Newbie looking for friends?

Hi! I’m sorry if this isn’t allowed or it’s misplaced. I’ve recently started playing FL and I was completely blind to the social aspects of it, until I started clicking around and found the forum.
Also, I need help with Menaces, pretty please?

This is me: Fallen London

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Hey welcome! If you’re looking for friends, it’d be helpful if you provided a link to your game profile so people can add you in-game. For example mine is – happy to accept any menace reduction requests you send :)

You may also want to check for contacts in both of the following threads, which tend towards social exchanges most useful in the early game:

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Oh, thank you so much!
I had checked those thread before, but was a bit worried they were out of date.
But thank you so much for the help! (gona update my first post with the profile link) ;)

They’re both still active! Just scroll to the bottom of the thread for the most recent posts

Also a bit of meta commentary but Fallen London switched its forum software vaguely recently to one that uses tags instead of folders. Which has lead to that kind of thread getting buried more and seeming “dead” as a result but they do pop back up to the top regularly enough