Hallowmas idea: get your poison here!

I would love to be poisoned too please! Not something I ever thought I would hear myself say. But as we all know, the Neath never ceases to amaze.
edited by Arandia on 10/29/2015

Arandia, your Excellent Chicken Soup is on its way! Now with extra chicken! Well, some sort of extra meat, anyway, just ignore the long, skinny tails…

– Mal

Thank you ever so kindly, sir, that looks delicious! And it tastes … mmmh … er … I guess I shall have to lie down for a spell.

Reave and Malthaussen’s Most Excellent Charitable Soup should definitely offer scandal dupes! What with allowing Confessions of Whimsy in 4 actions! Not sure how you’re going to fly scandal dupes with soup though.

Also. Could I please have as many poisonings as you can handle. I need a lot. A lot. I have. 134 or something Confessions of Pride that I need to confess to. 109 Confessions of Whimsy. But! I can’t have too many invites sent to me at once or my inbox will overflow and I won’t be able to accept any confessions. I’ll be needing them after confession requests can’t be sent anymore, that’s when I’ll start accepting. So what, 8 bowls of soup and 8 scandal dupes a day?

Vegetarian soup please! I do not eat the meats.
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Mr Palmer;
Yes, I am duping the odd acquaintance as opportunity arises, so after 2 November you should expect to hear from us (I’m sure Reave will also be happy to oblige). Not sure how we’ll package them, perhaps as fortune cookies.
– Mal

Thank you to everyone who has sent me menaces thus far, I’m having trouble compensating all of you accordingly.

I wish there was a way to more efficiently get nightmares and suspicion though. I have so many wounds now.

I too, would dearly love being menaced friends (Tis the season afterall!)

I’ll gladly trade off scandal dupes with whoever.

(My first reply seems to have disappeared? That’s disconcerting). Hex, August would love to poison you, but you’re showing up as ineligible! Are your Wounds at 3? They have to be, for the secret soup to be effective!

Your soup sounds amazing. I’m eager to try some (but perhaps I’ll let it sit for a couple of days until it is ripe).

(I’d love to sample other soups, so if anyone else has some special soup send it my way. If you add a note asking for it I’ll send you my own delicious veggie soup.)
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just freakin’ hit me with everything you’ve got

Is that a challenge

Edit: you will of course need Wounds at 3 to receive this charitable soup delivery! (heeeeey, that almost rhymes! Do I see a catchy jingle in the making?)
edited by Kivrin Neverwinter on 10/30/2015

Greetings, benevolent philanthropes!
I come in search of SOUP!
Large quantities of SOUP!
Please, with all possible celerity (but please, no celery), give me your SOUP!

Murdstone is poisoned, Speethling is DOUBLY poisoned, Spacemarine9 I’m starting on you now, brace yourself for a SOUPSPLOSION.

Edit: Operation Soupsplosion was a resounding success. Who’s up next?
edited by Kivrin Neverwinter on 10/30/2015

If I could receive a little bit of that delightful, marvellous Soup you talk of, (better if you give me another dish called SOUPSPICION, 'cause I hunger for liquids of that kind…), and for the second course, SCANDALlonnis, oh, how grateful would I be, my dearies!

I’ve sent you a few wounds, just in case. I’m a little confused by the Scandal request; you can raise Scandal to the requisite 3 without spending ANY moves!

Ergs and Greysil wish to support this CHARITABLE INITIATIVE. They can send YOU our Super Stimutative Salty Soup absolutely FREE. They can also take the duty of posting your SHAMEFUL LITHOGRAPHS around the city. For your (and our) CONVENIENCE these services are provided in batches of FIVE.

You can, but that requires the Modish Bonnet in the hat slot, which means the Pirate Hat cannot be in the hat slot and 5 actions need to be spent raising suspicion. A single big scandal raising action replaces three suspicion raising actions when dealing with Confessions of Whimsy.

Wow, Greysil has a black and white Exceptional Hat. He must be older than dirt.
– Mal

[quote=malthaussen]Wow, Greysil has a black and white Exceptional Hat. He must be older than dirt.
– Mal[/quote]
I don’t see how it is Exceptionaly Exceptional. To me it looks like a normal Exceptional Hat that anyone can buy at the Bazaar…