Find Friends for sparring, dinners, chess & theft

There have been a number of threads already collecting names, I thought I’d add one for folks looking for second-chances. Now, since these are actions that could be spammed, please respect the wishes of any volunteers, such as offer limits. I may eventually expand this to include information from the other threads, such as the thread with volunteer thieves for the Hearts Desire ambition.

To be added to the list, simply make a post stating what you’re offering, as well as any other pertinent information, such as conditions. For example, I am offering Sparring Bouts, and my condition is limit two outstanding requests per person at a time (So, if you send two requests, and I have not yet accepted either of them, please wait until I do.)

Edit: With recent changes to FL, you only need to leave your FL name. This can be found at the far right of the orange bar. A link to your profile is also appreciated.

I’ll take the time to mention HOW you add people now, since it’s not exactly straightforward. Click one of the various social action storylets, and you’ll see a link to &quot Manage your friends list.&quot I also think you may be able to just go directly to while logged in to FL to access the page as well.

Once there, on the right hand side is a list of your current friends, with a text box below where you can add new friends by their FL name. Below THAT is a text box to block users, in case someone’s being really spammy with invites and you want them to STFU. Anyway, just enter their name into the invitation box and click &quotAdd Friend&quot.

I’ve taken to linking people’s profiles to their names, but it should be noted that you CANNOT add people via their profiles at this time. It’s merely there to let you take a look at what that person has done.

New feature - Menace Reduction
I’ve started adding players offering to reduce menaces via social actions. These are the &quotFind a way to deal with your Nightmares&quot storylet obtained at Nightmares 4, &quotFind a way to throw the constables off your scent&quot storylet at Suspicion 4, and &quotask someone to lay rumours to to rest&quot action under Society and Scandal in your lodgings (Please do not use volunteers as your dupe without permission. That’s just mean. And will raise your Scandal here). Reducing wounds has to be handled differently, as the person helping is the one who needs to send the request. So, the rules for menace reductions are as follows:

1: One outstanding request at a time. Due to this costing them menaces as well as an action, I encourage you to spread the menace out amongst multiple people, where it will do little harm, rather than dumping it all on one person. Keep in mind these take off 5 CP each time, so 3 requests will take you from 5 to 0, and 4 will take you from 6 to 1, so try not to send more than you need: That’s just a waste of your time and theirs. Personal requests by volunteers take precedence, however (Say, if someone WANTS to go to a place of menace often, such as for connections).

2: To handle Wounds reductions, simply send them an offer to take care of theirs, and that will be their cue to send one to you. You may then accept their offer whenever your wounds get high enough (You have 6 CP of a menace at level 3, so it’s not too prudent to accept before then). The volunteer should re-send your request once it’s accepted, so long as you do the same for them. I know this is an awkward system, so if anyone has any issues with it, or ideas for improvement, feel free to tell me.

3: If someone takes care of your menace, they may send a request in return to take care of theirs. Please do so.

4: Apparently there’s been some confusion: The list for people to dupe is ONLY for the scandal reducing option. It is NOT an open invitation to dupe folks when using cards for spare change or pursuing the affluent photographer.

EDIT: Ok, this thread has honestly always been a pain for me to keep updated, and been something that’s kept me from checking the forums often, and only got worse as time goes on. I’ve decided to bite the bullet and just remove the outdated list. However, don’t fret! Just look at the later pages of the thread to find folks offering their services.
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I’m at the cap for all stats, so I’m up for all four activities. My limit…well, this may change once new content is released, but since all I’m doing right now is grinding for Whispered Secrets, let’s say three per person. My Twitter handle is in my signature.

I would be delighted! Any and all activities are welcome. Hmm I would say 2 requests per person as well, this seems quite the reasonable number.

I’ve recently started diversifying, so I changed mine to all four… I’m guessing that’s what most people would be going for, so I made a category just for that (So I don’t have to go putting folks’ names in all four categories each time)

I’m very much pleased that this thread has been stickied, and I’d encourage more players to accumulate second chances. Essentially, you’re trading one turn now for 2-3 (Depending on stats, lower level players earn more) second chances down the road that are spent when you fail an action. I’d especially encourage newer players to try them out, you get more second chances, and you have less resources for managing menaces, and quite a lot of things to save up for.

