless as a Whitsun Noman.


and 22nd January, ~8:35 UTC:
Noman “Confit de Moi” lost 34 x Noman’s Friend (new total 54/157)

I have lost 39 Noman Friend. I have 214 left. Hopefully it will be enough to last until the Milicent’s parlour open.

Also, Hi! It’s been a while since I have been here. How y’all have been doing?


Acct 1: 20 Jan., 14:43 UTC: lost 35 NF
Acct 2: 20 Jan., 14:43 UTC: lost 31 NF
Acct 3: 22 Jan., 12:14 UTC: lost 58 NF

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25th January, 13:42 CET, lost 52 x Noman’s Friend (new total 61).

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25th January, lost 55 x Noman’s Friend.

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27th January, ~8:01 UTC:
Noman “BoucheAmuse” lost 32 x Noman’s Friend (new total 0/118)
27th January, ~8:37 UTC:
Noman “Apéritif” lost 24 x Noman’s Friend (new total 0/144)
27th January, ~14:21 UTC:
Noman “Déjeuneige” lost 69 x Noman’s Friend (new total 2363/2500)

And a 2-day warning to anyone planning on building a last minute noman, your deadline is 09:00 am on January 29th. Also worth noting that your first Time the Healer after that point is confirmed to be when your pails will melt.