Essentially, using a second chance is like getting another free turn (And who doesn’t like free turns?), as well as erasing the consequences of your failed turn. The only downside is that you don’t earn stat points for this free turn, though you still do earn a change point when you spend a turn on the social action in the first place. This actually isn’t as big a downside as it may appear: Assuming you’re taking the recommended route of Modest or Chancy actions for levelling, that’s only one or two less change points than taking a normal action, and as these still have a fairly high chance of success, you shouldn’t be spending more turns on social actions than on normal actions (This is the reason for the limit: So someone who doesn’t need second chances as much as you do doesn’t get flooded with requests faster than they use them)

Profit-wise, second chances are amazing. They’re 2-3 free chances at loot, and this is the main reason to use them, in my opinion. While you’re not GUARANTEED that those 2-3 chances will give you loot, it’s still fundamentally the same as spending another action on trying to get loot from that storylet… except for the whole “spending an action” part. So, spending turns on social actions can wind up being twice as profitable as spending them elsewhere, or thrice as possible for lower level players.

Finally, there’s the benefit of avoiding menaces. For most players, this is an admirable reason to pursue second chances: The places you get sent to when your menaces hit 8 tend to have little, if any, profit to be made, and most actions will actually cost you items or stats. However, some players may have reasons to go to a place of menace, such as for an ambition, but those circumstances are rare. Avoiding the need to spend turns and/or echoes on reducing menaces is another way in which spending actions on social actions now will save you turns down the line.

I could go on for paragraphs more on the tangential benefits, but what better way is there to find out than to try it for yourselves? Fire off an invitation, and let failure be a thing of the past.

I’ll prolly volunteer, with a limit of three requests, in all ofur categories, my twitter is @Owlor as you might expect.

[color=00ffff]I’m open to requests for all four, with a standard limit of 2 requests per person. Except! If you’ve volunteered in this thread there’s no limit on the number of requests you can send me and I’ll always respond to these requests first.[/color]
[color=00ffff]My Twitter name is @CHGardiner.[/color]

I’m open to requests for sparring, loitering, and chess (but preferably sparring!), with a limit of 2 per person.

I’ll accept requests for dinners if you happen to send them but at very low priority, because I have a massive surplus of confident smiles at the moment.

…Heck, I’ll accept pretty much anything, from soup and bandages to Suspicion and Scandal. No guarentees on speed though. Also no secrets about the Fourth City.
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I will accept any offer other then opening stray boxes. I am sick and tired of all the sorrow-spiders eating my important bits. I can be reached at @Cubethulhu . Send me as many invites as you want. Just know I will prioritize as I see fit.

I wonder, how long does it usually take for the invitation list to update? I actually followed Owlor a day or two ago, but he’s still not appearing on my list. And of course all the people I just added aren’t on there yet either :P

Really? I’ve found that the list updates fairly immediately for me. I know I’ve followed people and then sent various invites - and Starveling Cats - as soon as I followed them.

Aha! I found out what the issue is. Seems a lot of people, whom I am adding on twitter, are showing up under their facebook names. Which also explains all the names in my list that I do not recognize. Now to piece together who’s who.
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Hmm, the most recent update has thrown a wrench in the works. I was using the “Check up on your friends” link to view profiles of people I was following, and as this link included their facebook name alongside their character name (Which is usually similar to their twitter name) it made it a little easier to put the pieces together. Guess I’ll have to find other ways.

My delicious friend Miss @DifovaFenn is looking to do this with people. 2 Outstanding, all sections.

I’d add myself but I have no Twitter to speak of.
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[quote=Alerane]My delicious friend Miss @DifovaFenn is looking to do this with people. 2 Outstanding, all sections.

I’d add myself but I have no Twitter to speak of.
edited by Alerane on 2/1/2012[/quote]

Twitter isn’t required, I’ve just been using it so far because it’s what I prefer to add people under, and it’s what people have submitted so far. Feel free to send your facebook name for this.

I’m available, sparring and loitering preferred at present. I have over 100 each of confident smiles and sudden insights, so I really don’t need any more of those right now. Wish there were a use for that many of them, that I could combine them into more powerful ones or something! haha.
@KatarinaNavane on twitter, I may appear as Laura W. on Facebook
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Well, sudden insights can be used to reduce nightmares, but I can understand where you’re coming from. Is KatarinaNavane your twitter handle? I’m afraid people need to follow you in order to send requests :P

Well, sudden insights can be used to reduce nightmares, but I can understand where you’re coming from. Is KatarinaNavane your twitter handle? I’m afraid people need to follow you in order to send requests :P[/quote]

I haven’t really had a lot of trouble keeping my nightmares down without having to ask for help, but yes, KatarinaNavane is my twitter name, and I use it solely for echo bazaar so follow away.
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I’m always ready to accept invitations of any kind, and I would say to limit 2 outstanding requests. My twitter handle is @helmutian, in my signature.

I am happy to answer any sort of requests, take unwanted boxes, and generally participate in tomfoolery and hijinks of any sort-though I’m not yet in the Tournament, being not a very Dangerous individual. I’m even game for game-natter on Twitter as @Carabrains for all delicious friends.